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Over the past year, the Manatee County housing inventory has slowly been declining.  Excess inventory is starting to get burned off and we are moving in the direction of more "normal" numbers and a "normal" market.  We still have a lot of inventory on hand, but we don't have as many new listings ...
With the rise in gas prices and in trying to find anyway possible to save money at the pump, I just discovered a way to say 3 cents a gallon at Wal-Mart gas stations.  It's not a big discount, but 3 cents per gallon is better than nothing! If you use a Wal-Mart gift card or a Wal-Mart Credit card...
I was reading the Tampa Tribune paper online this morning and an article caught my attention. Condo Company Plans Clothing-Optional Pool.  This is a ploy to help move units in a down market in Temple Terrace (near Tampa).  My first thought is, it might have the opposite affect of what they are ho...
It's been a while since I've posted here.  About 4 months really.  Truth is, I had to take a break.  I was stressed out, burned out and just plain tired. Over the past couple months I have been waking up everyday in pain.  Pain that right now for the most part is still bareable, but is leaving me...
Below are the stats for properties that SOLD and closed in April & May for Manatee County: May 2007# of single family homes SOLD = 248Avg SOLD price for SFR = $368,228Median price for SFR = $309,500Average Days On Market = 106# of condos SOLD = 81Avg SOLD price for condos = $243,872Median price f...
I am so irritated with agents that don't return phone calls!  I had a buyer from the UK email me 2 days ago wanting room measurements for a listing I sent him from the MLS.  Of course the agent didn't take the time to add them in the MLS, so I called the agent to see if I could get them.  I calle...


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