calimesa: Lamb Canyon Landfill - Location, Phone Number and Operating Hours - 07/29/16 05:49 AM
Lamb Canyon Landfill - Location, Phone Number and Operating Hours
Are you searching for the closest landfill in the Pass area that serves Beaumont, Banning, Yucaipa, Calimesa, Hemet, San Jacinto and Moreno Valley? The Lamb Canyon Landfill is located in close proximity to all these cities and surrounding areas on the Lamb Canyon Highway 79/Beaumont Avenue. they serve the area for standard refuse, green waste, and electronic waste. Below you'll find their contact information, hours of operation and address:
Address: 16411 Lamb Canyon Rd, Beaumont, CA 92223
 Open from 6AM to 4:30PM Monday thru Saturday
Waste Management Department Office Phone Number: 951-486-3200
Lamb Canyon Landfill Conservation … (0 comments)

calimesa: Calimesa CA Home Prices and Days on the Market - 11/20/14 - 11/20/14 02:14 AM
Calimesa CA Home Prices and Days on the Market - 11/20/14
Below is a chart of Calimesa CA home prices and how many days on the market these Calimesa homes lasted. These Calimesa CA Home numbers can help you get a feel of home prices in the city of Calimesa based on median Calimesa home prices, and how long they last on the open market.
Please keep in mind these are only statistics for homes in Calimesa and only reflect the median home prices of Calimesa, California, and do not take into account variables like square footage, lot size, structure age, … (0 comments)

calimesa: Calimesa Real Estate Professionals - Calimesa Real Estate Agents - 06/11/14 02:43 PM
Calimesa CA Real Estate Professionals - Calimesa CA Real Estate Agents
If you're thinking about, or are ready to buy or sell a Calimesa house, home or real estate you probably are searching for the right Calimesa CA Real Estate Professional or Calimesa CA Real Estate Agent.
You have come to the right place!
We are Garrigus Real Estate; we are Calimesa CA REALTORS with the distinguished Coldwell Banker Kivett-Teeters. We have been in the real estate business for years, and we have the experience to help you with your Calimesa sale or purchase.
Here's a quick list of our real … (0 comments)

calimesa: Calimesa Standard Sales, Calimesa Short Sales, Calimesa Wash Sales - 05/25/14 05:24 AM
Calimesa CA Standard Sales, Calimesa CA Short Sales, Calimesa CA Wash Sales
As the Calimesa CA housing market improves, many more Calimesa CA standard sales are hitting the open housing market. This is great news for many that want to sell or need to sell for various reasons. Selling your Calimesa CA home and realizing equity after the sale is a great thing and easily appreciated considering the housing crash we just endured a few years ago. If you are considering selling your Calimesa home as a standard sale, we can help you determine what your Calimesa home is worth, how … (0 comments)

calimesa: Calimesa CA - How to Price My Home Calimesa, California - 05/02/14 08:33 AM
Calimesa CA - How to Price My Home Calimesa, California
Are you wondering what your Calimesa CA home is worth? Are you considering selling and don't know where to start?
There are various ways you can price your Calimesa home. The values of Calimesa CA homes change every single day, and knowing how much your Calimesa home could sell for can be tricky, and even cost you money!
Don't worry, we can help. We offer all Calimesa residents a free valuation for their Calimesa CA homes or other real estate. Our Comparable Market Analysis, also known as a CMA, can more … (0 comments)

calimesa: Calimesa CA Short Sale - Short Sale Your Calimesa Home - Calimesa Short Sale Help - 04/18/14 03:52 AM
Calimesa CA Short Sale
Calimesa, California real estate has seen some drastic swings in prices, conditions and inventory. First, when the Calimesa housing crashed in 2007, no one could sell a house. Anyone trying to only chased Calimesa home buyers with dropping prices. Then came all the Calimesa CA foreclosures. This attracted many cash buyers and investors. As banks realized that flooding the Calimesa real estate market with foreclosures drove prices down even further, they began holding on to their Calimesa foreclosed homes. This brought a new wave to the Calimesa real estate market: Calimesa CA Short Sales!
The Calimesa CA Short Sale

