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Fannie Mae wants to help some troubled borrowers get back into home marketKenneth R. Harney Here's some good news for people who had to give the deed on their house back to the bank because of financial problems, or who have done a short sale to avoid foreclosure: You may not have to wait the typ...
How foreclosure impacts your credit scoreBy Les Christie If you're delinquent on your mortgage, your credit score will suffer. Everyone knows that. The question is, by how much?Until recently, those answers were hard to come by. Credit bureaus were uncommunicative about expressing, in points, jus...
Real estate comeback? It's distressed sales SANTA ANA  • Distressed sales made up 29 percent of all home sales in January• Central Valley cities make the list again Nearly one out of every three (29 percent) of homes sold in the nation in January were so-called "distressed" sales - short sales or...
Economy has shifted Americans' attitudes about homeownership and moneyBy Sadie Dingfelder Since 2007, Americans have suffered through the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression. The real estate market collapsed, banks failed and unemployment became commonplace. As many people who li...
New Rules May Speed Up Short SalesSarah BudusonReporter, KPHO.comThe U.S. government launched a new program Monday to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.HAFA, or Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program, gives banks and borrowers incentives to complete a short sale if they cannot come to t...
HAFA Helping Homeowners: A Guide to Short Salesby THE KCM CREW Today's post is dedicated to helping families find an alternative to foreclosure, and helping them return to the goal of homeownership more quickly; therefore, we are emphasizing the brochure developed by the National Association of R...
30 days and counting: Homebuyer tax credit expiresby Les Christie Attention shoppers: You have barely a month left before the homebuyer tax credit expires. But depending on where you live, you might not want to rush out to buy. First-time homebuyers may qualify for up to $8,000, while those who a...
Short Sale to Avoid Home Foreclosure - Best Way to Stop Foreclosures?by Individuals that find themselves in such drastic financial circumstances often honestly believe that foreclosure proceedings may be inevitable and simply impossible to avoid, but it is important to real...
Don't foreclose! Do a short saleBy Les Christie This Virginia home was sold in a short sale. A new government program will make these transactions more common.   NEW YORK ( -- Short sales are the hottest thing going in the distressed-property market, and the trend is expected to get ...
Is a Short Sale Right for You?Sometimes the best strategy is to sell at whatever price you can getBy Marc Roth Home prices have dropped as much as 50% in some parts of the country, and many readers in those areas keep asking what they can do to stop the bleeding? In my last article, I described v...

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