time management: Tips to Manage Your Time - 06/06/18 03:57 PM
TIME MANAGEMENT is essential as a business owner. If you don’t manage your time, you’ll find that you run out of it quickly. One tip in managing your time is to set a dedicated start and stop time to work on a task you need to complete. Want more tips? Watch our video https://goo.gl/sLCXyC, join our Time Management Challenge https://goo.gl/uHsa6b, and give us a call to help brainstorm on how we can help you 202-297-2393.
Do us a favor and “like” us on Facebook. Reply to this blog and we can get started. For more information on how Best Agent Business can help you … (0 comments)

time management: No Such Thing as a Past Client and Use Your Leads - 05/11/15 10:51 PM

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Billion Dollar Agent - Time Management Tips - Delete - Subtract Hyper Harry Driving - Do spend too much time driving around? Keep in Touch with Past Clients
Oops, did you see I used that evil phrase Past Clients? Never use that word. Call them Clients. I spoke to a Client who last worked with us in 2008. We had 'kept in touch' over the years with monthly emails, periodic mailings, a hand-written note once or twice and quarterly calls. He said that if he treated his Past Clients the way we … (0 comments)

time management: Time to Start FSBO & Expired Marketing - 04/16/15 03:39 AM
Every single agent over $500,000 GCI should be doing FSBO and/or Expired Marketing.
Time to start.  
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Lead Management is Everything FSBO Marketing Plan
FSBO and Expired Marketing
If you are doing Expired Marketing, you should add FSBO. If you are doing FSBO, you should add Expired. The systems, skills, and resources are the same.
I spoke to a client this week who has been doing $100,000 - $200,000 GCI per year of Expired Marketing, but had not yet added FSBO, even as market shifted and FSBO count has grown.   
Stop Wasting Time … (2 comments)

time management: Roost, Time Management, Quickbooks, and Dave Beson - 03/23/15 11:17 PM
Question of the Week - Time Management - Please Reply
What would be a Perfect Morning for you from wakeup to 11am? I’d love to hear your answer in detail. Call me, email me, reply to this blog, and let me know.
Time Management - Free for You - $99 for your Friends/Fellow Agents
I love helping people with Time Management. I have a passion for Time Management for Small Business Entrepreneurs. Best Agent Business can help you with Time Management to help you create a Perfect Day.
For current clients, we will provide this service for free as added value - just email … (0 comments)

time management: Nix the Drama Llamas and the 20-Headed Hydra - 03/02/15 09:11 PM
The 20 Headed Hydra or Focus, Focus, Focus
Yesterday I spoke to a client who voiced concern that he feels like his business is a '20-Headed Hydra;' and time management and time blocking to focus on his unique talents is difficult. My response is that he only needs to focus on three things: Client Marketing, Buyer Lead Management (currently getting BoomTown to add to mix), and Seller Expired Marketing. Everything else, which is really a 100-Headed Hydra, not 20, should be delegated and done by a combination of Best Agent Business, his in-house assistant, and his buyer's agents. Focus, focus, focus.
Inside Look at … (5 comments)

time management: Billion Dollar Agent Mastermind Retreat and Time Management Tips - 02/23/15 08:42 PM
I am excited to announce the next Billion Dollar Agent Mastermind Retreat.
If you are over $1,000,000 GCI in 2014, or a current client over $500,000 GCI, you qualify to come. We are meeting Mar 12th - 14th. Even if you’re not already a client, I’d love to meet with you.
Our core three people to start are myself, a team doing $4-5m GCI, and a solo agent doing about $1m GCI; both with very strong net profit. Our focus is on net profit, and growing net profit solid and fast.
See HERE for more information for details. 
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time management: The Balance of Time, Happiness and Money - 12/08/14 08:11 PM

Time, Happiness, Money. Time, Happiness, Money. Time, Happiness, Money.
Reply to this blog or email me, and tell me your first gut reaction reading those three words while thinking about your work and your business. See below AFTER you reply to me. Reply first.
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·   Leverage Other People's Listings - OPL 
·   Focus - Book Review
Time, Happiness, Money
You decide, and spend X hours working per week on your business. You decide on what you do in your business, and your happiness level at work. … (2 comments)

time management: Increase Net Profits and an Easy Extra $50-$100K - 07/29/14 09:45 PM

Do you want to increase the net profit of your business? Of course you do. Do you want to do accounting and finances and monthly financials of income statements and budgets and balance sheets? Of course you likely CRINGE at the mention of those. We have a solution. The answer of wanting to increase net profit but not LIKING dealing with finances and accounting is to delegate the not-fun monthly finances and accounting in QuickBooks to Best Agent Business. We are doing this for about 5 of our 100+ clients and they LOVE IT.
See a short video on our … (0 comments)

time management: Keep in Touch and Get Some Door-Knockers - 07/22/14 06:16 AM

Do you ever use that evil phrase, “Past Clients”? Never use that word. Call them Clients. I spoke to a Client who last worked with us in 2008. We had “kept in touch” over the years with monthly emails, periodic mailings, a hand-written note once or twice, and quarterly calls. He said that if he treated his ‘Past Clients’ the way we treat ours, his profits would be double.
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Billion Dollar Agent - Time Management Tips - Delete - Subtract Hyper Harry Driving - Do you spend too … (0 comments)