calimesa: Coldwell Banker Calimesa CA - REALTORS Calimesa CA - Calimesa Realty - 04/17/14 05:40 AM
Coldwell Banker Calimesa CA - REALTORS Calimesa CA - Calimesa Realty
Are you buying or selling a Calimesa home? When hiring a Calimesa REALTOR make sure you use an agent with experience, and works for a trusted name, like Coldwell Banker, in Calimesa, California.
We are Todd and Devona Garrigus, Garrigus Real Estate, and we work under the trusted Coldwell Banker Kivett-Teeters brokerage that has been serving the Southern California area for decades. If you're buying or selling a Calimesa house, we have extensive experience in short sales, standard sales, foreclosures, and home purchasing.
We can help you avoid the many … (0 comments)

calimesa: Calimesa California Home Pricing - How to Price My Calimesa Home For Sale - 10/21/13 08:25 AM
Calimesa California Home Pricing - How to Price My Calimesa Home For Sale
Are you considering selling your Calimesa home but you're wondering what a good list price would be? The Calimesa real estate market is a moving target. What a Calimesa home sold for last year is different from what it could sell for now- think of Calimesa home prices like how a company's stock price fluctuates.
Calimesa Home Pricing Step 1:
Do your homework. There are a ton of resources online for real estate buyers and sellers like Google, Zillow, Trulia, our website at Garrigus Real Estate, etc.. Find … (0 comments)

calimesa: Calimesa short sale agents can help you in this difficult time... - 06/24/13 09:43 AM
We are Calimesa CA REALTORS and we can help you in this difficult time. Calimesa short sales are declining as the real estate market stabilizes, but that doesn't mean a short sale process can't help you if you are struggling to make payments or if you've endured a hardship like losing a job or loss of income or unforeseen medical bills.
Calimesa real estate consists of many short sales, and we have helped numerous distressed home owners unload that cumbersome mortgage and regain control of their financial future
Are you:
Underwater on that Calimesa home? Struggling to make large mortgage payments? … (0 comments)

calimesa: Calimesa CA Home Values are on the Rise - 06/18/13 03:56 AM
Calimesa CA REALTORS know that the Calimesa CA real estate market has stabilized and Calimesa CA home values are on the rise. This is great news for Calimesa home owners looking to increase their equity and sell their homes for a profit.
In the recent two years we have seen Calimesa home values stabilize from the market crash that began in 2007 and 2008. Now, with real estate inventory so low in the Calimesa area, buyers are fighting over and over-bidding on reasonably priced homes on the market.
In a "normal" real estate market, there is typically about six months of … (0 comments)

calimesa: How's the Calimesa Real Estate Market Like? - Real Estate in Calimesa CA - 05/29/13 06:19 AM
Calimesa Short Sale
Many Calimesa home sellers, whether they are selling the property as a standard sale, short sale or just curious about price-setting, have many questions and reservations. But the real estate market climate in Calimesa is not much of a mystery, its just hard sometimes to filter through the abundance of information to get simple answers.
Calimesa homes are selling faster than listings are hitting the market. This creates a seller's market. Home prices have firmed up and are slowly rising. Also, standard sellers, or equity sellers, are still reluctant about selling due to still-low home values and their … (0 comments)

calimesa: Real Estate Short Sale Formula for Distressed Calimesa CA Homeowners - 04/22/13 03:17 AM
We have created the Real Estate Short Sale Formula for under-water and distressed homeowners in Calimesa, California.
Calimesa has many homes and families facing foreclosure, but they don't know if they would qualify for a short sale of their Calimesa CA home to avoid complete financial devastation.
What Does a Real Estate Short Sale Mean for Calimesa CA Homeowners?
The definition of a real estate short sale means that the Calimesa CA house is about to be in foreclosure due to the default in payments of the mortgage. The owner of the Calimesa home sells it … (0 comments)

calimesa: Calimesa Short Sale - Can I Short Sale My Calimesa Home? - 03/19/13 05:34 AM
Short Sale Calimesa Home Most now understand what the Short Sale Process is now considering most of the real estate market in California consists of short sales and foreclosures. But do you know how a Calimesa Short Sale will specifically affect you and your family's financial future?
Every Calimesa Short Sale is different, with varying outcomes and options because of circumstances, the type of mortgage or mortgages that are on the home, the lender or lenders these mortgages are with, and more. The best way to understand your specific situation is to talk in detail with us. You can call or email … (0 comments)

