yucaipa wildlife: Birds in My Neighborhood - 12/06/15 04:58 AM
Watching Birds in My Neighborhood
Calimesa and Beaumont
Yesterday I noticed one of my dogs quietly watching the patio area and her tail was wagging. I snuck outside using the side door and there was a cute little bird sitting on my garden wall.

This bird is called a "Black Phoebe" and has distinctive marking with the two tone coloring and their sharp whistle call.
I had a family of these birds at my previous home and they would have 3-4 nests per year. The entire family of Phoebes will  bring insects to the birds in the nests and the birds fledge in about 14 … (16 comments)

yucaipa wildlife: Southern California Ducklings Almost Here - 02/26/15 02:51 PM
Southern California Ducklings Almost Here

Though it is still winter in many parts of the country, in Southern California the ducks are getting ready for new spring families of ducklings. Our lakes and ponds are cold but not frozen over. Ducks and Geese are making nests and soon their families will be floating in the lakes and ponds.

The Canada Geese are struting around and looking for a good place to make a nest near the water.

Here is a cute picture of momma duck taking her ducklings into the pond in Calimesa last summer.

yucaipa wildlife: Finding Relief from the Heat - 09/14/14 03:59 PM
Finding Relief from the Heat
This week we are experiencing triple digit heat and even the critters in the neighborhood are looking for shade and water. 

Getting a drink from the gutter water after sprinklers run. 


This bunny hides in the shade of our front yard daily.
This is a water fountain and the birds were swimming and splashing here.

This picture was taken at the Redland's Target store.

We see coyotes in the day time and hear of attacks … (9 comments)

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