calimesa real estate: Calimesa Home for Sale in JP Ranch - 10/10/17 04:04 PM
  Calimesa Home for Sale in JP Ranch
Are you looking for the perfect community to live? There are many reasons to move right? Some are downsizing and moving to a quieter area to retire and play golf but still be close to shopping, restaurants and of course medical facilities. Then there are the family who is still working but now empty nesters and want a comfortable home but not as big like 3400 sf or a big 2 story home and pool upkeep. Sometimes it is people who have saved for a long time and now want to use that VA … (7 comments)

calimesa real estate: SOLD- 1287 Heritage Drive, Calimesa CA in JP Ranch - 08/18/17 01:00 PM
SOLD 1287 Heritage Drive, Calimesa CA in JP Ranch
Beautiful 3 Bedroom (2 Bedoom + Den) home located in Calimesa. This is a gated family community and includes a lot of HOA amenities.

TURNKEY, less than 4 years old, 2 Car Attached Garage, Inside Laundry Room, Gourmet Kitchen with Granite and Stainless Appliances, Master Bath has Granite Counter Tops, Backyard has 25 mature trees, drains and sprinklers in, 3 Patio Covers and much, much more. Community has Pool, Spa, Club House, Dog Park, Tot Lot, Barbecue area and more. HOA low fee of $190 per month. Near to Freeway, Shopping and great schools.
Give … (4 comments)

calimesa real estate: 1287 Heritage Drive, Calimesa CA in JP Ranch Reduced Price - 07/22/17 02:47 PM
1287 Heritage Drive, Calimesa CA 92320 PRICED REDUCED $369,900.
Low HOA of $190 monthly includes Dog Park, Community Park, Huge New Clubhouse with full kitchen, Tot Lot, Pool, Spa, Barbecue and Firepit areal, Sports Court.
Have this beautiful single story home in Calimesa, CA in a gated community of JP Ranch. This is a community for everyone so their is not any age restrictions. 
A new builder is selling brand new homes in JP Ranch so the prices are slightly less but......when you buy the new house you are going to be paying for cement walkways on both sides in front and behind the … (6 comments)

calimesa real estate: Today August 26th is National Dog Day - 08/26/16 06:38 AM
Today August 26th is National Dog Day
Today Friday August 26th is National Dog Day, an annual observance of honoring your pups and spreading awareness about rescue dogs. Started by pet expert Colleen Paige, National Dog Day is held every year on Aug. 26 — the anniversary of the day she adopted her first canine. It's a chance to donate to your local shelter, volunteer with animals or simply cuddle up to your furry friend.
I have always had dogs, cats, fish and also a duck when growing up. I used to buy AKC registered dogs but back in 1994, Snowy, a Minature … (1 comments)

calimesa real estate: Easter Trivia from the Rain - 03/27/16 03:15 AM
Easter Trivia from the Rain
Try these questions on others today and and show everyone how smart you are. Your friends and family will be amazed. The answers are at the bottom of the post.
1. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that certain activities should never be performed on Good Friday because they would bring bad luck. Which of the following is one of those tasks?
a) bathe
b) cook red meat
c) get a haircut
d) do the laundry

2. Traditionally, what should you do on Easter Sunday in order to ensure you’ll have good luck in the coming … (11 comments)

calimesa real estate: History of the Easter Bunny in the USA - 03/27/16 02:47 AM
History of the Easter Bunny in the USA
The first mention of the 'Easter Bunny' tradition is traced back to the 1700's when German immigrants settled in Pennsylvania Dutch communities and celebrated "Osterhaus". This was where the children made nests and the Easter Hare could lay colored eggs in them. The idea was like Santa Claus where good children would receive colored eggs and later the tradition turned to candy and gifts.
The colored eggs were made by dying the eggs with flowers. Dying the eggs green was a reflection that the spring was coming. Some communities dyed their eggs red which was more of … (10 comments)

calimesa real estate: Easter Egg Hunts in the Inland Empire for 2016 - 03/25/16 07:04 AM
Easter Egg Hunts in the Inland Empire for 2016
Be sure to take your kids out for an Easter Egg hunt this weekend. Here is a list of some of the events in the Inland Empire. 
Fellowship Baptist Church March 26, 2016 11-1:00 pm. Come join them for Easter eggs, carnival style games, a bounce house and plenty of snacks!
Calvary Presbyterian Church- March 27, 2016, from 8 -11:00 am, between worship services (8:45 and 10:45 am) we will hold an Easter Egg Hunt on our front lawn for children from 0-12 years old. Bring a basket and a friend. Or we'll have baskets.Crafts, candy, Easter … (4 comments)

