yucaipa: Yucaipa CA Home Prices – December 2018 - 12/11/18 11:26 AM
Yucaipa, California Home Prices - December 2018
Yucaipa home prices are fairly consistent with Riverside County, and somewhat consistent with San Bernardino County's average and median home prices, as shown in the graphs below. These graphs detail prices over the past 5 years, and only include homes, with no land or other real estate included.
One of the more telling metrics on these MLS derived graphs is the difference between the current range for Yucaipa'a Average Sales Price around the $425,000 mark, compared to Yucaipa's current Median Sales Price, hovering around $375,000! This highlights more than anything the importance of understanding median prices compared to … (4 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa Housing Market - Median Sales Prices - AUGUST 2018 - 08/29/18 08:49 AM
Yucaipa Housing Market - Median Sales Prices - AUGUST 2018
Yucaipa, California mainly consists of non-conforming built single family residences, and some planned developments like Chapman Heights and Whisper Ranch. There are some mobile and manufactured homes available as well, while some exist in communities, and others on their own piece of land.
Yucaipa's median home prices, reported at $395,00 as of August 2018, are considerably lower than the rest of the MLS, reported at $560,000, and higher than its San Bernardino County as a whole, reported at $335,000. This can be interpreted as Yucaipa being an affordable area, but not as affordable as … (2 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa Housing Statistics April 2018 - How Much are Yucaipa Homes Selling For? - 04/24/18 06:16 PM
Yucaipa Housing Statistics April 2018 - How Much are Yucaipa Homes Selling For?
Are you thinking about buying or selling a Yucaipa, California home? Knowing what's selling, what prices Yucaipa homes are selling for, and other data can help you figure out where you need to be and what is a good deal, and what's not.
We've collected Yucaipa housing market data so you can see what homes and real estate in Yucaipa are selling for.
Below is the average data for Yucaipa CA Active homes for sale, Yucaipa  pending listings, and Yucaipa sold homes as of April 2018. You can also get all … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa, California Housing Inventory as of 10/31/2016 - 10/31/16 03:09 AM
Yucaipa, California Housing Inventory as of 10/31/2016
There are 301 listings in Yucaipa either Active, Pending, Act Under Contract (Back-up), or on Hold. Here is a simple breakdown of all these Yucaipa listings, according to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service):
Yucaipa Housing Inventory:
Search Yucaipa Listings Here
If you are interested in buying or selling a home in Yucaipa, we can help. We are local REALTORS and know the area. We also have been in the business since 2008 and have successful experience with standard sales and short sales. Call us today to talk about your unique situation:
Todd & Devona Garrigus
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(951) 490-3683

yucaipa: Lamb Canyon Landfill - Location, Phone Number and Operating Hours - 07/29/16 05:49 AM
Lamb Canyon Landfill - Location, Phone Number and Operating Hours
Are you searching for the closest landfill in the Pass area that serves Beaumont, Banning, Yucaipa, Calimesa, Hemet, San Jacinto and Moreno Valley? The Lamb Canyon Landfill is located in close proximity to all these cities and surrounding areas on the Lamb Canyon Highway 79/Beaumont Avenue. they serve the area for standard refuse, green waste, and electronic waste. Below you'll find their contact information, hours of operation and address:
Address: 16411 Lamb Canyon Rd, Beaumont, CA 92223
Website: rivcowm.org
 Open from 6AM to 4:30PM Monday thru Saturday
Waste Management Department Office Phone Number: 951-486-3200
Lamb Canyon Landfill Conservation … (0 comments)

