realtor life: Some Words Say So Much- a lesson from an 8 year old - 10/21/08 11:58 PM
Words can make such a difference in our world.
On Sunday, my 8 year old granddaughter had a soccer game with Highland United Soccer Club. Usually she plays a defensive postion for her travel team. She also plays in a recreational league where she plays in an offensive position as a wing. She is always dissappointed to be put in on defense- She wants to SCORE. On Sunday her team was up 5-0 so she got her chance- the coach put her in as a halfback, playing offense and defense. To our amazement Molly took off with speed we had never … (9 comments)

realtor life: A Really Tough Week- Loyalty and Commitment Questioned - 09/07/08 07:14 AM
We are getting calls from more buyers the past few days. I do not know if it is a sign that things will be turning around I certainly hope so there are loads of great deals on the market. I think it would be a great time to buy a home.
In the midst of the pick up in business- I have had bloggers block. I have sat at my computer- started a few blogs and erased them.
It has been a difficult week in the Carter household- we were on vacation last week and got a call that my husband's … (81 comments)

realtor life: All Cell Phones Go Public Today- Not True-Sorry! - 09/03/08 09:52 PM
I posted this blog based on information I got from the Ulster County MLS our daily MLS board- AS you will see if you read the comments this information proves to not be true- Sorry!Cell phone numbers go public today.  All cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies today. This means we will start to receive sale calls on our cell phones. I have been receiving some lately but they will surely increase over the coming weeks.  To prevent this, call the National Do Not Call List number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.It will only take a minute of your time. The … (9 comments)

realtor life: Investing in Land- A Hidden Benefit - 08/26/08 05:34 AM
Land- A great investment "They aren't making it anymore"-
There are many reasons that investing in land makes sense. Beyond development- there are other purposes for investing in land. When you live in the city or suburban areas, land is a rare commodity, but there are certainly many areas of the country that has beautiful undeveloped areas that can be used for your enjoyment.
We own land in the Town of Butternuts New York.

Originally purchased as an investment we have come to know that the land can be enjoyed. My husband being a hunter knew from the start what he … (12 comments)

realtor life: The Blessings of Being a Team, Real Estate, Family and Life. - 08/24/08 01:38 AM

Our family is all about team work. My Daughter, Becky and I are a real estate team. There is more to it though.
I have two daughters, Heather and Becky. Heather, my oldest owns and operates an oil company with her husband Chris Erichsen. I am blessed with two wonderful "sons" in-law. Jason is married to Becky, He commutes to New Jersey, He is a tv director.
The five cuties pictured here are my grandchildren- Daniele (11) Molly (8) Mia (2) are Heather and Chris's children. Nathan (3) and Andrew (1) are Becky and Jason's. They are the loves … (10 comments)

realtor life: Happy Birthday Dad- 85 Years Young - 08/18/08 01:36 PM
 Saturday we celebrated my Dad's 85th Birthday!
We had a family reunion for the ever faithful New York Mets fan.
My dad, Nathan Brown is the best. This year has been a tough one he had brain surgery in April to reduce a pressure from fluid build up on his brain. He is doing fine.
When I brought him to the hospitol for his presurgical testing it was the first time he was in the hospitol. He was born at home.
My Mom passed away September 2000. When she did we worried that Dad would never make it without my Mom- … (17 comments)

realtor life: There is no "I" in Realty - 08/15/08 03:03 AM
 A recent Blog from my friend and fellow blogger Fran Gaspari Realty And Reality...Another Overview...!!!  had me thinking.....
Realty and Reality.... The words are so similar- Fran does a great blog on virtual and reality in real estate and in life. It, as are all of Fran's blogs, is a great read.
The thing that stuck with me, though, is the difference in the two words- Realty and Reality. As agents for buyers and sellers our fiduciary (I love that word) duty is to our client always putting them first. When I took my first real estate class, my instructor, … (9 comments)

realtor life: Blueberry Picking in New York State - 08/13/08 11:33 AM
The blueberries in New York State are ripe and ready to pick.
This weekend we took my oldest two granddaughters to our cabin in Otsego County in New York.
While there we picked some delicious blueberries.. and enjoyed the results. While picking we ate our share.
On Sunday we had fresh blueberry pancakes.
Visit New York and stop at one of the many pick your own farms- It is great fun and the benefits are well worth the work!

realtor life: Off Road Family Fun - 07/19/08 03:04 PM

The summer is a great time to get away and enjoy family fun. 
Our family enjoys riding atv's. We have just had a week away with the oldest two granddaughters- and their atv's in Central New York.
If you have never visited the Central New York area- It is worth the trip. We have our second home in a small town, Gilbertsville. Gilbertsville is 30 miles west of Cooperstown and  30 miles north of Binghamton. The area is mostly farmland with rolling hills.  We own a cabin and 30 acres of land- where we can ride the atv's on the trails we have made through … (5 comments)

realtor life: No Crying...No Politics? Oh No That's Baseball - 07/15/08 02:15 AM
Too bad Politics is not like Baseball- "There is no crying..No crying in baseball".
 Former Senator Phil Gramm has been quoted as decribing our country in a Mental Recession, due to becoming a nation of whiners. It was refreshing to hear a politician put the blame back on the leaders of our country. His statements set the presidential candidates in debate mode.
Gramm said:
"Look, the economy is bad. It is far below what we Americans have a right to expect, but we are not in a recession," he said. "We may or may not have one in the future, but … (6 comments)

