short sales: First Day of Summer 2013 ..... Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You - 06/21/13 08:24 AM
First Day of Summer 2013.....Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You

What does the 'First Day of Summer' mean? To most of us, it is just a reminder that school is out, time for vacations and that we can hope to enjoy warmer weather and flowering plants and trees.
The summer solstice (sun in latin) is the day with the most hours of sunlight during the entire year.
But factually, the first day of summer has been celebrated for hundreds of years in most cultures of the world. And currently whether you are standing at  historical Stonehenge in Whiltshire, England or Spain, Egypt, Peru, … (8 comments)

short sales: Why are they Called Short Sales when they are Long Sales? - 04/13/13 06:58 PM
Why are they called Short Sales when they are Long Sales?
Why are they Called Short Sales when they are Long Sales?
 “Why do they call them Short Sales?”
This is the #1 question I get all the time from my sellers, my buyers, and callers. Well, there is a very simple explanation to this question. The type of sale is called a “short sale” because the bank is referring to the loan amount being short at close of escrow. The “short” is not a reference of time but instead the payment of the loan in full. Therefore, the lender … (4 comments)

short sales: Redlands Realtor- Kristin Hamilton- 500,000 Mark - 02/04/13 01:20 PM
Redlands Realtor- Kristin Hamilton- 500,000 Mark
 Here I am at 500,000 points on ActiveRain and it is just unbelievable. I joined and then never did anything for a year or more. In June 2011, I started blogging with 2,000 points. So in the past year and a half I have reached a major milestone of 500,000 Points. I am so happy so I made a cake to share with all of you. Of course we are all on the “Get healthy in the rain” so it is a virtual cake.
I must be honest; I love blogging and posting … (22 comments)

short sales: Landlords & Tenants-Tenants Must Now Be Notified of Notice of Defaults - 01/25/13 06:53 PM
Landlords & Tenants-Tenants Must Now Be Notified of Notice of Defaults
A new California law that went into effect January 1, 2013, requires landlords to provide disclosure to prospective tenants of a Notice of Default recorded on the property they are trying to rent/lease. The landlord must notify the prospective renters before the lease is signed. This law applies to single family homes and apartment building up to 4 units.
This new law, Civil Code Section 2924.85 is effective January 1, 2013 through January 1, 2018.

The new law states that this notice must … (12 comments)

short sales: I am Watching...Always Watching - 01/21/13 10:31 PM
I am Watching...Always Watching
 Red Hawks- Birds of Prey

Hawks are carnivores (meat eaters) that belong to the category of birds known as raptors -- birds of prey. They have strong, hooked beaks; their feet have three toes pointed forward and one turned back; and their claws, or talons, are long, curved and very sharp. The hawk's vision is much better than humans. They can see spiders and beetles from afar. Hawks can see a mouse from a height of one mile.
The adult has a rufous colored tail that may or may not have a … (16 comments)

short sales: When Life Gives you Lemons….Make Lemon Bars! - 01/21/13 03:09 AM
When Life Gives you Lemons….Make Lemon Bars!

I met with one of my dearest friends for her birthday Friday. As we were saying good-bye, she handed me a huge bag of lemons from her two lemon trees. So I brought them home and put them in a big bowl with some tangerines. I think fruit sitting in a pretty bowl in the kitchen looks so beautiful and smells so clean and fruity. I love the citrus aroma.
But what to do with 30+ lemons as I cannot drink that much water and lemon slices so I need to cook … (8 comments)

short sales: Quit Hanging Around and Get Busy - 01/14/13 10:11 AM
Quit Hanging Around and Get Busy

It is already the middle of January so hopefully you are busy attending to business and calling clients and leads. If not and you are just hanging around the office, waiting for your phone to ring, then get moving and grow your business.
Advertising- Web and community areas Blog Daily-Join ActiveRain, Word Press and Google+. Farming- 2X Month or more Web Presence – 4+ places Calling Sphere Contacting Past Clients Networking Seminars- get ideas  Volunteer Get Organized Keep a Daily Journal Make Lists/Cross off items Join Organizations- Not just Realtor … (14 comments)

short sales: Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Act Extended Thru 2013 - 01/08/13 01:14 AM
Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Act Extended Thru 2013
Congress reached a settlement in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations. As a result, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act has been extended through Jan.1, 2014. The fiscal cliff deal extends it for another year; meaning homeowners who experience a debt reduction through mortgage principal forgiveness or a short sale are exempt from being taxed on the forgiven amount.
 The amount extends up to $2 million of debt forgiven on the homeowner's principal residence. For homeowner's to qualify, their debt must have been used to 'buy, build, or substantially improve' their principal residence and be … (8 comments)

short sales: Guess what we got for Christmas this year - 01/03/13 12:48 PM
Guess what we got for Christmas this year?


Yes, we got new pink jackets with hoods and they keep us warm.

We are happy to go for walks and stay toasty warm.

Well at least 2 of us our happy because CoCo doesn't like coats and dresses but she does love walks.
California is a … (14 comments)

short sales: A Surprise at Huntington Beach...Sandpipers - 01/02/13 11:02 AM
A Surprise at Huntington Beach...Sandpipers

On New Year’s Day 2013, we spent some time at the beach. The weather was wonderful and not much activity here except for the birds.

Normally we see gulls and pigeons but much to my surprise these Stilted Sandpipers arrived and were busy eating worms and other delicacies in the sand.

They were very entertaining as the birds keep fighting over the food.