calimesa real estate: Holiday Decorations in Calimesa CA Neighborhoods 2015 - 12/31/15 08:18 AM
Holiday Decorations in Many Calimesa CA Neighborhoods December 2015
There are so many people in the Inland Empire who decorate their homes for the holidays every year and many cities have contests for the best decorated home. Calimesa also has that contest and the winners were announced on December 21st. Congrats to the winners.
I thought I would display some of the lovely homes and here is the park in Redlands.
Streets of beautiful homes decorated for the holidays wishing onlookers a happy holiday. 
This Calimesa house had 3 trees but I just couldn't get the picture with them all in it.
This Calimesa house … (4 comments)

calimesa real estate: Make a Homemade Holiday Feeder for Wildlife Birds - 12/05/15 12:01 AM
Make a Homemade Holiday Feeder for Wildlife Birds
Make a suet feeder from cardboard egg carton. Suet is the fatty tissue that surrounds the kidneys of cattle and sheep. It is a great energy source for insect-eating birds, especially in winter and early spring when insects are scarce. This is a fun project to do with your kids, brownies, girl scouts, church groups etc.
Supplies Needed
cardboard egg carton green acrylic paint (washable when working with children) mixing bowl and spoons needle nose pliers newspaper of magazine ad booklets paint brush or painting sponge painting apron or old t-shirt can work 2 thick … (8 comments)

calimesa real estate: What I Am Grateful For This Holiday Season - 11/23/15 10:21 AM
What I Am Grateful For This Holiday Season
During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays I am always reminded of many things I am grateful for and how these 5 items impact my life and career in a positive way. 
1. My Love of God- I was raised in a Christian home and feel it was probably the best gift my parents passed on to me. I still attend church, pray and spread the word. Of course #2 is just below #1.
2. My Parents- I grew up in a wonderful home in a small city of Riverside. My father was a pilot in the Air Force … (12 comments)

calimesa real estate: A New Way to Sell Real Estate by Using Cats & Dogs Videos - 11/16/15 02:37 AM
A New Way to Sell Real Estate by Using Cats & Dogs Videos
We are always trying to think out of the box to stand out from others or to attract potential buyers for our listings. 
This morning I saw where a real estate team had prepared two videos and posted to attract buyers. I believe this is very cute and these videos may go viral and hopefully get their properties sold quickly. One video was done with kittens they borrowed from a local shelter. The second one was done with a corgy dog who played a Realtor which I have included below.
Good … (20 comments)

calimesa real estate: Do You Remember Your First? - 11/15/15 12:41 AM
Do You Remember Your First?
Your First Listing or Sale
Many years ago when I started selling real estate, I knocked on a door that had a FBSO sign on the front porch. During my 2 week training, the company had suggested door knocking but I had dismissed this idea since I hate people knocking on my door.
Well, to make a long story short, the very nice couple called me 1 day later and said "Please bring the contracts over as we are ready to have you list our home". This of course was music to my ears! I sold it within 25 … (8 comments)

calimesa real estate: FREE Turkey Giveaway for Thanksgiving 2015 - 11/11/15 11:43 PM
FREE Turkey Giveaway in Inland Empire for Thanksgiving 2015
Distribution Begins: 8-8:30 a.m. East Valley Association of Realtors will be handing out turkeys at the following locations:
Crestline- Friday, November 20th South Shore Lake Gregory, Crestline 
Redlands- Saturday, November 21st Habitat for Humanity Restore 25948 Business Center Drive, Redlands 
Yucaipa- Monday, November 23rd Knights of Columbus Office (Old Yucaipa Office) 12592 California Street, Yucaipa 
Beaumont- Tuesday, November 24th Beaumont City Hall (Behind in Parking Lot) 6th Street & Magnolia, BeaumontEast Valley Association supports the communities and we are handing out over 1000 turkeys with all the fixings that go with the  Thanksgiving meal. If you … (3 comments)

