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Enchanting Lakeside Cottage For Sale ~ Black Lake-Central Frontenac-Land O' Lakes Region-Ontario- $349,000.Down a quiet Ontario back road that winds it's way through an emerald forest, sits an enchanting lakeside cottage. As you approach the lake, the dappled sunlight breaking through the leafy c...
There are no accidents. These words, which I've recently come across again in a book my brother gave me a few days ago, have found a secret lodging place in a remote corner of my labyrinthian brain. There are no accidents.I believe this. I have a friend who believes in 'co-incidences'. I have ano...
The water is rippling softly against the rocky shore not 15 feet in front of me as I write this. It is a peaceful Sunday afternoon and the sky is that pale shade of blue that only a perfect day can reveal.Red-winged blackbirds and tiny warblers sing in the distant cattails and goatsbeard's fluffy...
Being principle-centred causes you to honour and be open to your own intuition and gut instinct. Honouring your own feelings when interacting with others is an acknowledgement that we are all connected at the core and the very base of who you and I are is in constant, deep-level communication wit...

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