short sales: Google+ Limits the Number of Friend Requests Daily - 09/01/14 04:23 AM
Google+ Limits the Number of Friend Requests Daily
When I switched from my primary email address on gmail to the new one that Keller Williams set up for us, I started a new Google+ plus account. 
My older account has 1,669 friends in  my circle but the new one has 88. So I changed the settings and started building my numbers in my 'Circle of Friends".

Yesterday, I got this message box that read "You have exceeded the number of friend request for today. You can come back tomorrow and add more". I tried to do a screen shot … (16 comments)

short sales: Forbes Named 20 Coolest Cities in USA....Riverside Made #8 - 08/06/14 02:03 PM
Forbes Named 20 Coolest Cities in USA.
Riverside, CA Made the List at  #8
On Wednesday  August 5, 2014, Forbes named the top Coolest 25 Cities in the United States to live. The catagories they based it on were a) arts and culture, b) diversity, c) migration, d) entertainment, e) restaurants and f) number of adults 20-32 years old living there. 
1. Washington, DC
2. Seattle, WA
3. Austin, TX
4. Houston, TX
5. San Francisco, CA
6. San Diego, CA
7. Denver, CA
8. Riverside, CA
9. Boston, MA
10. Dallas, TX
11. New York, NY
12. Oakland, CA
13. Miami, … (8 comments)

short sales: Bear Sites to See at Big Bear in Southern California - 08/03/14 05:39 AM
Bear Sites to See at Big Bear in Southern California

Here is a squirrel hanging out at some new homes recently built in Big Bear. These houses are 4,000 sq. ft. with 4 Masters. A true nature lover as I took a picture of the squirrel and not the house I showed.
Here is a gigantic bear at the 'Discovery Center' around the back side of Big Bear Lake.
This is a Solar Observatory also located on the back side of the lake where the camp grounds are.


short sales: Indoor Plants Help Remove Biological Toxins and Make Your Air Quality Better - 08/01/14 12:18 AM
Indoor Plants Help Remove Biological Toxins and Make Your Air Quality Better

During the summertime we find ourselves spending more time indoors. Most homes have biological pollutants that can cause health problems. Poor air quality is typically the problem and not always detectable.
People who decorate their home with indoor greenery and household plants report less complaints about headaches, stress, and heart/circulation-symptoms, as well as a decrease in colds. NASA did a study that found common houseplants improve over all air quality; houseplants were able to remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours. The … (6 comments)

short sales: Giving Back to My Community in the Inland Empire - 07/26/14 04:35 AM
Giving Back to My Community in the Inland Empire

 I grew up seeing that volunteering was important and my mother always seemed to belong to some many organizations who were helping others; American Cancer Society, Salvation Army, Riverside Women's Club, Elk's Club, the church and the list went on and on.....
So when I moved to San Bernardino County I saw that many needed assistance here. I have tried to help financially wherever I could and to volunteer my time as much as possible.
Christmas Events- Every year I buy several Boy and Girl Toys and wrap them … (8 comments)

short sales: Look at Me Flapping My Wings - 07/13/14 03:44 PM
Look at Me Flapping My Wings

California is a dream come true state no matter what your needs or wants are. We have year round warm weather, beautiful beaches, rustic mountains and desert communities. If you are looking for a home in southern California, please contact me. I am a local California Realtor, live in the Inland Empire community and aware of the local market. I am here to help you find a home or to sell the home you currently own. California has great opportunities to view Nature and Bird Watching. Whatever your needs are, you … (10 comments)

short sales: Mama Squirrel Cannot Get Down the Squirrel Hole in Yucaipa - 05/28/14 01:15 AM
Mama Squirrel Cannot Get Down the Squirrel Hole
Nature in Yucaipa and Calimesa

Every morning on my way to work, I see this squirrel standing up in the field. She is a tall squirrel and looks like she is expecting. She usually just poses for me but today after I got out of the car to get a little closer.

