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As an inspector, I welcome rainy days, in particular heavy rains, because after all, how often do you get to turn on a water hose on a house exterior, let it rip continuously for a couple of days, and then view the results. Yes there is more discomfort and safety concerns (slips, trips, falls) fo...
As the owner's engineer on new developments, I get to review and comment on the design elements.One aspect of modern homes is that with a large main floor area, architects and designers somehow feel compelled to have a full basement underneath and therefore end up "making up" uses for the huge ba...
SAMPLINGFirst and foremost, you need to measure your exposure. Here's the link to one supplier. There are both short term (2 day) and long term (90 day) test kits. Radon varies by day so according to the experts, go for the long term test kit. Professionals recommend that the test be performed be...
Better said, how much radon can I tolerate in my home's basement or crawlspace?According to the World Health Organization,  the annual allowable dose is 100 Bq/m³ or 100 becquerels per cubic meter. In the USA the standard is 150 Bq/m³. In Canada it's 200 Bq/m³. Since I'm Canadian, I will refer to...
I just came back from a conference put on by the British Columbia Lung Association. It was good, very good. Here's some of the facts I learned today. In Canada,  40 people will contract cancer from asbestos in a given year 40 people will contract cancer from second hand smoke in a given year 500 ...
Last week we adopted a 78 lb german shepherd, 8 years old, with a very mellow disposition. His name is Veeru. The next day, the first order of business was to build a doghouse at the acreage. So I went to the library of google for some dimensions. After reviewing a number of plans, I came to the ...
On Vancouver's North Shore single family homes start at one million dollars. I emphasize the word "start" because one should not expect more than lot value for that price. Serious money. As you can image, we've had an  amazing appreciation of real estate.Yet the expectation of many buyers in the ...
I've just returned from a recreational property inspection on one of the nearby islands off the coast of metro Vancouver. I've had enough of BC Ferries for one long day. During the inspection it was right around 1C, lightly snowing, some breeze and a battleship gray sky. A typical February day on...


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