langdale mobile home inspection: Crawl space says "Give me your money" - 04/03/17 11:07 PM
My reply would be "No way!"
If only our homes could talk like that, then more homeowners would take corrective action a lot sooner. Crawl spaces are one of the prime suspects when it comes to energy loss and higher heating bills.
Looking at the construction details of this area can reveal some quick wins for the homeowner for improvements to comfort and reduced energy costs. If the crawl space is insulated, then the heating ducts are not. If the crawl space is uninsulated, then the heating ducts must be insulated. For a case study on this issue go here

langdale mobile home inspection: Mobile Home Inspections: First-Time Buyer Cautions for Older Mobiles - 05/26/16 03:12 AM

Full disclosure.  My very first residence with my young family was a mobile home. It was in Labrador Canada. It was a harsh climate where the ice did not come off the lakes until June. We had mushrooms growing on the shag carpeting.  Regardless, it was ours and we were happy.
I know that the correct term is ‘manufactured’ not mobile, so my apologies to any industry purists. However I will refer to this housing option as a ‘mobile’ because it has a friendly feeling about the term, particularly its affordability.
Here’s my top 3 items that that first time buyers are likely … (0 comments)

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