west vancouver home inspection: Concrete Tiled Roofs In Unusual Places - 06/22/17 07:20 AM
Ever admired a home with clay or concrete roofing tiles? In many countries, particularly in warm climates, the construction techniques are well established, considering they have been in use for centuries. However, not so in the great white north here in Canada or in some parts of the USA. Here's what you need to know...

west vancouver home inspection: Potting Soil Behind Stucco Walls? See Video! - 06/08/17 09:48 AM
Stucco exteriors are very durable and an excellent product to use for a building envelope. However in Vancouver British Columbia there was a learning curve associated with the flat roof, no overhang architectural style, used between 1985 and 1995. Effective moisture control was the key to a good installation. Here's an example, 25 years later, of a wall system that failed.
Learn more here...

west vancouver home inspection: Views to die for, come with more than a cost - 05/30/17 08:16 AM

What makes for a stunning view property here in the Vancouver BC region? Well it's an unrestricted southern view of the ocean and coastline. On a clear day we can see all the way down into the US. This spectacular vista comes with not only a heafty price tag but also major building considerations. Know what to expect when making this type of purchase. Learn more...

west vancouver home inspection: 2 Items to Include in Every Transaction - Inspector's Perspective - 04/10/17 06:44 AM
Why these item are not always included with the purchase of a property is a mystery. Home builders don't leave this information behind. Home owners never ask for this package. 
We pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for our property, sign a mountain of legal paperwork, including mortgage and insurance documents, provide a recent property survey... and still we do not ask for or receive these important documents.
Why not?
From my perspective, it's high time to provide home buyers with two additional items with every real estate transaction.
The first is a homeowner's manual. Not only should the manual contain operating and maintenance instruction … (1 comments)

west vancouver home inspection: Old School Construction - Everything But The Oink - 04/07/17 06:24 AM
My dad had a residential construction company and I fondly remember going with him to the sites and seeing the work-in-progress. One of the greater skills was the interior plasterwork done by craftsmen. The phrase "everything but the oink" has a parallel in old school construction methods when it came to interior walls and ceilings. More...

west vancouver home inspection: Home Inspection Diary: Eugene's Believe It or Not! - 02/12/17 10:24 AM
Here's a 120 Volt receptacle with a 240 Volt supply behind the faceplate. I would not have spotted this as it was in the garage behind an appliance. The owner had stated that they had plugged in the garage fridge and burned out the motor. No wonder. 
At some time in the past the outlet was used for 240 Volt service, likely for an appliance that came from an off-shore household move.
A very dangerous situation that required immediate correction. As this inspection was also in advance of the building's two year construction completion anniversary, it was included in the list of defects … (2 comments)

west vancouver home inspection: Construction Practice Tip: Provision for Solar - 02/03/17 07:19 AM
During a recent home inspection in West Vancouver BC I came across a brilliant feature, that shows attention to detail and future thinking by the house designer or contractor. Look at the photo below. It's two conduits that have been stubbed into the mechnical room. They are thoughtfully labelled as 'Solar Conduits', for future installation of roof-mounted solar heating panels or possibly photo-voltaic solar cells for power generation. The other end of the conduits are stubbed out, on the roof. These conduits can be used for either piping or electrical wiring. Many provisions for future use can easily be incorporated into new house … (2 comments)

west vancouver home inspection: Who opened the faucet on the roof in the winter? - 12/31/16 08:02 AM
Lots of snow melting at higher elevations this week. The attached photo was taken from a home inspection in West Vancouver. You can see the overflow discharge off a flat roof. Typically flat roofs are installed with emergency overflows at 3 to 4 inches above the roof surface. Guess what? There is at least 3 inches of ice water ponding on this roof. Nice feature if that's what you had planned. Otherwise, it's a flashing red light, signaling to the homeowner that the roof drains are not working because they are plugged with debris or frozen over or both. Attention is … (0 comments)

west vancouver home inspection: Case for Crawl Space as Manditory Part of Open House - 11/20/16 12:07 AM
Well, at least in my dreams.  
This past week I completed a home inspection in West Vancouver on a multi-million dollar property. The owners had purchased the property in the spring without a home inspeciton and were now catching up with the building issues.
Built in the early 50's, with a second floor addition in the 80's and well maintained throughout its entire life. The usual list of suspects were present and accounted for during the inspection of this grand dame.
Upon access to the crawl space, I noted the classic features of 'old school' construction methodology:
(a) The main floor was heated with a … (0 comments)

west vancouver home inspection: Estate Home Inspections: Yes They Are Different - 11/06/16 12:21 AM
This past week I completed a 7,000 sq ft estate home inspection in British Properties, West Vancouver. The asking price was $7 million. Yes I know it’s Canadian dollarettes as opposed to the mighty US dollar, but nonetheless a significant purchase price.
Property highlights - three stories, high ceilings, on a lake, large patio and terraces, 5 bedrooms, 5 fireplaces, 8 bathrooms, elevator, hydronic in-floor hot water heating, heated driveway, AC, HRV, spa, marble flooring.
For estate properties I will consider using a more commercial inspection approach, that is, using a team of experts, rather than just one inspector. As a professional engineer … (0 comments)

west vancouver home inspection: Fuse Panels, Low-Carbon Footprint & Luddites - A Common Denominator - 10/21/16 10:03 AM
At a recent West Vancouver condo inspection, this particular one bedroom apartment had an older fuse panel for the electrical distribution, rather than the now standard circuit breaker panel. My client was naturally concerned about this ‘old school’ technology and wanted my opinion as to whether it should be replaced immediately or not. A good question requires a considered reply. This condo’s panel had one large fuse block for the electric stove and six screw-in fuses for the rest of the home with five 15A circuits and one 20A. The main 60A breaker for the condo was located separately, in the basement … (0 comments)

west vancouver home inspection: A Visit to Municipal Offices - Why Not Make It A Standard Practice? - 10/11/16 02:49 AM
In my EKAN home inspection business areas of North Vancouver and West Vancouver, many of the pre-1970’s homes have had major renovations. Whenever I encounter a reno and especially an addition to or extension of the floor area, I always encourage my clients to visit the municipal offices and do some data mining.
It’s important to know that the renovation was done in compliance to code requirements and with a competent contractor. The municipality will have on-file the following permits: building, electrical, plumbing, heating, drainage and sprinklers. In addition, there should be building plans available.
The knowledge gained from the above data … (0 comments)

west vancouver home inspection: How to Evaluate Museum Pieces: Inspecting Century Old Properties   - 10/06/16 03:43 AM
A client recently booked an inspection for a house built in the 1920’s. This property certainly has the ‘wow factor’ with ocean views and craftsman style features. Vancouver is relatively a new city compared to others in North America, so this gem is really special. I would guess that there are less than 1% of buildings of the vintage still standing. Prior to any inspection I do an online property listing review. I especially focus on what can be gleaned from the photos. In this case, it was clear that the property was extensively renovated, but with sensitivity to its heritage. A … (0 comments)

west vancouver home inspection: Home Inspection for Persons with Mobility Issues: Exterior Surfaces - 10/04/16 04:26 AM
EKAN Inspections recently did a home inspection in West Vancouver for a client, with a mobility issue. The client had asked that the home inspection pay special attention to exterior slip, trip and fall hazards. On the day of the inspection it was clear and dry. The property presented well. There were no broken or uneven surfaces, steps of varying heights or inadequate railings. Everything functioned as intended.
However for this particular home inspection there were three exterior surfaces identified that changed their friction characteristics according to the weather conditions:
       Smooth finished concrete (on a porch).          Moss growth on … (0 comments)

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