lead management: Lead Management Help - Stop Wasting Leads - 05/24/18 09:26 AM
You must STOP WASTING LEADS, each lead is worth $100!! Here at Best Agent Business, we can help you with Lead Management. We do this by helping you organize, code and call your leads. We have a system that works! Watch our video https://goo.gl/BjwbUv, review more info here https://goo.gl/FTz5rs. Call/text us at 202-297-2393 or email sales@bestagentbusiness.com.
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lead management: Listing Management and Capture All Your Leads - 02/02/15 09:29 PM
Question of the Week - Please Reply
What is the one Listing Marketing idea that you want to start/add to your Listing Plan?
If you have the best Listing Marketing Plan in your area, you will win more listing appointments and generate the most possible buyer leads.
Listings Management - Improve your Listing Marketing
Are you doing EVERYTHING possible for marketing your listings? Are you doing everything possible that can help you win more listing appointments, make sellers happy, and generate as many buyer leads as possible? 
Let's add/start more Listing Marketing actions for your … (5 comments)

lead management: Secrets to Real Estate Life - 02/01/15 06:54 PM
Lead Management - Job #1
I was wrong. Lead Management is Job #1. This is my new conclusion. To maximize profitability of your business, Lead Management is Job #1 until it is operating perfectly. Any time or money spent elsewhere is a waste until Lead Management is perfect. I used to think that Job #2 was the way to go. I was wrong. Job #1, and only then Job #2.
Lead Management means fully capturing and working all Seller, Buyer, Clients, and SOI leads in that order of priority. Capture all the leads. Call all the leads to reach them live, and resolve/qualify.
If you believe … (6 comments)

lead management: Overcoming Technology and Process Gaps in Lead Management - 05/31/12 07:48 AM
In most cases, an agent who earns $100,000 in GCI can increase their earnings to $200,000 in GCI with solid database and lead management.  An agent must allocate 10 to 15 hours per week to calling their leads. This may seem like an extreme amount of time for an agent to delegate to just one part of their business, but consider that many agents who earn $100,000 or more in GCI waste over 50% of their leads.
There are many, many ways to get leads. Read over the following list to see some of what you may be missing:

lead management: Put a Stop to Manic Mondays in Your Real Estate Business - 01/09/12 02:26 AM
It’s Monday morning. You sit down at your desk with a fresh cup of coffee, soft music playing in the background, refreshed from a relaxing weekend at the lake, satisfied that your real estate business is going well, your agents are rushing from showing to showing, it’s starting out to be the perfect day. You turn on your computer and access your database, spending a few minutes looking over the latest entries, you print off a list of your hot leads, shoot a quick email to your lukewarm leads, assign some to your office’s agents, then you pick up the phone … (0 comments)

lead management: Green from Green! - 11/18/10 11:10 AM
Three hole punched wide-ruled tablet paper used to be the norm for any high school student, then came college ruled - spiral bound.... 
Then we grew up, graduated, married and held down full time jobs and our lives became busier.  Post it notes became all the rage but they were difficult to file and would easily become lost along with the scribbled business contact names and phone numbers we needed.  Re-constructing those contact numbers was frustrating and wasted valuable time when we should have been concentrating on tracking those valuable leads and making time count.
Fast forward to today's business … (2 comments)

lead management: Bag Your Limit with a Good Dog - 11/11/10 09:58 AM
If you've ever upland hunted with your favorite gun dog, you know that the ability to game-seek is paramount.  As the dog wanders off the line, meandering through every thicket, puddle and edge, you know that this dog instinctively knows where that bird is.  He can sniff out game no matter how cold the lead.  By the end of the day with his help, you will have bagged your limit.
 Don't you wish you could have that same "good nose" with you in the office each day?  You chose that pup carefully for hunting because you knew that alone, you would … (0 comments)

lead management: Hunting Down Leads with Best Agent Business - 10/20/10 11:47 AM
When the thrill of the chase becomes less than thrilling, you may need help with tracking down leads.  Best Agent Business is here to help your hunt seem less daunting.  We can help you turn all those emails, voice mails, and meeting contacts into solid leads for you.  
In most cases, an agent who earns $100,000 in GCI can increase their earnings to $200,000 in GCI with solid database and lead management. Succeeding in this goal can be the difficult thing. An agent must allocate 10 to 15 hours per week to calling their leads. This may seem like an … (0 comments)

lead management: Can You Ever Be Too Rich or Too Thin? - 10/15/10 06:44 AM
"You can never be to rich or too thin."   Wallace Simpson, Duchess of WindsorEven if people know nothing more about the woman who so captivated Prince Edward of England that he abandoned his chances of becoming king to marry her, they remember her famous line "you can never be too rich or too thin." Accountants and dietitians could quibble about this, but wealth and a svelte figure  are considered desirable. The real estate agent's version of the old saying about the unlikely circumstance of being too rich or too thin might be "you can never have too many leads or too … (2 comments)

lead management: We Can Turn Your Boom Into Steady Business - 10/13/10 07:13 AM
Historically, a boomtown is a community that springs up overnight and often goes from being "Nowhereville" to being prosperous and full of opportunities. Usually a resource like gold, silver, timber, or oil was discovered nearby, or maybe a canal was being built or maybe the railroad was coming to town. This spawned a steady stream of fortune seekers, as well as people looking for work, to swell the population, and while the boom lasted, life was exciting and fast-paced. Some former boomtowns like Denver, San Francisco, and Las Vegas continued to prosper once the initial excitement died down. Others shriveled up and died. … (0 comments)

lead management: Do You Have the Midas Touch for Lead Management? - 10/07/10 07:54 AM
Suppose you and a group of other agents won a lottery and instead of gold, your prize was a thousand leads. At first, you might be disappointed until you realized that the leads could make you 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars if you handled them right. Some agents might ignore the leads and make little. Others would turn them into a golden opportunity. How would you handle them? Do you have the Midas touch for lead management?
If you want your business to rise to and stay on the top, you must centralize all your leads in a database and then WORK … (0 comments)

lead management: Hire the 500 Fussy Tailors of Real Estate As Your Virtual Assistants - 10/24/09 08:03 AM
Years ago, a local manufacturer and retailer of men's suits used to brag about their 500 fussy tailors who would make sure your suit was just right.  The company is long gone, but the concept is very useful when thinking about what hiring a virtual assistant firm could do for you.  When you hire a company like Best Agent Business, you are hiring a team of people who can collectively provide the services you need.  You may need ongoing lead or database management services or an occasional service like a Power Point presentation, but whatever you need or when you need … (0 comments)

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