southold: Long Island Winter Fest - Off Season on the North Fork at its best! - 01/03/09 02:02 AM
It's after the Holidays and the snow is falling.... and the North Fork is getting busier again. The Winter Fest and its 2009 Jazz- theme are allowing daytrippers and weekenders from all over the world, from Manhattan to Tokyo, Boston to London and Munich, to come and enjoy the bountiful harvest of the North Fork, wine, seafood, local produce and potatoes, the waterfront and winter walk beaches, the ferries to shop a day in Sag Harbor or Greenport, Love Lane, Atlantis Aquarium, or just rural landscapes and nature. It's great, the long lines and crowds are gone and all seems even … (0 comments)

southold: Great Deals for Wine Enthusiasts on the North Fork: Beat the crowds and come over while the season's slow. - 01/02/09 07:30 AM

North Fork Wine Country has great deals to offer in this weak economy; most vineyards are slow during the off season, and even more so now. When I drive by the vineyards I see sales and discounted wines, and some of the vineyards now have sales in  their shops as well. Beat the crowds and visit the vineyards! Also the B&Bs have specials you can enjoy.
And once you are here, you may find Real Estate on sale... your chance to get in and look around, let us help you! Call Nicholas or JOan at 631 298 4646 or visit … (0 comments)

southold: How Short Sales can help home owners on the North Fork - 12/04/08 03:22 AM
Short Sales have been in the news: If you no longer can afford your mortgage, or are behind on your mortgage, maybe in foreclosure, this blog may clarify how a short sale of your home can help you take care of a problem, and end the nightmare of defaulting on your mortgage.
Some people think when they are "under water", when their house in worth less than the mortgage, they have no option but let the mortgage company come after you and foreclose if you cannot pay for the mortgage.
A short sale is the sale of a home for less money … (0 comments)

southold: What's really going on in Real Estate Sales on the North Fork? - 11/30/08 05:29 AM
The Real Estate Market -and this should not come to any serious Real Estate Professional's , buyer's or seller's  surprise- has slowed down. This slow down has two components, each with its own dynamics, but one influencing the other:
volume of transactions price levels. It is important and necessary to get a grip on what is really going on, for sellers to see what their properties realistically are worth in today's market, and for buyers to see where the value lies. And look at the facts to discover the positive side of this market.
A good measure of what is really happening … (0 comments)

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