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In some ways, providing full disclosure can actually help a seller. As a Realtor reviewing disclosures with potential buyers, I like to see a comprehensive set of disclosure documents. It shows that the seller is thorough and upfront. This goes a long way toward giving buyers peace of mind, and i...
New-home sales for single-family homes rose 1.3 percent in October, marking the best pace for new-home sales activity since this May, the U.S. Commerce Department reports.  Following the sector’s worst year for new-home activity on record last year, several recent reports are suggesting a pick-up...
There are any things to consider in negotiating and many skills you need to have BEFORE you even begin. I have thought about this long and hard, and there are certain elements that will make anyone a master of the craft if they can master the elements. First. Know What You are Worth. You need to ...
This post is to hopefully answer the age old question, do you or don't you take your home off the market during the holidays?  The holidays can create a lot of pressure to get things done and maintain the house. When you look at your holiday calendars you find the months overloaded with seasonal ...
Residential real estate listings are down in all three Northern Colorado areas monitored by the multiple listing service Information and Real Estate Service, pushing median home prices up.In the Fort Collins area, single-family-detached listings decreased to 1,132 in October from 1,273 in October...
There are so many things to consider when moving with children. They need to feel like their whole world isn't shutting down, like they have a sense of control and that their ideas count. Russ really compiled a great list of ways to include your child and make any move go smoother than it may hav...
I was inspired by a post I saw earlier about Follow Ups by Celeste Grupman. It got me to thinking that most realtors try to sell themselves. We are always pitching our skills, our market, etc and very rarely getting to know our clients BEFORE they are our clients.  What can you do to really get t...
  Some homeowners who were foreclosed on may be in a for a big suprise. Homeowners who were bullied and processed quickly during their foreclosures can now request an independent review of how their forclosure was handled, says the Office of the Comptroller of Currency. Should the review find tha...
HomeSteps, a Freddie Mac real estate sales unit, kicked off a sales promotion this week to unload some of its inventory of foreclosed homes in several cities.  Its Winter Sales Promotion for owner-occupant buyers includes:  Paying up to 3 percent of the final sales price toward the buyer’s closin...
  1: Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington Minn.-Wisc. Health Index: 91.6 2011 Population Forecast: 3,326,400 2011 Total Building Permit Forecast: 4,511 2012 Total Building Permit Forecast: 10,118     2: Fort Collins-Loveland, Colo. Health Index: 89.4 2010 Population Forecast: 299,630 2011 Total Build...

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