time management: Step One to Becoming a Billion Dollar Agent - 03/10/14 09:40 AM

Database Management - Your database is the most valuable asset of your business. If you do not understand or believe this, you can stop reading this and go watch Netflix or surf the web.
After working with many agents during the first few years, we made a decision to only work with agents who understand and believe that database management is a key to their business success. There are many solid database tools such as Top Producer, WiseAgent, Realty Juggler, Agent Office, eEdge, and others. We work with over 20 different databases. We can run a Billion Dollar Agent on … (0 comments)

time management: Delegate, Do and Drive or Diddle, Dawdle and Dwell? - 02/19/14 01:15 AM
What do you do in your “Other” time during the day? Other may appear to be too broad of a term, so let’s zoom down to specifics. Other does not include the time you spend meeting or calling people during the work week.
Other can be Good, Required, or Bad
 *     Good other time is when Billion Dollar Agents run and grow their business. You cannot spend ALL of your time meeting and calling. You would get burned out and your business would not operate unless you had a COO to run the business for you.
*      Required other time … (0 comments)

time management: How Much Time Should You Be Spending? - 01/16/14 11:35 PM
Meet, Call, or Other – New Years’ Resolution: “I will meet more people, call more people and schedule more meetings.”
You only do three things at work – meet, call or other. You are meeting with people, calling outbound leads or doing other stuff. Compare your current schedule with how you want to allocate your time in the future. You need to spend more time meeting people. You need to consistently spend one, two or three hours calling people. You need to spend less time doing other things and focus on delegating.
Let’s define what we mean by meet, call … (4 comments)

time management: Focusing on Your Unique Talents - 12/19/13 04:47 AM

Repeat after me: "I will discover and focus on my unique talent during focus hours."
The key to becoming a Billion Dollar Agent is focus. You must focus more than other agents and teams. You must discover your unique talent and spend increasing amounts of time on your unique talent. You must use the Time Management System of a Billion Dollar Agent and schedule focus hours. You must slow down to focus more. In 100 days, the average real estate agent doing over $100,000 in GCI can instantly become twice as productive with their time using our time management … (0 comments)

time management: Delegate Daily, Kaizen Always - 11/20/13 03:51 AM
We recommend that you send monthly emails and monthly mailings to the majority of your database. We can get that done for you. Here are suggestions and steps:
 * Budget $10 per year per person for mailings. So 500 people = $5,000.
 * Send monthly email and letter to all or some of Clients/SOI/Buyer/Seller ABC.
 * We can decide what to send to which groups of people and give you counts.
 * Emails should be sent at the start of the month.
 * Vary market statistics, listings, news/special events/holiday themes.
  * Letters should be similar mix with a mix … (0 comments)

time management: Time or Money? Meet or Call? - 10/23/13 12:28 AM
Do you have more time, or do you have more money at the earlier stage of your business? Most of you start the business with very little money or capital to invest. You have time.
Most new real estate agents just waste their time and do nothing at all. Salespeople who need to make a living or want to make a killing, hit the phones or hit the streets. So, if you are a newer agent, you may have more time than money.
If you are a top agent, you likely have more money than time. This is both good and … (0 comments)

time management: Lessons Learned - Taking a Month's Vacation from Your Business - 07/16/13 01:01 PM
I am back from my one-month travels to Israel, India, and Istanbul. It was fantastic. You may enjoy and benefit from thinking through some of the issues of how you can grow your business so you can safely take off for a month. Here are a few reasons why I decided to take a month off from work and business and go travelling:
• Leave No Regrets: One of the five secrets of life which I like from a book I read relates to having no regrets. I had traveled around the world in my youth and not been on a long … (0 comments)

time management: How to Love Your Job and Ideas From Our Clients - 07/10/13 12:10 AM
Ideas From Our Clients:
This is a quick list of ideas from some of our clients regarding recent work we have done and work tasks to delegate to us or wish list items they want us to GET DONE:
•Buyer Older Lead Online Survey: To resolve, cleanup, and qualify some older and email only leads, we do an online survey like THIS ONE.
•Seller Feedback Calling: Do you call your sellers once or twice a month as a proactive customer service approach to decrease firefighting and stress and increase client referrals? We can do that.
•Blogging/Social Media: You have … (0 comments)

time management: Time to Make Time - 06/11/13 06:53 PM
Research and Technology Tools
We do research all the time. If you want us to research anything for your business or life, just email research@bestagentbusiness.com. Also, we can quickly evaluate various real estate technology or web service options since we currently have worked with and support over 100 technology services. You would be amazed.
Steve's Musings
I would like to share some thoughts on my recent trip with my daughter and some thoughts on father-daughter relationships. I have been travelling for the past month in Israel and then India with our daughter who has a keen sense of adventure. … (0 comments)

time management: Life Management and Then Some - 05/15/13 02:04 AM
Database - Send us your phone and Facebook contacts to add:
It is very hard to keep track of people, emails, and phone numbers as a busy real estate agent with a busy life and business. We work with you to have a core database and constantly improve it.
My guess is that you may have people in your phone contacts (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) that should be in your database as SOI or Leads but are not. Also, many of you have friends on Facebook who likely should be added as SOI. We can help. If you're a client, contact … (0 comments)

time management: Best Agent Business Helps Clients Manage Their Time - 02/21/12 06:01 AM
The first week in December 2011 Best Agent Business instituted an innovative new service for clients. The objective of the ten-day introductory Time Management Program is to assist real estate professionals in planning and implementing a consistent daily schedule. It was believed this would help agents to free up their time and work in a more timely and cost-effective manner.
According to team leader Tomica Bonner, the plan was that group members would receive a daily email giving them questions to answer about their day. “We help them to see where they are spending the majority of their time. With that … (0 comments)

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