yucaipa: The best way to find homes for sale in Yucaipa - 10/14/15 10:34 AM
Are you looking for a home to buy in Yucaipa, California? If you are, having accurate reach results while looking online is not just important, it can save you a ton of aggravation and heartache. Just imagine, you find the perfect home for sale online, only to find out that the house is no longer available or wasn't for sale in the first place!
Unfortunately some real estate websites stuff their results with assessor data, old listings and homes that are already pending just to get love from search engines and trick home-buyers into using their websites.
Not us. Our website only displays homes that are … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa CA Home Prices and Days on the Market - 11/20/14 - 11/20/14 01:55 AM
Yucaipa CA Home Prices and Days on the Market - 11/20/14
Below is a chart of Yucaipa CA home prices and how many days on the market these Yucaipa homes lasted. These Yucaipa CA Home numbers can help you get a feel of home prices in the city of Yucaipa based on median Yucaipa home prices, and how long they last on the open market.
Please keep in mind these are only statistics for homes in Yucaipa and only reflect the median home prices of Yucaipa, California, and do not take into account variables like square footage, lot size, structure age, … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Renting Vs. Buying a Home in Yucaipa, California - 08/09/14 06:02 PM
If you're wondering if either buying or renting a home in Yucaipa is better for your future, you're not alone in asking that question. As real estate agents that work in Yucaipa, we have a few tips for you to consider before jumping in:
Can you afford it? This isn't a question you answer on your own. The best way to determine if you can afford buying a home is to consult a trusted mortgage broker or lender. They not only can help you determine if you can buy, but how much you can spend! Does purchasing a Yucaipa home fit … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa Real Estate and the Stalemate Between Buyers and Sellers - 07/23/14 11:49 AM
Yucaipa Real Estate and the Stalemate Between Buyers and Sellers
Have you been paying attention to the local real estate market in Yucaipa, California? If not, let me be the first to tell you there is a stand-off war being waged between buyers and sellers.
Yes the real estate market in Yucaipa has heated up over the past year or so, and yes prices have jumped considerably since the bottom of the market crash, but Yucaipa real estate, like real estate in most of the state of California, has witnessed an uneasiness of buyers lately.
Why, you ask?
It all comes down … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa Standard Sales, Yucaipa Short Sales, Yucaipa Wash Sales - 05/25/14 05:12 AM
Yucaipa CA Standard Sales, Yucaipa CA Short Sales, Yucaipa CA Wash Sales
As the Yucaipa CA housing market improves, many more Yucaipa CA standard sales are hitting the open housing market. This is great news for many that want to sell or need to sell for various reasons. Selling your Yucaipa CA home and realizing equity after the sale is a great thing and easily appreciated considering the housing crash we just endured a few years ago. If you are considering selling your Yucaipa home as a standard sale, we can help you determine what your Yucaipa home is worth, how … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Coldwell Banker Yucaipa CA - REALTORS Yucaipa CA - Yucaipa Realty - 04/17/14 04:50 AM
Coldwell Banker Yucaipa CA - REALTORS Yucaipa CA - Yucaipa Realty
Are you buying or selling a Yucaipa home? When hiring a Yucaipa REALTOR make sure you use an agent with experience, and works for a trusted name, like Coldwell Banker, in Yucaipa, California.
We are Todd and Devona Garrigus, Garrigus Real Estate, and we work under the trusted Coldwell Banker Kivett-Teeters brokerage that has been serving the Southern California area for decades. If you're buying or selling a Yucaipa house, we have extensive experience in short sales, standard sales, foreclosures, and home purchasing.
We can help you avoid the many … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Chapman Heights, in Yucaipa. Still a Premiere Community! - 04/13/14 02:13 PM
Chapman Heights, in Yucaipa. Still a Premiere Community!
Are you looking to buy a home in the Chapman Heights community, in Yucaipa? Chapman Heights has some of the best newer homes, streets and neighborhoods for the median price Yucaipa has to offer!
But, there are some pitfalls to avoid. First, some streets and areas of Chapman Heights are better than others. And not all Yucaipa CA REALTORS are not as savvy in the home buying process as others. That's why you should call us and set up a tour of the Chapman Heights area, so we can demonstrate our knowledge of … (0 comments)

