rental homes: Charlotte Property Management Weekly: Why Your First 2 Weeks of Dating are Exactly Like the First 2 Weeks Your Rental is Listed - 01/15/11 07:33 AM

Early impressions can be very telling.  In relationships, they can save you a lot of time and heartache. 
For example, when you first start dating someone, the first 2 weeks really are pivotal.  One really wrong move and it is over, right?  So, it is important to pay attention and try to figure out how to stand out (in a good way...).  It's also important to figure out what they really think of you, as they usually won't tell you outright.  Do they think your nervous tic is endearing or pathetic?  When you bring up your issues, are … (3 comments)

rental homes: Charlotte Property Management Weekly: #1 Way to Fill Rental Homes Quickly - 01/08/11 05:35 AM

As homes for sale sit and rentals continue to gain prominence in the residential real estate market across the country, concerned owners are wondering how to best fill their rental properties quickly.  So are property managers.
"Everyday my house is empty costs me money!  Besides the mortgage payment, it's the other things that are absolutely killing me- utilities with this unusually cold and snowy winter, HOA dues rising, you name it.  I need someone renting (or buying) my home!" is a common lament from homeowners with a vacant home on the market.
As a real estate … (1 comments)

rental homes: Charlotte Property Management Weekly: Pricing Rental Homes- List Above, At, or Below Market Value? - 11/23/10 11:27 AM

I have to admit, pricing rental homes is an issue that I struggle with.  As a property manager in Charlotte for the past 6 years, I really should have a good grip on the right approach; however, I'm still constantly debating myself over the correct way to do it.  And my therapist says this self-banter does not mean that I'm crazy.   
So... it is safe to say that pricing is an inexact science.  It is simply impossible to know what the optimal dollar figure is for any product or service.  For example, let's say you are a manager … (4 comments)

rental homes: Charlotte Property Management Weekly: Maybe You Shouldn’t Fix Up your Rental Home? - 08/27/10 02:16 AM

The "Golden Rule" was an excellent idea as soon as Jesus said it; our lives would be so much better if we followed it all the time.  But it's not such a smart philosophy to follow it with rental homes.  Let me explain. 
There are many well-intentioned investors who believe that the "Golden Rule" should apply to their rental properties.  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  Through the years, I've heard:
"I like granite countertops.  I imagine that tenants would also like to have them in my $75K townhouse that rents for … (1 comments)

rental homes: Charlotte Property Management Weekly: Importance of Getting Paid from Rentals in the Next 5 Years - 08/14/10 07:25 AM

"Go to where the money is."  (Business Axiom)
According to an article in Barron's this month, the future of the real estate market is in rentals for the next five years.  Most real estate agents are hoping this news is akin to the Bush White House claiming the existence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD); hopefully, it is just another example of faulty American intelligence.
However, the supporting information for a rental uptrend (as well as brokerage to be on a continued, extended downtrend) is pretty compelling; if this is what is going to happen, then … (3 comments)

rental homes: Charlotte Property Management Weekly: Wouldn’t You Want the Market to Know Your Rental is For Sale? - 07/27/10 06:06 AM

As a Charlotte property manager, we work with many clients who are looking to rent-to-own a home.  As the banks continue their non-lending ways, this group of clients continues to grow.
To find homes for them, we look through many sources.  Homes listed for rent-to-own (aka lease option or lease purchase), homes for sale, and rental homes.  We approach the agents of these homes and ask if their client (the seller) would be open to a lease option arrangement; some of them are and some of them aren't.  Lately, obviously, sellers are more open to this arrangement.

rental homes: Charlotte Property Management Weekly: Solving the High-End Home Sales Stagnation with Rentals and Rent-To-Own - 06/12/10 04:28 AM

Realtors everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief with the upswing in home sales in April and May.  Things seem to be picking up a little, they have some money in their pockets, and there appears to be a light at the end of (what has been) a very dark and long tunnel of diminished sales activity.
Though, with the end of the tax credit, it looks like the roadrunner might have just lathered some white paint on the wall ahead as pending home sales are dropping fast.  
Owners of higher end homes in Charlotte, defined here as … (1 comments)

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