new hampshire real estate: Happy New Year! - 12/31/10 12:00 AM
Well, the year has come to an end and I am finishing it off with a closing this morning!
Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2011 is a great year for everyone.

new hampshire real estate: Understanding The Buyer - 12/27/10 03:50 AM
Understanding the buyer
As the seller, you can control three factors that will affect the sale of your home: * The home's condition* Asking price* Marketing strategyHowever, it's important to note that there are numerous other factors that influence a buyer, and you need to understand these consumer trends when you enter the sellers' market. The more your home matches these qualifications, the more competitive it will be in the marketplace. Your real estate agent can advise you on how to best position and market your home to overcome any perceived downsides. LocationUnfortunately, the most influential factor in determining your home's … (1 comments)

new hampshire real estate: This Month In Real Estate - December 2010 - 12/27/10 03:39 AM
Learn what's new in the Real Estate Market This month.

For More Information, Please visit … (0 comments)

new hampshire real estate: Home Sales Increasing - 12/23/10 12:53 AM
In case you haven't checked it out, here is an informative articel from about the increasing home sales at steady prices. It speaks nationally, however, take a look at your local market and compare.
Existing-home sales got back on an upward path in November, resuming a growth trend since bottoming in July, according to the National Association of Realtors®.
Existing-home sales1, which are completed transactions that include single-family, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, rose 5.6 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.68 million in November from 4.43 million in October, but are 27.9 percent below the cyclical peak … (2 comments)

new hampshire real estate: Is Virtual Staging Deceiving? - 12/07/10 12:36 AM
If you have read some of my past blogs, then you know that I am a true believer in Home Staging. Staging, I have found, really does work and is a must in this market. I recently came across this article about vitual staging and wanted to share it. I personally don't feel that this is true staging and I can see why it would be deceiving. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.
A recent article from The San Francisco Chronicle ("Virtual Staging Sparks Sales of Vacant Homes" by Judy Richter) took a look at the growing trend … (5 comments)

new hampshire real estate: Preparing For Guests For The Holidays! - 11/28/10 07:23 AM
With the holidays here, it means time for family and friends to gather. With that being said, a lot of us have family that comes to visit from out of state and need to prepare a place for our guests to stay while they are here. This is a helpful article that I came across on about creating a great guest room.
If you're like me, you love to have house guests! I like to help them feel especially welcome by preparing my guest room to make it comfortable when anyone pops in for a visit.
When you start to … (2 comments)

new hampshire real estate: Shopping For A New TV This Holiday Season??? - 11/26/10 05:42 AM
Not that I usually favor or promote any particular place or service, however I personally just had a phenomenal experience and wanted to share this. I have been researching and shopping around for a while for a new tv and I also wanted to upgrade my stereo and surround sound home theater system so I have spent a long time pricing and researching. With that being said, I found Paul's TV to be a Phenomenal place to shop. For those of you who are not familiar with Paul's TV, they are in all of the Jordan's Furniture stores and depending on … (1 comments)

new hampshire real estate: Avenues To Capture The Consumer - 09/24/10 12:42 AM
Realtors now a days need to keep up with the trends and find new ways to generate leads to get buyers and also to promote their listings to get them viewed by a larger audience. One of the biggest ways is to find  online solutions. Here are some cutting-edge yet inexpensive ways to impress consumers with Web marketing.In todays world, the first thing a buyer does when looking for properties is that they go online and search Internet. Us Realtors need to continue to explore an ever-expanding array of marketing tools to capture their attention online and drive them to their Web sites. Social networking, such as Facebook, … (2 comments)

new hampshire real estate: New Price For This Bedford Home - 09/23/10 03:36 AM

new hampshire real estate: Pricing Aggressively - 09/20/10 03:18 AM
Great Article on Trulia
In today's market, you have to price aggressively if you expect to attract multiple offers.With no federal tax credit to entice buyers, today's home sellers have to get even more serious about making a deal.
That means pricing aggressively - low enough to compete with foreclosures in some markets. It's a conversation that stings, said Summer Greene, a real-estate agent for a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate brokerage office in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
"It's like telling them that their children are ugly," she said.
Many people with homes on the market already are slashing prices … (1 comments)

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new hampshire real estate: Chester, NH Cape For Sale - 06/22/10 06:11 AM

new hampshire real estate: Back On The Market - 06/20/10 01:31 PM

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new hampshire real estate: Quick Tips For Selling - 05/26/10 02:09 PM
1. Good plans equal great results.Successful remodeling projects require careful planning and a realistic budget. "Many people want to build it cheap and fast," says builder David Lisenby, certified graduate remodeler, of Lisenby Construction. "They want an estimate before they even have a plan." A solid strategy will ensure that the homeowner and the builder are on the same page, saving both parties time and money.
2. Quality counts.Potential homebuyers have more sophisticated tastes than ever. That's why spending a little extra on good design, quality materials and careful craftsmanship can garner big rewards when it comes time to sell.
3. … (3 comments)

new hampshire real estate: Ways To Refinance Your Home - 05/13/10 12:41 AM
Even though the first-time homebuyer tax credit ended April 30, there are still many ways the government provides help and incentives to get first-timers into the housing market. With all mortgages, the interest rate you get will depend on your credit score and market rates at the time you buy.
1. FHA-insured loansThe Federal Housing Administration doesn't make loans, it insures them. You buy the insurance and the government sets the rules and repays your lender's investment in case you default.
The rules:
Down payments are as low as 3.5% (example, for a $230,000 home, you'd pay $8,050 in cash). Your FICO credit score … (1 comments)

new hampshire real estate: Increasing Your Home's Appeal - 03/17/10 11:53 PM
Increasing your home's appeal
Remember the 60-second rule: That's all the time you have to create a winning first impression. Here are some simple to significant ways to maximize your home's appeal. Exterior* Keep the grass cut and remove all yard clutter.* Weed and apply fresh mulch to flower beds.* Apply fresh paint to wooden fences.* Tighten and clean all door handles.* Clean windows inside and out.* Powerwash home's exterior.* Ensure all gutters and downspouts are firmly attached and functioning.* Paint the front door.* Buy a new welcome mat.* Place potted flowers near the front door.Interior* Evaluate the furniture in each … (1 comments)