yucaipa: State of the Real Estate Market in Yucaipa April 2014 - 04/11/14 09:13 AM
Real estate has definitely been on a roller coaster ride since real estate became over-priced in 2004-2005, through the crash that started in 2007 and continued until 2012. Now real estate in 2014 has a new challenge. Buyers are cooling off, due to increasing prices, still-stagnant fear about the economy, lending still in a vice grip, and sellers still believing they are in a seller's market.
If you're considering selling your home in Yucaipa, or any other area in Southern California, believe me when I say that the lack of inventory and buyers having difficulty finding a home to buy does not mean … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa CA Real Estate - How Much is Your Yucaipa Home Worth? - 02/28/14 10:08 AM
Yucaipa CA Real Estate - How Much is Your Yucaipa Home Worth?
That's really the magic question, right? With that question answered you'll know if your Yucaipa house has equity, if you'll just break even, or if your home is still underwater and to sell you'll need to short sale.
Don't just get a Zestimate, or look at the price a neighboring Yucaipa home is selling for. That is just a guesstimating at best. Instead, get professional help from someone who knows how to value your Yucaipa real estate and home; someone that has access to many comparable sold and listed Yucaipa properties; … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa Real Estate Agents Are Here to Help.... - 01/27/14 07:00 AM
Are you in need of a Yucaipa REALTOR? Are you considering buying or selling a house, home or property? We can help!
We serve the city of Yucaipa, and surrounding areas including the Pass and Inland Empire. So what kind of sale do you need assistance with? A standard sale or short sale? Maybe you're not sure where your home sale would fall under? Its ok! We can help:
We help and specialize in standard home sellers We help distressed homeowners short sale their under-water homes We also possess years of short sale experience We also have experience with foreclosures, land … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Search Yucaipa Homes For Sale - 10/22/13 10:42 AM
Search Yucaipa CA Homes For Sale Now
Are you searching for homes for sale in the Yucaipa area? With the way the market is and the high competition among Yucaipa home buyers its getting harder to find a Yucaipa home to buy.
We are Yucaipa CA REALTORS and we've developed an easy, yet effective portal for Yucaipa home buyers to us to find active and available Yucaipa homes for sale. Just click on the link below to access all up-to-date and current Yucaipa homes for sale:
Yucaipa CA Homes For Sale
If you require any assistance please feel free to call us … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa Short Sale Process - 10/21/13 09:02 AM
What Is A Yucaipa Short Sale, And Why Would A Bank Consider It?
Simply stated, a Yucaipa short sale occurs when the bank accepts an offer on your home that is less than what is owed on the mortgage. For example, let’s say you owe $300,000 on your home in Yucaipa, and the market value is $150,000. Our Yucaipa CA REALTOR team lists the property for sale, and receives an offer of $150,000. Basically, we are “shorting” the bank $150,000. In doing so, your lender will “forgive” the debt and allow you to move on with your life.
Banks accept Yucaipa short … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa California Home Pricing - How to Price My Yucaipa Home For Sale - 10/21/13 08:24 AM
Yucaipa California Home Pricing - How to Price My Yucaipa Home For Sale
Are you considering selling your Yucaipa home but you're wondering what a good list price would be? The Yucaipa real estate market is a moving target. What a Yucaipa home sold for last year is different from what it could sell for now- think of Yucaipa home prices like how a company's stock price fluctuates.
Yucaipa Home Pricing Step 1:
Do your homework. There are a ton of resources online for real estate buyers and sellers like Google, Zillow, Trulia, our website at Garrigus Real Estate, etc.. Find … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa Homes For Sale Statistics By Status and Price 9/1/13 - 09/01/13 04:10 AM
Yucaipa Homes For Sale Statistics By Status and Price 9/1/13
Status is 'Active' City is 'Yucaipa' … (0 comments)

yucaipa: Yucaipa CA Active Home Statistics by Market Area - Sept. 1st, 2013 - 09/01/13 04:01 AM
Yucaipa Active Home Statistics by Market Area - Sept. 1st, 2013
Click Here for Yucaipa CA REALTORS
Status is 'Active' City is 'Yucaipa' … (0 comments)

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