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I see too many agents ignoring low-end buyer business. I want you to reconsider your mindset and consider a low-end buyer can create three times the revenue as a seller. See the below video. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos. Profits from Buyer Business Weekly Revi...
I think that every single Closing should lead to at least one Referral within a few months. Are you getting at least one Referral from every Closing? See below. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos. Calling Balance - Lead Management - How Many Calling Hours Needed? Da...
Meet, Call, or Other – New Years’ Resolution: “I will meet more people, call more people and schedule more meetings.” You only do three things at work – meet, call or other. You are meeting with people, calling outbound leads or doing other stuff. Compare your current schedule with how you want t...
Did you get a Secret Santa gift? I did - see 1 minute video below. We love coaches and coaching companies. If you currently have a coach, please forward this email to them and introduce me and have them watch the video below. We have a new program to work more closely with coaches and coaching co...
Last week, I wrote a blog talking about how important it is that you spend your time mainly on your Unique Talents. This is the key to both your happiness and success in any business, but especially in real estate where there are so many tasks that can distract you, take up valuable time, and ge...
Happy New Year from Best Agent Business and all of your Assistants and Callers! It is time to get your Goals nailed down for 2014 for your life and business. We are sharing out our Goal Coaching email series called Goalbushido. Signup at for a 10 day email series and you will ...
We are excited to announce our new Agent Recruiting Services. We can help recruit Buyer's Agents, Showing Agents, and Referral Agents. See short video below. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE and watch these two videos:  Agent Recruiting Time Management Tips o...
    A real estate agent who works alone is responsible for doing a few hundred different types of tasks every single week. This is the worst possible arrangement for a business and a key reason why most real estate agents are constantly stressed, multi-tasking and failing to get anything done. In...
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy time with your family and friends this week. This week we are sharing a small charitable effort supporting children in other countries. We sponsor a few children via Save the Children, a great organization. Subscribe to our YouTube videos. Wat...
Repeat after me: "I will discover and focus on my unique talent during focus hours." The key to becoming a Billion Dollar Agent is focus. You must focus more than other agents and teams. You must discover your unique talent and spend increasing amounts of time on your unique talent. You must use...

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