realtor life: The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades - 06/25/08 12:54 AM
Last night Highland Elementary school held the first of the school districts three graduation ceremonies- The fifth grade class (The future Class of 2015) was honored at the Moving Up ceremony. They now move up to the Highland Middle School.
Speeches by the Administators and Principals featured quotes from "favorite authors",  Dr Suess and Shel Silverstein. "Oh the Places You will Go"
Watching my oldest grandchild, Daniele Erichsen, march the isle to Pomp and Cicumstance, through tears, I thought where does time go. Daniele is pictured here with her Mom, my oldest, Heather.
Daniele is a fourth generation Highland student. … (15 comments)

realtor life: What is EXIT??? I hear it all the time! - 06/08/08 06:59 AM
Everywhere I go people ask me so what is Exit, and how did you come up with the name?
Exit Realty was the brain child of Steve Morris, Founder and CEO. In 1996 Steve Morris, an industry broker with over 26 years of experience developed the concept that he learned from his experience in the insurance industry. His unique idea was pay single level residuals to agents who sponsor other agents into the company. This benefit would provide an added income to the agent in the amount of 10% of everything the recruit makes as long as both the sponsor and recruit … (3 comments)

realtor life: Triple Crown Brown? Not This Year! - 06/06/08 10:33 PM
When I first heard about Big Brown,the champion thoroughbred poised to be come the first winner of the Triple Crown in 30 years, I knew he was a winner.
Horse racing is in my blood. As a child, we would go to Saratoga every summer to see the races. I still remember the excitement. The pounding hoofs seemed to shake the earth. I was always amazed at the sheer power of the horses.
I used to pick my winners for various reasons, I liked dappled greys.... or the long legged horses seemed to be sleek... I had certain jockeys I liked, … (12 comments)

realtor life: CURE- Sometimes as much as we hope for it the word is hard to say - 05/24/08 02:22 AM
Cure: a complete or permanent solution or remedy (
Sometimes even saying the word is a challenge for the individual, family and friends of someone with an illness, disease or syndrome. Suppose the "thing" is not cured. Suppose it comes back. For the nonbeliever it could be fear of "jinxing" the situation.
This is the case in Autism- There is a CURE! I have seen it with my eyes. The medical community hides it for whatever reason- covering for big money drug companies, covering for Doctors who do not know, covering for fear of major law suits.
For anyone who knows a … (4 comments)

realtor life: Here's To You Soccer Moms...and Dad's - 05/19/08 11:25 PM
Here's to you Mom's (and Dad's) who do it all!
I was a first generation "Soccer Mom". When I was a child there were no sports for girls in my hometown of Highland NY..urgh! I wanted  so badly to play baseball- The closest I came was on the playground at recess- The boys would let me back up the catcher to get the "get away balls". So when I had daughters and they were able to play softball, soccer and CYO basketball starting at age 8- I was thrilled. I was a stay at home mom so I was recruited to … (1 comments)

realtor life: Personality Type- How does it effect you? - 05/17/08 09:48 AM
I my opinion Exit Realty provides their agents with the best world class tools to enhance our careers as agents, brokers and franchisees. We have the Exit Resource Center at our disposal, Exit Promo Shop, Boot camp and Exit Online University to name a few.
Last night I took an online class from the Exit University about personality types. Exit encourages us to learn about personality types to help us interact with people we meet.
I had never really thought about it before but it really makes sense. There are four basic personality types
"D"- people are- Dominant, Direct, Demanding, Decisive, … (4 comments)

realtor life: "Your Offer was Accepted" Another Home Buyer Finds the Home of Their Dreams - 05/16/08 07:28 AM
One of the things I love to do most, as a Realtor, is to make the call to a first time home buyer when their offer was accepted on the home of their dreams.
Being the bearer of good news is always a great thing.
Last week I began working with a wonderful young couple who were just qualified to buy their first home. Right from the start, the excitement in their voices and smiles spoke volumes of what was in their hearts.
When this couple called us we sent them home listings in the area that met with their … (15 comments)

realtor life: In My Daughter's Eyes.... I am a Realtor??? - 05/15/08 05:17 AM
My Theme Song.... At Activerain we were challenged to write a blog about what we would want our theme song to be. Hmmm, Let's see. It is a great idea, at a time when there seems to be a lot of REALTOR unrest- it is a mini respite to think about what defines you - in song. My brain began to race singing songs, as I tried to think of a song. I soon realized it would be a compilation of songs.
Some that came to mind;
"I Can Only Imagine" Mercy Me
"Here I am, Lord"
"The Rose" Bette Midler

realtor life: Energy Crisis, Decline in the Housing Market- Here's to You Walt Disney - 05/12/08 12:38 PM
Reading all the blogs the past few day about gas prices, the housing market decline, the economy... IT all seems pretty negative. Worlds away from my week in DisneyWorld two weeks ago. You would expect that with the economy in such a shambles that people would be staying home and counting pennies. During our recent trip the place was packed. Not a room to be acquired in all the Disney Resorts. From the empty parking lots it was obvious that everyone flew and took advantage of Disney Magical Express and transportation systems. It sort of puts a different spin on the enery crisis, … (3 comments)

realtor life: Postage Rates Increase on May 12 - 05/05/08 02:34 PM
Each May, mailing services prices will be adjusted. By law, these prices can increase on average no more than the rate of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index. 90 days' notice of the new prices, will be allowed, each year, to help post office customers prepare for the change.
On May 12, 2008 the United States Postal Service will adjust it's prices. There will be a 1-cent increase to 42 cents for first-class mail letters, other changes include prices that could save you money when shipping packages.
The new Forever Stamp can be purchased now at the current first … (2 comments)

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