She tried to get down the squirrel hole but the hole was too small and her bottom was still sticking out. Even nature has overweight problems. (she is sticking out between the two silver pipes)
Thanks for Reading … (22 comments)

short sales: High Tech Toll Collection for ALL Drives Starts Wed May 14, 2014 in OC - 05/14/14 04:50 PM
High Tech Toll Collection for ALL Drives Starts Wed May 14, 2014 in OC
Irvine, CA.......Beginning today, Wednesday 14, 2014, Orange County Transportation Corridor Agencies announced that only Fast Trak drivers will be able to ride on the toll roads.
87% of all toll users have a fast trak pass and only 13% use cash. It has been determined that it slows the traffic down and a very inefficient system. Over 250,000 drivers use the toll roads daily in the Orange County area.
OC Transportation Agency is hopeful that all drivers will use the Fast Track or Express Account pass which … (2 comments)

short sales: Do You Wear Realtor Designation Pins and What Side Do You Place Them - 05/13/14 03:13 PM
Do You Wear Realtor® Designation Pins and on What Side?
I personally think it is just as important to wear Realtor pins as it is to wear your name tag. You want strangers to walk by and recognize your pin and many do since NAR is always promoting us on television. This week I saw 4 different commercials and they proudly display the blue Realtor® logo.
There is also a red Realtor® pin for commercial agents.
Also in conversation, sometimes a person will ask what the pin is you are wearing on your lapel. This is a great time to tell them you are … (22 comments)

short sales: The Big Hawk on the Lamp Post - 05/11/14 04:18 PM
The Big Hawk on the Lamp Post
Today while driving home to Loma Linda, CA, I saw a Red Hawk on the light post. Then this tiny little bird stopped on the post. They both sat there for a minute and then the Hawk flew off. Amazingly enough, the little bird chased after the Hawk. 

They both flew into a huge tree and never fly out....... Not sure what to make of that. Could they be friends? 
Thanks for Reading my blog.........

short sales: Happy Easter from Sunny California with Dog Photos Attached - 04/20/14 01:00 AM
Happy Easter from Sunny California
Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone who reads my blog today a "Happy Easter".
No matter where you are today, have a special day with friends and loved ones.I am extremely thankful for the many good friends I have. I am also grateful for the wonderful clients I have had in real estate. 
Here is some Easter Photos of my three little girls.

Thanks for Reading my Blog on this special Easter morning..........🐰

short sales: It is Raining in SoCal but Still in a Drought? - 04/02/14 02:43 PM
Good News.....It is Raining in SoCal but Still in a Drought?

Maybe my title was confusing as it is good news that it is raining but unfortunately we are still in a drought and a half day of rain will not get us out of the drought.

I will give us watered lawns and fields and make the trees green so that is a positive effect on the enviroment.

We will need a lot more rain to pull us out of the drought. 

Here is my favorite photo today. Way up on a high lightpost … (24 comments)

short sales: Short Sale- 24923 Gold Star Drive, Moreno Valley CA at $209,000 - 03/11/14 03:24 PM
Short Sale- 24923 Gold Star Drive, Moreno Valley CA 92551

Beautiful home with many features offered at $209,000
4 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms Built in 1984
Living Room with Fireplace
Large Kitchen with Tiled Floors
Tile and Carpeting throughout
Large Backyard with Mature Trees
Covered Patio and a Green Lawn
Laundry Area/Newer HVAC
3 Car Attached Garage
Interior Sq Ft 1432
Lot Size Sq Ft 9148
Kristin Hamilton- Realtor/ BRE 0149238
Keller Williams, 301 W Redlands Blvd, Redlands, CA 92373
Facebook: KristinSellsHomes

short sales: LA Marathon- From the Stadium to the Sea - 03/09/14 08:43 AM
ASICS LA Marathon - From the Stadium to the Sea
This morning I watched the ASICS LA Marathon on TV that started at Doger's Stadium and ended at Santa Monica. It was so exciting and remember the feeling when I used to go the night before and run the marathon myself. Those days are gone with my bad knees now I just walk instead and watch the marathon on TV instead.

