gibsons home inspection: Concrete Tiled Roofs In Unusual Places - 06/22/17 07:20 AM
Ever admired a home with clay or concrete roofing tiles? In many countries, particularly in warm climates, the construction techniques are well established, considering they have been in use for centuries. However, not so in the great white north here in Canada or in some parts of the USA. Here's what you need to know...

gibsons home inspection: Condo Home Inspection - First Time Buyers - 06/12/17 08:01 AM

I recently completed a condo inspection on a relatively new building. The inspection went well, but I was concerned about the overall care and maintenance of the common areas which are looked after by the monthly condo fee.
It looked to me like the building superintendent was somewhat negligent in his duties, or maybe the strata budget was just inadequate. I pointed this out to my client and gave him this advice:
(1) Before you decide to buy, read the strata council minutes and the AGM minutes, preferably for several years.  There may also be a depreciation report and an engineer's report. This … (0 comments)

gibsons home inspection: Home Inspection - Little things that make a difference! - 04/08/17 12:11 PM
In the home inspection business there are some things that just stand out. I recently inspected a single-wide mobile home with a stick-built addition, which effectively turned it into a double wide. On its own lot. The single wide was manufactured in the 1970's. 
The sellers had moved out and got on with their lives in another city. They left the home with a fresh coat of paint and in as pristine condition as possible.
It made my inspection easy as my investigation was not hampered by furniture or storage. But there was one item deliberately left behind by the sellers that really … (4 comments)

gibsons home inspection: Home Inspection Diary: Eugene's Believe It or Not! - 02/12/17 10:24 AM
Here's a 120 Volt receptacle with a 240 Volt supply behind the faceplate. I would not have spotted this as it was in the garage behind an appliance. The owner had stated that they had plugged in the garage fridge and burned out the motor. No wonder. 
At some time in the past the outlet was used for 240 Volt service, likely for an appliance that came from an off-shore household move.
A very dangerous situation that required immediate correction. As this inspection was also in advance of the building's two year construction completion anniversary, it was included in the list of defects … (2 comments)

gibsons home inspection: Home Inspections: Rental Suite Planning - 12/11/16 09:01 AM
Just completed a home inspection in Gibsons BC. House was 6 years old, nearly 3000 sq.ft. with superior custom construction. All the interior and exterior finishes were well executed. The ground floor was unfinished but prepared for future suite potential.  In my business I have seen many in-law suites, unauthorized accomodations and mortgage helpers. In this post I summarize what I consider important design considerations for any homeowner to think about when planning for a rental income.
Legal. Check with municipality to see if secondary accommodations are acceptable for this particular community. Determine if this is going to be a legal or … (0 comments)

gibsons home inspection: A Visit to Municipal Offices - Why Not Make It A Standard Practice? - 10/11/16 02:49 AM
In my EKAN home inspection business areas of North Vancouver and West Vancouver, many of the pre-1970’s homes have had major renovations. Whenever I encounter a reno and especially an addition to or extension of the floor area, I always encourage my clients to visit the municipal offices and do some data mining.
It’s important to know that the renovation was done in compliance to code requirements and with a competent contractor. The municipality will have on-file the following permits: building, electrical, plumbing, heating, drainage and sprinklers. In addition, there should be building plans available.
The knowledge gained from the above data … (0 comments)

gibsons home inspection: How to Evaluate Museum Pieces: Inspecting Century Old Properties   - 10/06/16 03:43 AM
A client recently booked an inspection for a house built in the 1920’s. This property certainly has the ‘wow factor’ with ocean views and craftsman style features. Vancouver is relatively a new city compared to others in North America, so this gem is really special. I would guess that there are less than 1% of buildings of the vintage still standing. Prior to any inspection I do an online property listing review. I especially focus on what can be gleaned from the photos. In this case, it was clear that the property was extensively renovated, but with sensitivity to its heritage. A … (0 comments)

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