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We can help Increase Your Online Presence, Generate Web Traffic and Grow Your Business! Best Agent Business has developed a Billion Dollar Agent System for real estate agents. Our core marketing services include creating a monthly email newsletter, monthly mailed postcard and weekly online market...
Is accounting paperwork preventing you from doing what you do best, selling? Need help delegating those time-consuming tasks that don’t produce additional sales? While Best Agent Business is not an accounting firm, we can assist you with basic accounting services. Included in our services are rev...
What story do you have to tell? Have you noticed that some of the greatest businesses have a great story to tell? Have you figured out your story and an interesting and entertaining way to tell it? Blogging is a great way to tell your story or for the more adventurous, a video that’s humorous and...
Connecting with probate leads is both a time-sensitive and client-sensitive area. It’s important to show compassion as well as how you’re knowledgeable and can help them navigate through the probate process. Best Agent Business can help you connect with your market niche and potential leads throu...
Do you have a coding system for your database? We do! Our Billion Dollar Agent system includes a standardized coding system for your core database. It makes sense! If you want to learn more about our system, schedule a call with Steve Kantor, President of Best Agent Business! You can also take a ...
Are you unorganized? There’s one thing that we love here at Best Agent Business, and that’s being organized! We want nothing but the best for our clients, and we provide them with our Billion Dollar Agent system which includes Lead Management. But first, with your help, we’ll get your contacts in...
How are you marketing your Just Listed and Just Sold properties? Best Agent Business can create a blog, email blast, flyer, postcard and social media post to get your listings marketed as well as your services.  Take a look at examples of our work: Best Agent Business prov...
Do you have a system? Let’s face it, in the real estate industry agents are pulled in a million different directions at once. We understand this, and that’s why we’ve developed a system to help agents manage their business and more. Our Billion Dollar Agent system helps you grow your business to ...
Have you reviewed your online presence lately? Our Billion Dollar Agent System has a developed system to improve and build your online presence. What are you waiting for? View our page for more information,, and schedule a call today:!Do us a favor an...
Farm Marketing is where an agent targets a specific geographic area to market their services to. It can be a great investment, once you’ve fully committed to it. The first step is determining where you should be farming. We have a process that helps you determine which area would be best to marke...

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