bird nests: Found an Active Bird Nest While Showing Property - 03/25/15 07:56 AM
Found an Active Bird Nest While Showing Property

My clients and I were looking at a home yesterday and in the backyard we found an adorable mother bird sitting on her eggs. Here is the picture of the nest when we first walked outside.

Here is a close-up of the Mourning Dove. We oohed and awed over the bird in the nest but quickly left so we wouldn't scare her.
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bird nests: The History of Scarecrows - 10/22/13 03:11 PM
The History of Scarecrows
The History of Scarecrows

Hungry birds have always been a problem and they eat the crops in the fields. The first recorded history of Scarecrows were over 2500 years ago when the Egyptians and Greeks put them in their fields to protect the wheat from large flocks of quail and other hungry birds.
Immigrants who moved to the United States during the 1800s brought with them a variety of ideas for making scarecrows. In Pennsylvania, German farmers built human looking scarecrows called a bootzamon or bogeyman. His body was a wooden cross and his head was a … (28 comments)

bird nests: A Baby Bird and a Speckled Egg in a Nest - 07/26/13 01:19 AM
A Baby Bird and a Speckled Egg in a Nest

Today, I stopped by to visit with one of my friends. She had a ladder sitting out on her patio and I asked if she had any repairs going on. No she says but come and see my birds nest. So I got up on the ladder and there was a baby bird waiting for its mother to return. I only had my iPhone so I quickly took a few photos and got down off the ladder. It was hard to get the head shot but you can see … (6 comments)

bird nests: Watch the Red Hawks and Great Blue Herons on Live Cams....Watch Now - 04/10/13 07:18 AM
Red Hawk and Great Blue Heron Nests of Eggs- Watch Now on Live Cams

If you love birds and want to watch the live bird cams of the Red Hawks and the Great Blue Herons, go to these links.
This is a picture of the live cam of the pair of Red Hawks located at Ithaca, New York. They have 3 eggs and the chicks should hatch about the end of the month.

This is a picture of the live cam of the pair of Great Blue Herons also located at Ithaca, New … (12 comments)

bird nests: Welcome The New Family to the Neighborhood....Tweet Tweet - 03/24/13 02:59 PM
Welcome the New Family to the Neighborhood....Tweet Tweet

Last year I had Black Phoebe birds hanging around the pool and chasing bugs plus they continually were scooping up the worms in the grass. I love their coloring so it was a treat to see them.



So … (10 comments)

bird nests: Wild (Life) Wednesday ...A Bird's Eye View of The News in The Bristol TN VA Area 5.9.12 - 05/09/12 08:12 AM
I just had to share this cute post with everyone who missed it today. Rob Thomas came home and found a surprise in his mailbox.
Please stop by and say hello to Rob Thomas.
Wild (Life) Wednesday ...A Bird's Eye View of The News in The Bristol TN VA Area 5.9.12
I came home to grab the paper and found that one of the locals had beat me to it!  I guess that's what you call getting a Bird's Eye View of The News!

For some really great news just click on the photo!
And Remember For All Of Your … (10 comments)

bird nests: Nuts, Nuts, Who's Got the Nuts - 10/28/11 12:29 PM

While on a nature hike this morning, I spotted a tree full of squirrels in Loma Linda, CA. They were all eating nuts!

This big squirrel was extremely busy and didn’t notice me at first.

Sitting on the fence eating his nut.

He was hiding behind the pole. I see you...........

Where are those nuts?

Up in the tree at last!

Oh boy, I have my nuts!

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