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Just a quick note. I would like to see more encompassing disclosure requirements for every property by sellers including: all municipal permits issued, police reports, insurance claims and utility bills for their period of ownership. In my opinion it is entirely unacceptable to have such lax requ...
I recently completed a home inspection for a client who referred to the subject property as a 'granny house' as it reminded her of her own grandmother's home. I've see many of these properties before and they are usually reasonably priced, structurally sound, but dated. This house was no exceptio...
Solar systems are installed for both off-grid (totally stand alone) and net-metering (interconnected to the utility) applications. Based on my home inspection experience, here’s a quick primer on what to look for in an installed system.For net-metering applications, be sure to locate: Locate the ...
In this seller's market, is there still a need for a home inspection? Market conditions are such that some realtors are advising clients to not consider using the inspection report to re-negociate their offer. Rather, buyers are told to use the report for information purposes only. Really? As bot...
To my fellow active rainers.It does not matter what your religion or belief system is, we are all entitled to our preferred path. I choose to believe in Easter. Not the rabbits or eggs or chocolate. You know. The other stuff. But the wonderous thing about our times is that I am able to indulge in...


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