mortgages: Why It's Important to Use A Realtor Recommended Lender - 05/22/13 10:50 PM
Why It’s Important to Use A Realtor Recommended Lender

Every now and then, a buyer comes along with their own pre-approval from a lender I am not familiar with. When it comes to ancillary services like title companies and mortgage lenders, most real estate companies have a partnership with select companies. While this partnership may have a financial advantage for the real estate agent and company (must be disclosed if it does), usually it is just a strategic partnership to ensure the transaction closes smoothly and timely.
Of course, I ask if the buyer would like a second or 3rd … (9 comments)

mortgages: Is A Short Sale for You? - 10/03/11 02:55 AM
Is A Short Sale for You?
A short sale, in brief, is when the homeowner's market value is less than the amount owed on the mortgage when selling a property. Thus, the homeowner would not be able to clear the lien unless an agreement is reached wth the lender to accept less than the amount owed as "paid in full" to remove the lien.
So, the question remains, Is A Short Sale for You?
I am not a lawyer, so I must state that any personal advice should be obtained by consulting a real estate lawyer familiar with short sales, … (0 comments)

mortgages: We beat the Sheriff! Fast Short Sale Success - Part 2! - 12/22/10 01:25 AM
Short Sales are meant to be anything less than short, right? Most short sale specialists will tell you that it can take 90 - 180 days to close a short sale. My experience puts it at about 90-120 days, considering the 1st offer goes well. Well, I left off in my previous post about us (the seller side) obtaining short sale approval from the lender in roughly 3 weeks time and ready to close. Keep in mind the Sheriff Sale was scheduled to occur 3 days prior. Yes, we sent in a request and received an extension to the Sheriff Sale.

mortgages: How far will you go to close a deal? Is it too far? - 12/16/10 01:43 AM
So, how far will you go to close your next deal? This is a fascinating question for agents to ask themselves from time to time. I believe this question will be answered a variety of ways by the same person.
Of course, most of us likely would agree we will go above and beyond the call of duty. What does that really mean though?  As a broker, I see numerous deals fall apart for many reasons. Personality conflicts and trust factors are a large part of why deals fall apart. Inspection issues are another reason, and of course financing problems.
Just in the past … (8 comments)




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