bedford homes for sale: Understanding The Buyer - 12/27/10 03:50 AM
Understanding the buyer
As the seller, you can control three factors that will affect the sale of your home: * The home's condition* Asking price* Marketing strategyHowever, it's important to note that there are numerous other factors that influence a buyer, and you need to understand these consumer trends when you enter the sellers' market. The more your home matches these qualifications, the more competitive it will be in the marketplace. Your real estate agent can advise you on how to best position and market your home to overcome any perceived downsides. LocationUnfortunately, the most influential factor in determining your home's … (1 comments)

bedford homes for sale: Is Virtual Staging Deceiving? - 12/07/10 12:36 AM
If you have read some of my past blogs, then you know that I am a true believer in Home Staging. Staging, I have found, really does work and is a must in this market. I recently came across this article about vitual staging and wanted to share it. I personally don't feel that this is true staging and I can see why it would be deceiving. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.
A recent article from The San Francisco Chronicle ("Virtual Staging Sparks Sales of Vacant Homes" by Judy Richter) took a look at the growing trend … (5 comments)

bedford homes for sale: Selling Your Home In The Winter - 11/24/10 12:12 AM
Living in New England, winter presents its own unique set of challenges when trying to sell your house. It is not the ideal time to put your home on the market if you live where it gets cold and rains or snows, primarily because your home won't show as well. However, there are steps you can take to brighten your home and make the showing pleasant and enjoyable for your buyers. Also keep in mind that buyers that are out looking in these cold winter months, are most likely serious buyers, so you can benefit from it as well.
1) Keep … (1 comments)

bedford homes for sale: Reasons Why Buyers Are Not Biting In This Market - 10/28/10 01:06 AM
Good Article I came across on Trulia on from Tara Nelson on why buyers are not biting in this market even though rates are low and prices are down.
Interest rates are at historic lows: less than 4.5% on a 30-year-fixed and below 4% on 15-year fixed rate loans. And prices are low, too - at or near bottom in most of the country.  Together, these items mean that affordability is near an all-time high.It's like a massive, pre-holiday sale on real estate!Nevertheless, home sales are only "gradually" creeping up, according to the most recent data published by the  National … (4 comments)

bedford homes for sale: Learn About Short Sales - 10/25/10 01:21 AM
I have been asked a lot lately buy numerous buyers and friends as to what exactly a short sale is. Everyone tells me that they keep hearing the term, but they are not familiar with what it is. I personally have gone through the short sale process and have a better insight now from doing so.
What is a Short Sale?
Homeowners in financial distress often consider various options, including a short sale, prior to foreclosure. Their goal is to negotiate future financial liabilities and preserve their credit. In New Hampshire, the laws governing foreclosures provide incentives for lenders to work with … (0 comments)

bedford homes for sale: Housing Tax Incentive Benefit Younger Households Most - 09/30/10 12:46 AM
Interesting article that I came across on Realty News
RISMEDIA, September 29, 2010-New research from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reveals that the benefits of housing-related tax deductions, such as the mortgage interest deduction, generally decline in value as individuals age. Using Internal Revenue Service Statistics of Income (SOI) data, NAHB was able to report for the first time how various tax deductions are used by different age groups. The analysis demonstrates that the biggest beneficiaries are younger households, who typically have large mortgages, small amounts of equity in their homes and growing families.
"Opponents falsely argue that … (1 comments)

bedford homes for sale: Just Listed...Bedford NH - 05/05/10 04:44 AM