calimesa real estate: Safety Tips for Children & Pets at Halloween - 10/30/15 06:07 AM
Safety Tips for Children & Pets at Halloween
Children Safety:
Make sure costumes are not dragging on the ground as kids can trip and fall. Wear comfortable shoes and trick-r-treat preferably in a group. Use florescent tape on costume or carry a flashing becon or light stick to be seen by drivers. Kids should stay on sidewalk and only cross the street carefully. Buy Flame-Retardant costumes and wigs. Tell your kids "NEVER enter a house or car for a treat". Wait to eat candy until they bring it home and parents check it. Throw out any opened or unpackaged foods/candy. If … (2 comments)

calimesa real estate: Solar Eclipse Supermoon on Sept 27, 2015 was Unbelievable! - 09/29/15 08:39 AM
Hope you Didn't Miss the Solar Eclipse Supermoon?
Supermoon over the Inland Empire
On Sunday September 27, 2015 at 7:11 pm EST we had a double celestial spectacular event with a Lunar Ecipse and a Supermoon over Southern California. This moon is also known as a Blood Moon and it does look like one, doesn't it?
This first picture was taken just around 7:15 pm. After that, it became so dark that I couldn't find it for almost 1 hour but then it showed up again!
Then I took another one at 8:20 pm at the end of the eclipse. The Meteorologist on the television had said if … (26 comments)

calimesa real estate: Saying Good-Bye to YankeeYogi Berra...Throwback Thursday - 09/24/15 08:04 AM
Saying Good-Bye to Yogi Berra...a Yankee Celebrity
Yogi-a Baseball Icon
Lawrence Peter 'Yogi' Berra born in 1925, was one of the great catchers and had a great career as a Yankee. Started playing in 1947.  Yogi Berra died on Tuesday September 22, 2015.
He started playing catcher and outfielder in 1943 in Virginia but put his career on hold and enlisted in the the Navy. He was there at the 'Invasion of Normandy'. After he came home, he was assigned to the Newark Bears which was a Yankee farm team. Berra had an exceptional career as a Yankee winning .
After he retired he became … (19 comments)

calimesa real estate: Pet Safety on the 4th of July Weekend - 07/04/15 01:03 PM
Pet Safety on the 4th of July Weekend
Here are some suggestions"
Do not put your pets outside while the firework events are active. Do not take them to the fireworks display. Make sure they are wearing their tags in case they get scared and run off. If you are at home, spend the hour with them to keep them comforted. Do not let them go outside unless they are on a secure leash. Make sure your fence does not have holes that they can get through. If you find a dog, post it on Facebook and report it to Animal Control. … (4 comments)

calimesa real estate: Happy Flag Day and Long May She Waive - 06/14/15 11:05 AM
Happy Flag Day and Long May She Waive
Today is National Flag Day as it was created by a proclamation in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. In 1949, it was established by an Act of Congress. Strangely enough, is not a national holiday 
This picture was taken in Calimesa, CA yesterday as the flag was waiving in the breeze and was just so beautiful. While I was standing in the parking lot and getting my camera ready, it made me feel so proud to be an American while waiting for the perfect photo. It a flash, the flag makes me think of the … (2 comments)

calimesa real estate: Mother's Day Should Be Celebrated Every Day of the Year - 05/29/15 12:58 AM
Mother's Day Should Be Celebrated Every Day of the Year
Mother's Day is celebrated in the United States on the Second Sunday of May yearly. This year it was celebrated on May 10th, 2015 so most were buying flowers, gifts and taking their mother's out for a nice dinner to celebrate her day.
I personally think we should celebrate our mothers every day. We wouldn't be here if she hadn't given birth, protected and nourished us as babies and toddlers. And who made our lunches every morning to take to school in our lunchboxes, who cooked dinner every night and who yelled at us … (2 comments)

calimesa real estate: 6 Q&A's Regarding Memorial Day Trivia - 05/25/15 02:37 PM
6 Q&A's Regarding Memorial Day Trivia
When was Memorial Day first enacted? In May 5, 1868 by American General John Logan, American Civil War in Waterloo, New York.  What was the holiday originally called in 1868? Decoration Day What was the reason for Memorial Day? To go to the cemetery and remember the ones who had died during the Civil War. Later people remembered loved ones who died in other wars such as WW1, WW11, Korean, Vietnam, etc. How did the Calvary get food while out on patrols for long periods? In 1868, they hired William 'Wild Bill' Cody as a scout … (6 comments)

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