google: Google+ Limits the Number of Friend Requests Daily - 09/01/14 04:23 AM
Google+ Limits the Number of Friend Requests Daily
When I switched from my primary email address on gmail to the new one that Keller Williams set up for us, I started a new Google+ plus account. 
My older account has 1,669 friends in  my circle but the new one has 88. So I changed the settings and started building my numbers in my 'Circle of Friends".

Yesterday, I got this message box that read "You have exceeded the number of friend request for today. You can come back tomorrow and add more". I tried to do a screen shot … (16 comments)

google: 4th of July Trivia Answers For Yesterday's Questions - 06/29/14 12:42 AM

4th of July Trivia Answers for Yesterday's Questions
See How Many Answers You Got Correct
*If you missed the questions yesterday click here for:
               4th of July Trivia Questions
The people were taxed without representation.
56 people signed the Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"When in the course of human events”.
The Second Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence.
The largest signature on the Declaration of Independence is John Hancock's.
Richard Henry Lee of … (14 comments)

google: LA Marathon- From the Stadium to the Sea - 03/09/14 08:43 AM
ASICS LA Marathon - From the Stadium to the Sea
This morning I watched the ASICS LA Marathon on TV that started at Doger's Stadium and ended at Santa Monica. It was so exciting and remember the feeling when I used to go the night before and run the marathon myself. Those days are gone with my bad knees now I just walk instead and watch the marathon on TV instead.

This morning the winners were not so clear cut as usual as no one knew for sure until the end who would win. The "Elite Male" group was down from … (4 comments)

google: Buyer Optimism is Way Up - 10/26/13 02:27 AM
Buyer Optimism is Way Up

Thanks for Reading my Blog

google: California is the Place to Be-Live Here, Retire Here or Move Back - 10/21/13 01:30 AM
California is the Place to Be-Live Here, Retire Here or Move Back
California is the Place to Be-Live Here, Retire Here or Move Back
California is the place to be for many reasons; great year-round weather, deserts, mountains, beaches, affordable housing, great schools, and is #2 for the number of golf courses in the US.
With so many amusement parks, world famous natural playgrounds and scenic landscapes, it is no wonder that California attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Only in this state can one experience the likes of stunning coastal drives, a forest of the world’s tallest trees, … (4 comments)

google: McDonald's in Loma Linda is now Open - 10/20/13 02:07 PM
McDonald's in Loma Linda is now Open
McDonald's in Loma Linda is now Open



25775 Barton Road
Loma Linda, CA 92354
Thanks for Reading my Blog
California is a dream-come-true state no matter what your needs or wants are. We have year round warm weather, beautiful beaches, rustic mountains and desert communities. If you are looking for a home in Southern California, please contact me. I am a local California Realtor, live in the Inland Empire … (0 comments)

google: I Love Referrals....My Favorites - 05/28/13 03:07 PM
I Love Referrals....My Favorites!
I love Referrals and I can say much of my business has come from referral business. I think it is important to do a good job with your client in either selling it or helping them buy it so if they are pleased, they will tell their friends.
It is really great when the phone rings and someone tells me they want to list their home and a friend has referred me. Really.....that's great and who was your friend? I am sometimes caught off guard but I am always very excited and ready to schedule an … (8 comments)

google: ActiveRain Points Breakdown | Down the Rabbit Hole - 02/06/13 04:39 AM
Kristi Knutsen has written a wonderful post on POINTS which some of you know is one of my favorite subjects. This post below will answer a lot of your questions and maybe sparks some ideas of something you haven't done yet. Read on and continue to blog, blog, and blog.
Hello, ActiveRain! :)
I get a lot of questions about the ActiveRain points breakdown and HOW to get them, so here's a guide about what's what for those curious(er and curiouser!)

The First Step
So, you just joined ActiveRain. Or maybe you’ve been on here for a while, … (0 comments)

google: Pelican Rescue at Sea World - 11/12/12 11:18 PM
Pelican Rescue from Arizona to Sea World in San Diego
In the late spring 8 brown pelicans were rescued in Arizona; 4 in Tuscon and 4 in Phoenix. The pelicans were taken to local wildlife habitat shelters and they were given nourishment and stabilized. The birds were then flown on a large passenger airplane to San Diego, CA where Sea World took them to their rescue center. The birds were in poor health, had severe burns on their webbed feet and were covered in lice. With a lot of TLC, the Sea World avian experts were able to return them … (4 comments)

google: A Friendly Flower at the Zoo..Looks Like a Fried Egg - 08/02/12 04:37 AM
Here are a few photos of this beautiful flower, Matilija Poppy, growing at the San Diego Zoo. This is a native California flower from Ojai, CA in Ventura County.

It is such a lovely flower when it is in full bloom but still just as pretty when the petals bend over and start dying off. The petals look like thin wrinkled crepe paper and have a gold center full of pollen for the bees and insects to enjoy. This flower is also known as the “Fried Egg Flower” as it looks like a sunny-side up egg.