This morning the winners were not so clear cut as usual as no one knew for sure until the end who would win. The "Elite Male" group was down from … (4 comments)

short sales: Palm Springs Tram in the San Jacinto Mountains...Family Fun For All - 03/08/14 04:35 AM
Palm Springs Tram in the San Jacinto Mountains...Family Fun For All

Drive to the Palm Springs Tramway which is located at the entrance to Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains. Right now there is snow on the mountains and averages are around 45 degrees at the top.

While riding the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway from the Valley Station to the Mountan Station on the World’s Largest Rotating Tramcar you will find it exciting  journey to the top  while traveling up the cliffs of Chino Canyon. The10 minute ride from the Valley Station (elevation 2,643 ft.) to … (4 comments)

short sales: ActiveRain Meet Up in Riverside CA on March 29- Don't Miss it - 03/07/14 05:10 AM
ActiveRain Meet Up in Riverside CA on March 29th ......... Don't Miss it.........
Christina Hood and I are organizing an ActiveRain meet up on March 29th form 10:00 am-Noon in Riverside, CA at the "Panera Bread" restaurant. Let's make it a big turnout and you get 1000 points too.

Panera Bread
3560 Riverside Plaza Drive
Riverside Plaza
Riverside, CA 92506
Call Kristin Hamilton @ 909-557-6966 if you have questions. Please RSVP  so we know how many seats to save.
Please try to make it as meet-ups are so much fun. Realtor, Stagers, Home Inspectors, Contractors, Lenders, Title & Escrow … (10 comments)

short sales: A Family I Helped Buy a House then Later Sell- I Love Real Estate #3 - 02/17/14 07:11 AM
A Family I Helped Buy a House then Later Sell- I Love Real Estate #3


When I first started selling real  they were my second buyers. We looked at several places and then they called and said they wanted to put in an offer. Back then, there were so many homes on the market so it was pretty easy to get offers accepted. I remember how excited they were when I called and told them the seller had accepted their offer.
It was a quick transaction and the buyers were more than qualified so we closed fast … (6 comments)

short sales: Do You Text, Email and Snail Mail Out Greeting Cards to Clients - 02/16/14 01:15 PM
Do You Text, Email and Snail Mail Out Greeting Cards to Friends & Clients?

I have to admit I do not always get my cards in the mail on 'every' holiday even though I try very hard. I will buy them, print labels and even buy the stamps but sometimes I just get some or none at all sent. I suspect I am not alone here.
I did get Valentine Day cards out last Tuesday but the weather was so bad many people in other states have still not received them but they will next week hopefully.
I try to remember … (0 comments)

short sales: Loma Linda Townhomes-Mountain Vista Update 01.01.2014 - 01/26/14 03:02 AM
Loma Linda Townhomes-Mountain Vista Update 01.01.2014
Loma Linda, San Bernardino County, CA
Interested in moving to Loma Linda, CA? Beautiful area with many great features; Shopping Centers, a variety of Restaurants, 3 Parks, 2 Dog Parks, 2 Community Lit Tennis Courts, 2 Little League Fields, new Post Office, Senior Citizen Center, City Library, Easy Freeway Access, and has 4 Hospitals in the city including the Loma Linda University Medical Center. McDonald's and Chase Bank are the two newest businesses to Loma Linda and is within walking distance to Mountain Vista. Walking distance to Stater Brothers Market, Rite-Aid, Clark’s, a … (6 comments)

short sales: Celebrate Chinese New Year January 31st- Feb 14th 2014 - 01/25/14 11:12 AM
Celebrate Chinese New Year from January 31st-Feb 14th 2014
Celebrate Chinese New Year 

Did you know this Chinese New Year 2014 is the 'Year of the 'Horse'. I was fascinated while reading the history. I had always known there was 12 months and 12 different animals. So while reading, I found out why. Legend has it that Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on the Chinese New Year. 12 animals showed up so he named one for each month. Depending on what year you are born, you take on certain traits and personalities. The 12 animals are the … (4 comments)

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