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I took no photos to protect the guilty.It's well known in these parts that if you are going to build on an island, with minimum services, then first, you have money and second, everything is going to cost you 30% to 50% or more.Yesterday I was at a major marina watching a barge load-up with concr...
Here's an example where a seller has maximized their deck space and forgotten all about safety. In this case, we have a deck on the upper floor which is almost at the height of the overhead electrical service wires. When it gets wet (and believe me that on the west wet coast, in our rainforest en...
I recently completed another new home warranty inspection in West Vancouver, BC. In this case, it was the 2 year anniversary inspection. BTW there still remain the 5 year building envelope and the 10 year structural warranties.The warranty anniversary date was expiring in less than 10 days and so...
Yesterday I was at an acreage property that had been built for a specific purpose, that was, it was there to produce revenue for the owner. For that purpose it fit the bill perfectly. Upstairs rentable, downstairs suite. Detached double garage rentable. Two RV sites with hookups. Great landscapin...
The above photo is from a recently inspected multi-million dollar property in West Vancouver, Canada. The view is looking directly south. On a clear day you can see the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Whenever I do an inspection with this type of outlook, I have to stop in my tracks, pause...
To all our southern friends, yes it's your great white northern neighbor (US spelling versus CDN spelling of 'neighbour', both versions offered here for clarity).To all of us Canucks, Happy Canada Day!


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