calimesa: Is Your Calimesa Home Underwater? Short Sale that Calimesa House! - 03/08/13 06:16 AM
Is Your Calimesa Home Underwater? Short Sale that Calimesa House!
Calimesa Short Sales are nothing new. In fact, most of the Calimesa housing market consists of short sales these days.
If you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments on a property that is worth half the value of what you purchased it for? This is NOT the American dream. No one wants to lose their home to foreclosure. And no one wants to sell them home if they don’t want to move. But doing nothing and letting the bank foreclose, or staying with a home that is financially crushing is not the way … (0 comments)

It is easy for Calimesa CA home sellers to find many listing real estate agents to list their Calimesa CA home, but if you need to find a Calimesa short sale listing agent, the task will be more difficult. A short sale real estate agent does much more than take pictures and put your Calimesa home in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and put a sign in the yard.
The Calimesa CA short sale agent … (0 comments)

calimesa: SELL MY CALIMESA CA HOUSE - 02/13/13 02:35 AM
 Are you looking for Calimesa CA real estate agents and Calimesa CA REALTORS to sell your Calimesa home in this tough real estate market?
Do you need a Calimesa Real Estate agent that can maximize your realty sale to ensure the highest possible price for you Calimesa CA home or property? Do you believe that extensive marketing and advertising of your Calimesa listing is how to attract the most possible buyers to bid? Do you need a tough negotiator with attention to detail to avoid the many transaction and other real estate sale pitfalls that can arise from a Calimesa CA … (0 comments)

calimesa: Calculating Value, Income, and Rate of Return for Calimesa CA Commercial Property - 10/25/12 11:24 AM
CALIMESA CA COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE Calculating the value, income, and rate of return on Calimesa CA Commercial real estate investments need not be complicated. Here are three monetary aspects of an investment that share a mathematical relationship. They can help you determine a tangible return on a Calimesa CA investment like commercial Calimesa CA retail, Calimesa CA office, Calimesa CA industrial and Calimesa CA multifamily real estate:
Value: The cost or market value of a Calimesa CA property. Income: The estimated annual income the Calimesa CA property can produce. Rate of Return: An annual percentage return on the Calimesa investment. To … (0 comments)

Calimesa CA commercial property includes office buildings, industrial property, medical centers, hotels, malls, retail stores, shopping centers, farm land, multifamily housing buildings, warehouses, and garages. In many Calimesa California, residential property containing more than a certain number of units qualifies as commercial property for borrowing and tax purposes.
The total value of commercial property in the United States was approximately $11 trillion in 2009, as measured by the CoStar Group and published in the Journal of Real Estate Management.
According to Real Capital Analytics, a New York real estate … (0 comments)

Times are tough, and many distressed homeowners in Calimesa California are having trouble paying their mortgages every month. Are you one of them? Are you behind on your mortgage payments now? Are you in danger of missing a mortgage payment? Don't let foreclosure happen to you- explore the Calimesa CA Short Sale Option instead, but don’t wait; the biggest killer of the short sale negotiation is waiting until it’s too late to process the short sale. You’re also going to want to hire the best Calimesa CA Short Sale … (6 comments)

calimesa: SHOPTHEPASS.COM featuring Higher Ground Counseling - 01/24/11 04:41 AM
SHOPTHEPASS.COM featuring Higher Ground Counseling
Shop the Pass and win cash, get special deals and more!
Higher Ground Counseling Located at: 12 S. San Gorgonio Ave Ste. EBanning CA  92220Phone: (760) 409-3443
 New Year New Start:Group and individual counseling 50% off. Take charge of your life and let go of the hold addiction and/or grief has on you. Grief group begins Jan. 13, 2011, Thursday, at 10:30am. $15.00. Individual counseling at $30.00. Call Terri at 760-409-3443 
Click here to sign up for Shop the Pass.
Do You Want Your Business Listed with Contact any of these Chambers:
Beaumont Chamber … (0 comments)

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