bedford nh homes for sale: Home Sales Increasing - 12/23/10 12:53 AM
In case you haven't checked it out, here is an informative articel from about the increasing home sales at steady prices. It speaks nationally, however, take a look at your local market and compare.
Existing-home sales got back on an upward path in November, resuming a growth trend since bottoming in July, according to the National Association of Realtors®.
Existing-home sales1, which are completed transactions that include single-family, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, rose 5.6 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.68 million in November from 4.43 million in October, but are 27.9 percent below the cyclical peak … (2 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: What To Do Now For 2011 - 12/21/10 12:57 AM
With the year coming to an end, you should be thinking about 2011 and your business plan. Here is a great article from Tara Neslon on Trulia about what to do now to sell in 2011. Thanks Tara,
It's resolution time, folks.  Last week, we offered some immediate action items for those who want 2011 to be the year they become homeowners.  By popular demand, this week it's sellers' turn!  Whether you are simply trying to decide whether to sell your home next year, or it's been on the market before and you are trying to revamp your approach to … (2 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: Selling Myths - 12/20/10 04:34 AM
Some helpful information to give clients or potential clients.
Six Selling Myths Uncovered
Myth #1:  You should always price your home high and negotiate down.
Truth:  Pricing too high can be as bad as pricing too low.   If you list too high, you'll miss out on buyers looking in the price range where your home should be.  Offers may not even come in, because buyers who are interested in your home are scared off by the price and won't even take the time to look at it.  By the time you correct the price and list your home … (3 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: Things To Boost Your Confidence - 12/13/10 04:38 AM
So today I was talking with a newer agent in my office and she had her first listing appointment scheduled and she was extremly nervous. I told her, regardless of anything, try to remain confident and to keep in mind that you know more than the seller and that is why they are meeting with you. I told her even if you do not know something or are asked a question that you don't know the answer to, just remain confident and tell them that you will research and let them know. She was afraid that they would see how nervous … (0 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: Good People To Know For Referrals - 12/08/10 02:30 AM
If you are like me, then you are always trying to meet new people and build new relationships. If you are not one who is activly social and out and about, then here are some key people that you should try to meet and buidl relationships with for referrals.
It's great if you're keeping your business pipeline full, but it's even better if members of your community are doing it for you.
1. The florist. These green thumbs are in the know about people making life transitions. They assist with weddings and funerals and send bouquets that celebrate new … (2 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: Value in Home Ownership - 12/06/10 01:31 AM
Here is an interesting article that I came across from Realtytime.
Is there value in owning a home? The recently released 2010 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers brings us some promising results. Today homeowners are living in their homes longer, and after several years of price declines, are seeing rises in home equity gains.
It was only earlier this decade that so many buyers jumped on the investment bandwagon. They bought and sold within incredibly short time frames, and walked away with profits. But as the booms busted, many sellers found they had bought at … (1 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: Preparing For Guests For The Holidays! - 11/28/10 07:23 AM
With the holidays here, it means time for family and friends to gather. With that being said, a lot of us have family that comes to visit from out of state and need to prepare a place for our guests to stay while they are here. This is a helpful article that I came across on about creating a great guest room.
If you're like me, you love to have house guests! I like to help them feel especially welcome by preparing my guest room to make it comfortable when anyone pops in for a visit.
When you start to … (2 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: Preparing To Buy A House - 11/11/10 03:02 AM
Good information to pass onto your first time home buyers.
Buying a home is a complicated process, and it can be particularly daunting for the first-timer.
The following timeline starts one year before you hope to start seriously shopping for a home. This is an ideal; you can arrange your finances and buy a home in less time, if necessary, but you'd be smart to walk through all of the steps in order. The more time you give yourself for this process, the better.
A year out (or as soon as possible)
Get your credit reports. Errors on your reports … (2 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: Do Open Houses Really Work? - 11/02/10 12:30 PM
I always include the option of holding an open house or multiple open houses in my listing presentations and I am asked all the time if they really help to sell the house.
It's hard to say. I think that it depends on the house. I personally have never sold a house from holding an open house at that particular house, however that doesn't mean that it can't happen. I do know agents who have. I don't think it is anything that the agents are doing differently than me, I just think it depends on the house.
If it is new … (1 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: When Is The Best Time To List A House - 10/30/10 01:54 AM
So recently I have been talking with potential sellers (Whose properties I am trying to list) and everyone seems to think the same thing. They tell me that they want to sell their houses, however they say they want to wait till spring. I ask them why? Now I know from being in the business and living in New England, that spring market is obviously the busiest and most common time to list properties, but I wanted to hear from them, why they thought so, so I asked. Just about all of them told me it was because they felt that … (4 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: Seller Thought We Priced Too Low - 10/29/10 12:56 AM
So I have had a few sellers who's houses I have listed, end up getting offers in a matter of days. Each one of the sellers had said to me that they didn't think that they should accept the offers and wait it out longer. I asked them why. Each one thought that we priced the house too low and that they could get a higher price if they hold out. I told each of them, to be happy that we got an offer so quickly, especially with the amount of inventory that is out there and with how picky buyers … (5 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: What The Experts Say About Buying NOW! - 10/27/10 02:45 PM
Just came across this piece and thought it was interesting.
"If you don't own a home, buy one. If you own one home, buy another one. And if you own two homes, buy a third and lend your relatives the money to buy one."
- John Paulson 9/27/2010
WOW! That's a powerful statement.
There is no question that John Paulson is a bull when it comes to residential real estate right now. Should we care what Mr. Paulson thinks? Should we listen to him? The answer to both questions is a resounding ‘YES'. Here are several reasons why.
Who is John … (5 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: New Price - 10/21/10 02:10 AM

