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‘I will build farm marketing systems to dominate a 20 percentmarket share of increasingly larger farm market segments.’ Farm marketing is effective seller marketing for agents who can get monthly farm marketing mailings flowing consistently. They shouldstart with expired and FSBO marketing and o...
I know I’ve talked about this a lot lately, but I received a lot of questions and comments, so I’d like to answer a few. Let’s walk through how much one person in your Core is worth per year in GCI. We will start with our assumption of $6,000 in GCI per deal. If four to ten percent of your Core ...
Our target for a Billion Dollar Agent is to have 60 percent of their business from repeat/referrals based on the following: Core, Client/SOI/Vendor, and Repeat/Referral – Sixty percent of your business should come from these categories. Seller Marketing – Twenty percent of your business should c...
Too many agents fail to add more staff in spring/summer to handle business surge. Most agents could do 30% more deals in spring/summer if they just staffed up temporarily in spring/summer with more assistant and calling help. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes: Subscribe to our YouTube videos HER...
I am taking a risk putting the word 'accounting' in the subject line. I predict this will decrease the open and click rate on this blog because most agents are AFRAID of Accounting and HATE Accounting. At Best Agent Business, we love accounting, we love QuickBooks, and we can do your accounting ...
You probably have far more people to add to your Core than you realize. At Best Agent Business, clients often start with 500 people. After a month of database management and cleanup, they have 800 people. Every single person is worth at least $100/year when you add them to your Core. Spend the t...
I will focus on core marketing to clients, SOI, and vendors with a monthly email newsletter, monthly mailing, and quarterly calling. Your most profitable business is repeat and referral business from your core database of clients, SOI, and vendors. A Billion Dollar Agent spends the least amount ...
How was business for March? Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE. Leverage Other People's Listings Agent Recruiting Busy Spring/Summer - Staff Up Now I encourage you to consider staffing up now with in-house or our team to handle spring/summer business. Every ye...
Business Size with Assistants and Callers – How Big? If you focus on your unique talent and spend four hours a day meeting, two hours calling, and two hours on other tasks, how many deals could you be doing per year? Let’s assume you have enough assistant help to handle the volume of deals, list...
As you grow, you will naturally focus more time and energy on seller leads and start to drop or ignore buyer leads if you don’t have goodcallers or a lead management system. Here is how it happens: 1.  Future Business - If they are not a Buyer-A, you ignore them and you don’t have anyone else th...

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