real estate in nh: Things To Boost Your Confidence - 12/13/10 04:38 AM
So today I was talking with a newer agent in my office and she had her first listing appointment scheduled and she was extremly nervous. I told her, regardless of anything, try to remain confident and to keep in mind that you know more than the seller and that is why they are meeting with you. I told her even if you do not know something or are asked a question that you don't know the answer to, just remain confident and tell them that you will research and let them know. She was afraid that they would see how nervous … (0 comments)

real estate in nh: Value in Home Ownership - 12/06/10 01:31 AM
Here is an interesting article that I came across from Realtytime.
Is there value in owning a home? The recently released 2010 National Association of REALTORSĀ® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers brings us some promising results. Today homeowners are living in their homes longer, and after several years of price declines, are seeing rises in home equity gains.
It was only earlier this decade that so many buyers jumped on the investment bandwagon. They bought and sold within incredibly short time frames, and walked away with profits. But as the booms busted, many sellers found they had bought at … (1 comments)