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There's something my Team Leader used to always say that has really stuck in my mind.  She would ask agents, "Are you running your business like a business or are you chasing transactions?"  Weird question to ask a Real Estate agent, right!??  Most agents get into Real Estate because they think i...
21 Turtle Creek located at 3883 Turtle Creek Boulevard in Dallas.  They have already completed a multimillion dollar renovation of the balconies as well as the updated lobby!  Check out the designer boards in the lobby for ongoing renovation ideas and plans.  When complete, this complex will riva...
Yesterday, a very good friend and fellow Keller Williams agent sent me a video he recently did regarding being passionate in what you do.  He geared it more towards Real Estate agents and what makes one stand out from the rest; that the agents who truly love what they do, the ones who exude passi...
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Seller, It is important for you to know that, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), only 2% of buyers found the home they purchased at an open house.  Please know that I am holding your house open today as a way to meet prospective buyer clients, not necessari...
Working with first-time homebuyers means you need to be patient, have the right attitude and, most of all, it means you need to be an educator.  With the constant outpour of news on how bad the market is in addition to the horrible reputation real estate agents are given, it's only natural for th...
Having a brother in the military, I must say, I have a definite soft spot for anything that has to do with supporting the men and women in the military.  Add real estate to the equation, and I'm sold!  I'm writing this blog to bring about awareness of a new campaign, "Operation: Home Relief."  Th...
This is basically a spin-off from a blog I wrote a few days ago but another valid point was brought up in a meeting I attended this morning and I felt it was that important to re-emphasize the point.  This morning, a lender stood up and said he locked in a rate on a 30-year loan at 3.875%. UNDER ...
According to NAR (National Association of Realtors), 87% of buyers find their home on the internet!  In addition, 86% of buyers value the pictures first and foremost.  With this realization, it boggles me as to why Real Estate agents decide to take their own pictures to represent your home.  Yes,...
It always amazes me when agents on the other end of the transaction try to bow up and intimidate me into giving him/her what his/her clients want.  I pay attention to the market and know what makes sense for my clients in the market in which they're trying to purchase in so, really, that's not ne...
This is something completely non-real estate related but it's something very near and dear to my heart.  At a very young age my dad has instilled in me the understanding and belief that no matter how bad we think we may have it, someone always always always has it worse!  He taught us four kids (...

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