lead follow up: Lead Management Help - Stop Wasting Leads - 05/24/18 09:26 AM
You must STOP WASTING LEADS, each lead is worth $100!! Here at Best Agent Business, we can help you with Lead Management. We do this by helping you organize, code and call your leads. We have a system that works! Watch our video https://goo.gl/BjwbUv, review more info here https://goo.gl/FTz5rs. Call/text us at 202-297-2393 or email sales@bestagentbusiness.com.
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lead follow up: Client Case Study - Lead Lessons - 05/04/15 11:25 PM
Can you send me a photo or short 10-second video of your office desk area? I am sharing some Lead Lessons from a few client case studies this week.
Put them all together and the lesson is Stop Wasting Leads.
So…when I asked you to send me a photo a few seconds ago, was your reaction of pride to show off your organized physical space? Or was it one of dread, guilt, laughter of NOT wanting to show off the piles of files and papers and junk in your physical space. Go ahead....share.
Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes
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lead follow up: Nurturing Buyer Leads - How is Your Follow Up? - 05/22/10 12:53 PM
Leads, leads, leads!  Every agent wants them (and lots of them), but then what? 
No matter how many leads you generate, you need to take the next step.  A lead will not develop into a client without proper follow up.  Many agents are too busy focusing on other aspects of business or their personal lives to give these leads proper follow through.  These leads accrue quickly, and they can look overwhelming! 
New leads that are not contacted early in the game find other agents.  Many times the first or most persistent agent wins the client.  Longer term leads need follow … (2 comments)

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