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     How do we explain the mortgage business to our clients?  What can we do to make the terms, processes, programs and personalities involved with our industry easier to understand? I believe the best way is to relate them to pop culture and celebrity. America has a love affair with pop culture....
     My wife brought up in conversation last night that she had recently heard about the retreating glaciers on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. She went on to say that the glaciers had already lost 80% of their mass. I had read about this problem several times previously and added that most ...
     Countrywide in trouble? Not anymore! Credit lines shut off? They will soon be opened again as Wall Street rushes to invest in mortgage backed securities. Lenders still going out of business and people still losing their homes? Yes, but it won't halt investors anymore! Why? Because the Oracle...
     When it comes to fixed vs. adjustable rate mortgages, there really is no question as fixed-rate mortgages are the way to go! Opponents of this position will argue all the finer points of their ARM products and how the v buyer can more greatly benefit from them. That may even be a valid argum...
     You know him.                                                                                                                                  He makes grandiose claims about what he can do. He is beyond confident, more like arrogant. He has a long list of supposed accomplishments. He is an ...
     There has been a lot of press lately bashing the mortgage business. A lot of the events happening right now are being blamed on mortgage companies, especially sub-prime companies, making "bad" loan products available and mortgage professionals, especially brokers, selling these "bad" loans t...
     Besides being a mortgage consultant, I also happen to be a landlord. My dad and I have a 6-unit and a 5-unit. We have had fairly good success with screening potential renters through reference and credit checks but have the occasional late payer. Twice, we have also had to deal with a tenant...
     I wanted to welcome some new memebers to ActiveRain. Several of the realtors from Rushanan & DeStefano Real Estate have recently become members. They are the very first realtors from Schuylkill County, PA to join the site. I would be excited to see any real estate professionals from my home ...
     As mortgage and real estate professionals, we often come across this situation: Your client is house hunting and, for a variety of different reasons, they are becoming frustrated. These reasons include not finding anything, finding something but not in their price range, finding something in...
     Scott Geary! Master motivator, mediocre golfer, and the Robin Hood to our band of merry men here at First Choice has challenged us all to make 100 contacts a day! Potential borrowers, former borrowers, former turn-downs, realtors, bankers, attorneys, and basically anyone imaginable in an att...

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