I really enjoyed sitting on the … (8 comments)

short sales: Happy New Year 2013 from Southern California - 12/31/12 07:13 PM
Happy New Year 2013 from Southern California

I hope everyone has had a safe and wonderful holiday. May 2013 bring you happiness and good health.

Today, I was visiting the beach at sunset and thought how this was the last sunset of the year, 2012.

How lovely the beach was and very peaceful. The weather is nice here and driving to the beach or mountains only takes about 45 minutes from anywhere nearby.
Happy New Year!
The holiday is over so call … (12 comments)

short sales: New Year’s Eve Ball Drops in NYC....Interesting Facts - 12/30/12 01:56 AM
Interesting Facts
In 1904, this was the first time people celebrated New Years Eve in One Times Square in New York.

The first New Year’s Eve Ball lowering celebration atop One Times Square was in 1907. It was made of iron and wood, weighed 700 pounds, and was covered with 100 light bulbs. Fireworks had been banned so the lights would shine over the city.
The New York Times owned the building where the tower is located but moved to another location in 1914. The NY Times retained this property but finally sold … (38 comments)

short sales: Made in America....the way to Support our Economy and Create Jobs - 12/28/12 11:00 PM
 December is National Made in America Month
In 1985, President Reagan declared December National Made in America Month in hopes of providing both the country and the world with more products made in the United States. With the current economic climate, it’s becoming increasingly more important for everyone to do what they can to help our economy, and purchasing goods manufactured or produced in the United States is a great way to increase our Gross Domestic Product and ensure as many Americans have jobs as possible
 In November 2012, ABC challenged America’s consumers to buy American made so that … (14 comments)

short sales: Bread Pudding with Brandy Sauce Recipe - 12/27/12 12:49 PM
Bread Pudding with Brandy Sauce Recipe 
Hi Everybody,
I made this recently for Christmas and received many requests for the recipe. It is a little different than the other recipes in books and on the internet. I make it a little less sweet since the sauce is very sweet. Enjoy©

 Loaf Italian bread 16oz Bag (Discard 2 ends but use crust on bread) equals 3-4 cups. Try not to mash down bread cubes.
2 Cups Milk or Half and Half
1 ¼ Cup Granulated Sugar
5 Eggs
2 tsp. and 1 tsp. Cinnamon 
¼ and ½ Cup … (18 comments)

short sales: Do you have Chips ……………..RFID Chips - 12/26/12 12:11 PM
Do you have Chips ……………..RFID Chips.
Last July 2012, I did an article about RIFD Chips in Credit Cards entitled “ALERT…Protect Your Credit Cards”. Here is some updated information.
An RFID is a tiny radio transmitter on a chip. Credit cards with an RFID chip transmit account information, like a name or account number, to a reader at a checkout counter. An RFID credit card is designed to be more convenient than swiping the card's magnetic strip through a reader; someone can easily wave his or her wallet over an RFID reader without even having to … (4 comments)

short sales: Cherry Pie....Good to the Last Bite - 12/23/12 12:30 AM
Cherry Pie……………Good to the Last bite.
At Thanksgiving, we couldn’t agree on pie so at the end of the day, my husband ran to the store and bought a pumpkin and an apple. He hates pumpkin and I do not care for apple but the day came to a nice end with pie. Here was the article I wrote about it: We Couldn't Agree on Pie.

But yesterday, all I could think about was “Cherry Pie” so here it is. My kids and husband do not like cherry so I guess I should just get one … (20 comments)

short sales: Uses of the iPad…….Are you Truly Paperless and Mobile? - 12/22/12 01:42 AM
Uses of the iPad…….Are you Truly Paperless and Mobile?
Today, most of us have a smart phone. You can read your email and have apps to take care of most needs like Facebook, password database, store phone numbers/Email addresses, take pictures and most important to send text messages/pictures immediately.

But what I believe is that to be totally mobile and stay on top of your business you must have an iPad. Several months ago, I posted an article “I am in love with my iPad”. Since then, I have learned so much more about … (66 comments)

short sales: Easy to Make Christmas Frames...Great for Gifts or to Hang on the Tree - 12/21/12 12:16 PM
Easy to Make Christmas Frames ....Great for Gifts or to Hang on the Tree.

Make these cute frames out of cardboard and glue trim, popsicle sticks, twigs from the yard or just take a lid and decorate it.

 Such a simple project for small kids to do but make sure to use Elmers or Tacky glue. Cut out a picture from a magazine, a Christmas card or a developed photo.

Buttons or woodens shapes from the craft store are nice to decorate it. … (10 comments)

short sales: Don’t Forget to Wear your Coat in the Rain - 12/18/12 02:17 AM
Don’t Forget to Wear your Coat in the Rain
As I drove by the boarding stable in Redlands, CA this morning and look who was outside in the rain having breakfast and a morning run. They looked so cute in their coats. All I could think of was "Don't forget to wear your coat in the rain.

California is a dream come true state no matter what your needs or wants are. We have year round warm weather, beautiful beaches, rustic mountains and desert communities. If you are looking for a home in southern California, please contact me. I … (4 comments)

short sales: Gingerbread Houses are so Much Fun to Make - 12/16/12 11:48 PM
©Gingerbread Houses are so Much Fun to Make©
Gingerbread houses are so much fun to make. It is something the entire family can create together. You can buy the kits, make one out of milk cartons or graham crackers. This is one that my daughter and I made together.

Here is one my kids made at school.

I always make them completely edible in case someone takes a bite or breaks off a piece. Gingerbread houses are great to take to parties or school functions as the smaller children are so intrigued by them.
I sell … (18 comments)

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