This is my … (17 comments)

google: GOOGLE celebrates Anniversary of the First Drive-In Theater - 06/06/12 02:22 AM

Today, June 6, 2012, Google has dedicated their home page to the anniversary of the Drive-In Theatre.
The drive-in theater was the creation of Richard M. Hollingshead Jr., from Camden NJ. In 1932, Hollingshead began testing his innovative idea of an outdoor theatre and on May 16, 1933, Hollingshead was given a patent for his invention.
Hollingshead's drive-in opened in New Jersey on June 6, 1933, on Admiral Wilson Boulevard and could accommodate up to 400 cars. He advertised his drive-in theater with the slogan, "The whole family is welcome, regardless of how noisy the children are”.The … (20 comments)

google: December’s Season of Sharing and Celebrations~ Senior Donation Tree at Wal-Mart - 12/18/11 05:31 AM
December’s Season of Sharing and Celebrations~ ©©©Senior Donation Tree at Wal-Mart©©©
While shopping early Saturday morning at the Wal-Mart in Redlands, CA., I spotted a cheerful looking tree as I came through the door and said hello to the greeter. (I love the greeters as they make you feel special) Anyway, I had to get a picture of the tree and what a great charity, to give to seniors who might not have much to open this year. A pair of slippers, a warm robe, a blanket throw, some toiletries, a book. The tree has names, sizes and suggestions. I was … (6 comments)

google: I am Grateful for Electricity - 11/18/11 02:56 PM
Last night SC Edison turned off our power from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. They had installed new meter a few weeks ago and apparently had to upgrade the transformers in the city. We had been notified that this would be occurring so we had flashlights and candles handy. The power went off at 10:40 p.m. and upset my dogs. I did not sleep well as I keep hearing generators running all night. Sound travels when everything is shut down. I was worried I would oversleep and had an appointment at 8:00 a.m.

1. I am grateful to have electricity to … (16 comments)

Just in case you didn't see the fantastic contest I wanted to share it with you. Paula would like all of us at ActiveRain to write a post about someone who deserves a special thanks for all their hard work to make your community a better place. Please read below. I hope everyone will write one a psot. Who are you "Grateful" to?
This is the season for sharing.


The season of Thanksgiving has arrived and it is great to feel the crisp air, prepare for friends and family visits and … (4 comments)

google: An Attitude of Gratitude- Meet Pat Williams of Angel’s Closet - 11/15/11 04:29 AM

I first became aware of Pat when my daughter left for law school. She took the clothes and shoes she wanted and left the rest for me to bag up and donate.
I had seen a flyer at a local store in Redlands for “Angel’s Closet” so I called to find out what it was all about. I impressed when Pat Williams called me back and told me about the program she runs.
Redlands East Valley High School (REV) in Mentone, CA. has given her 3 large classrooms at the school.  She gave me a tour of her shop. … (17 comments)

google: Did You Know You Cannot Just Remove a Bird Nest? - 11/14/11 12:01 PM
©Did You Know You Cannot Just Remove a Bird Nest?©
These bird nest photographs were taken in the Inland Empire in CA.
While looking up some info on removing bird nests I came across some interesting Federal laws. Did you know that you cannot just remove most bird nests? I didn't so I “Googled” Bird Nests and come up with some interesting reading.

The Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 prohibits the trapping, possession, or killing of most birds, their eggs and nests, without a permit.

 Many people do not know that the Migratory Bird Treaty Act makes … (18 comments)

google: Folklore or Science……Red Halo Around Full Moon - 11/12/11 12:52 AM
"Folklore" or Science……Red Halo Around Full Moon?

Tonight I was outside trying to take some moon photos and much to my surprise the clouds were moving so fast and a red halo surrounded the moon which made it difficult to get clear shots. Later, the halo effect widened. So I researched this for an explanation and here is the Folklore interpretation; “And should the Moon wear a halo of red, a tempest is nigh”. English Translation: A storm is near..

Then I looked up the scientific interpretation and it said “Clouds moving in, cold front off shore, high winds … (25 comments)

google: Market Report: Loma Linda ACTIVE Listings for November 2011 - 11/11/11 12:21 PM

Market Report: Loma Linda ACTIVE Listings for November 2011
Please let me introduce myself for anyone who does not know me. I, Kristin Hamilton, Experienced and Local Realtor® who is also involved in community programs to better this area. I sit on the board of several organizations and I work 24X7 for my real estate clients. Call me at 909-557-6966 to list your home!
I have prepared a chart showing how many listings there are in the city of Loma Linda, CA today November 11, 2011. I have broken it … (7 comments)

google: Market Report: ACTIVE Highland Listings November 2011 - 11/10/11 06:13 AM
Market Report: Highland ACTIVE Listings.
I have prepared a chart showing how many listings there are in the city of Highland, CA today November 10, 2011. I have broken it down by the type of listing it is; Standard Sale, Real Estate Owned Sale and Short Sale.

As you can see,I have categorized it by Homes and Condos as it is definitely a different market area.
This chart shows very good news for Highland. There are many standard and short sale listings “but” very few REO listings. Homeowners are being able to turn around and sell their homes. This has … (4 comments)

google: Wild Birds Flying - 11/10/11 12:03 AM

While driving through East Highland, CA yesterday, I noticed what a lovely community it truly is. It is intertwined with walking and bike trails, neighborhood parks, community schools and all the neighborhoods are lovely.  Besides all the trees, flowers, and plants, there is a lot of wildlife as well. When I drove into this one neighborhood, there were birds everywhere. I took a few pictures to share with you. Notice what a great view of the mountains you have here!

One important factor to consider when you are buying a home, that East Highland is in the city but … (14 comments)

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