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Why these item are not always included with the purchase of a property is a mystery. Home builders don't leave this information behind. Home owners never ask for this package. We pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for our property, sign a mountain of legal paperwork, including mortgage and insu...
In the home inspection business there are some things that just stand out. I recently inspected a single-wide mobile home with a stick-built addition, which effectively turned it into a double wide. On its own lot. The single wide was manufactured in the 1970's. The sellers had moved out and got ...
My dad had a residential construction company and I fondly remember going with him to the sites and seeing the work-in-progress. One of the greater skills was the interior plasterwork done by craftsmen. The phrase "everything but the oink" has a parallel in old school construction methods when it...
My reply would be "No way!"If only our homes could talk like that, then more homeowners would take corrective action a lot sooner. Crawl spaces are one of the prime suspects when it comes to energy loss and higher heating bills.Looking at the construction details of this area can reveal some quic...
Death, taxes and rodents are always with us. EKAN Home Inspections always looks for signs of rodent infestation because of the associated risks to health and building component damage. Left unattended, the damage always gets progressively worse with time and can make a grown man or gal break down...


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