bedford nh homes for sale: $20k Price Adjustment - Bedford, NH - 10/07/10 02:53 AM
Great Home with privacy, now Great New Price!! … (0 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: Pros & Cons of Short Sales - 09/26/10 04:45 AM
I personally have gone throught the short sale process and it ended up being a nightmare. In the end we ended up with the house for agood price, but it took a lot of patients.
Short sales are a great way to buy a cheap first home or turn a profit with flipping, but are they right for everyone? Not always. Like any other money making opportunity, the buying and reselling of short sale properties does have its pros and cons. So, what are they?
The Pros
You should get a good value for your money. Since short sales involve … (1 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: New Price For This Bedford Home - 09/23/10 03:36 AM

bedford nh homes for sale: Things That will Help Make Buyers Want Your Home - 09/21/10 01:15 AM
You love your home but when it comes time to sell, you have to share the love. In the other words, you have to make your home be seen in the eyes of potential buyers as their home. That can be tricky.
 But if you do some of the basic things such as clearing clutter, creating light, bright, and open space, adding curb appeal, removing personal items (family photos, trinkets), fresh paint, and clean or new carpet -- you'll be on your way to attracting serious buyers. I've written a lot about staging and creating curb appeal so check out my … (0 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: Ways To Increase Your Homes Value - 08/03/10 12:34 AM
•·         It's time to tackle home-improvement tasks you put off during the cold winter weather. There are lots of relatively simple and affordable things you can do to give your home a face lift. Your house will look better and your family will feel happier in it. As a bonus, you will also boost your home's value.
1.  Add the perfect touch with paint
"A fresh coat of light paint on the interior walls can work wonders," says Kelly O'Ryan of Coldwell Banker in Lexington, Mass. "Paint will always clean up dirty walls and give a room a better image."
Although … (1 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: 6 Strategies For A Realistic Asking Price - 07/16/10 12:48 PM
Here's a great article I came across to share with you!!
6 strategies for a realistic asking price
By Bernice Ross, Thursday, July 15, 2010, INMAN NEWS
(Comments in Italics have been added)
You've done a thorough CMA (comparative market analysis) and you're certain that the sellers will see the truth about where they should price their property. After they review your work they say, "But our house is worth more!"  (How many times have you heard that one?????)
One of the greatest challenges that agents face is getting sellers to be realistic about their asking price. … (0 comments)

bedford nh homes for sale: New Price - Great Bedford Home For Entertaining!! - 07/16/10 12:30 PM