dallas texas real estate: Finding Purpose Amongst Chaos - 05/02/11 07:55 AM

My dad always reminds me to live for today and count my blessings.  He says that tomorrow is not guaranteed so we should only live in the here and now and not let the stress of tomorrow affect us.  Easier said than done, for sure!  But my dad lives this out every single day and I do my very best to follow in his foot steps.
One of my favorite quotes is, "The purpose of business is to fund your perfect life," meaning we should work to live, not live to work.  I think this quote sums up the very reason … (4 comments)

dallas texas real estate: Let's Put Things into Perspective... - 04/27/11 08:26 AM
It's 1971...
You have your Firebird & Led Zeppelin's blaring in the background . . . . or you have your bell bottoms, afro & disco ball!
You pay..
40 cents per gallon for gas..
8 cents for a stamp..
43 cents per pound for Turkey..
$150 per month in rent..
the average new home sale is $25,250..
and your interest rate is 7.48%!
Today's Interest Rates -> Starting around 5%
Even in the 70's you couldn't borrow money as cheap as you can today!!
What are you waiting for..??


dallas texas real estate: This Week in Lending - 04/27/11 04:57 AM
With little economic data, it was a relatively quiet week for mortgage rates. The biggest economic news was a surprise warning from a major rating agency that it may downgrade US debt, but investors viewed this as positive for bonds. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week a little lower. On Monday, S&P unexpectedly announced that it had lowered its outlook for US debt due to growing budget deficits. Basically, this means that S&P sees a higher risk that they will need to downgrade the credit rating for US debt over the next couple of years. A lower credit rating … (0 comments)

dallas texas real estate: You're FIRED !!! - 04/08/11 09:45 AM

Ok.. so you may have read in a previous blog or two that I was working with an investor I wasn't exactly confident in.  His plan seemed a bit squirrely but he reassured me time and time again that he was good for it.  Well, after working with him for about two months, writing a dozen contracts and not having one contract go through, I decided it was time to pull a Trump - You're FIRED !!!
I didn't fire him for the mere fact that nothing had gone through; there's a lot more to it. 
1. He's an investor … (6 comments)

dallas texas real estate: Back on the Market with INCREDIBLE Updates !!! ~Offered at $449,000 - 02/28/11 12:08 PM

dallas texas real estate: The Roller Coaster We Know as Interest Rates... - 02/28/11 09:20 AM


dallas texas real estate: This Week in Lending... Rates are surely but, luckily, slowly going up..... - 02/16/11 05:20 AM

Inflation concerns and a higher than expected January budget deficit caused mortgage rates to move a little higher during the week. Solid demand for this week's longer-term Treasury auctions helped prevent a larger increase in mortgage rates. Investors hoping for inflation relief from the Fed were disappointed. In testimony on Wednesday, Fed Chief Bernanke suggested that Fed officials view overall inflation levels as low and have no near-term plans to tighten monetary policy to fight rising inflation.Over recent months, mortgage rates have moved higher due to investor concerns that future inflation will rise significantly. Inflation can come from different sources. … (0 comments)

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