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In my last blog, I started writing about the importance of having systems. Here I’m finishing the topic. You create systems for yourself. You use web software and vendor services to delegate and leverage your time. You start to hire people. Systems – Paper, computer checklists, or documented sys...
I will create and use systems to constantly improve my business and delegate faster. When you think about business and delegating, most people thinkabout delegating work to other people. Before you can delegate, you need to create systems. Make a list of the tasks flopping around inyour brain. T...
“I will delegate, and train my team, so I can trust them to run the business without me.” I know I’ve written on this topic before, but it seems especially pertinent now that we’ve been living through the winter from…well, you know…and people are dying to get away from the cold for a bit. Can yo...
Yes, I mean that. Adding one person to your database is worth $250-$500 per year. Do you believe me? See this two minute video to see how HERE. Examples:  *   The 10 open house leads on sheets of paper: $2,500-$5,000 per year.  *   The 30 business cards of people met at around town: $7,500-$15,0...
What do you do in your “Other” time during the day? Other may appear to be too broad of a term, so let’s zoom down to specifics. Other does not include the time you spend meeting or calling people during the work week. Other can be Good, Required, or Bad  *     Good other time is when Billion Dol...
A few years ago I read a book called The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die. Here are the five secrets:  Follow Your Heart Leave No Regrets Become Love Enjoy Life Today Give More For me, the ‘Become Love’ secret is Share More Love. Part of my Perfect Day is Love Hour from 7:00-8:00am. ...
Right now, as you read this, Seller Leads who are already in your database are speaking with and meeting with other agents deciding who they will list their home with in spring/summer. If you are not calling them ASAP, you will lose those deals. See below. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscr...
Calling brings out reality guilt and honesty issues among agents. Everyone knows that salespeople call leads to close sales. Everyone knows that 80 percent of real estate agents are not salespeople and should be fired. You got to where you are now by spending some fraction of your time calling le...
We use the word meetings instead of appointments because meetings are more inclusive. Usually, the word appointment refers to a listing appointment or a buyer consultation. Meetings include dropping off a house-warming gift to a client, meeting people at an open house, or going to a networking ev...
Are you a Hyper Harry? Are you among the 40% of top agents who are high-energy, creative, people-loving, easily distracted, and perhaps a tad ADHD? We love Hyper Harrys! In fact, we have a whole new amazing service with specially trained Key Assistants who know how to help you.  See videos below ...

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