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Commitment. When I think of the word commitment, I think of other words. Conviction. Resolution. Dedication. Surety. Unwavering.Determination. Commitment leaves no room for doubts, chance or indecision. Once you make the decision, be it consciously or subconsciously, to commit to something/someon...
The steady sound of ice and plastic reacting together,  disturbs me from a muffled dream of far off lands that somehow seem familiar. The warmth of the cocoon that is my bed, piled high with wool and sherpa blankets, cushions my bones as I roll over to gaze at the tall west window. Yes, morning l...
When you meet a new client, it's highly advisable to sit down with them and go over a list of qualifying and segmenting questions. Having a form prepared for such purposes, will save you a lot of running around and questioning down the road. It will also allow you to channel them into a select gr...
Long ago, and far away, there lived a young woman. No, she wasn't a princess...she was just an ordinary everyday young woman living an ordinary everyday kind of life. She had three beautiful small sons who loved her dearly and she doted on their every little mischievous grin. The holidays would c...
The thousands of miles that separated Thomas Smith from his family and home in the North Bay area of Ontario, Canada, disappeared in his final hours as he recalled his rocky Canadian shield home and the barren landscape of felled forests and clear lakes. What he would give for one more day to be...
Twilight has always been my favourite part of the day...that time between late afternoon and late evening, when the sun is setting and the darkness ekes it's way lazily into places the lightbeams can no longer reach. A type of hush takes over the prevailing ambiance of the city streets about that...

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