video marketing: Real Estate Presale Preparations: Start Strong - 10/18/15 04:24 PM
AIM High! Perfection is a moving target.
Repetition is the same message in a new package.
Keep on getting the message out, over and over again!
PERSISTENCE wins the prize! 
Remember the old saying,"It's not how you start that matters, but how you finish." Sounds great but doesn't always apply. For example, the start really matters in real estate, especially in the first week that a listing hits the market. Presale preparation is key to a strong start! Anyone can push the paperwork, but getting a listing up on the MLS that hits on all cylinders doesn't happen by chance, it … (4 comments)

video marketing: Helping Homeowners To Sell Faster For More Money - 10/13/15 01:38 PM
Real Estate Video Marketing: Time is $$$
Digital technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and conduct business. Unlike print media, internet marketing reaches targeted audiences instantaneously. Information is shared and reshared with measurable results.
Video marketing combined with traditional advertising and networking yields maximum exposure and increased leverage to achieve desired outcomes.
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