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STOP WASTING LEADS, our Callers will turn those leads into clients. Calling is KEY to SUCCEEDING in the real estate industry, let us help you move your business to the NEXT LEVEL. To GET STARTED, Call or Text me Today, 202-297-2393 or e-mail us at: us a favor and “l...
ACCOUNTING tends to be a task that many business owners put off until the last minute. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your income, expenses and data entered for the next tax season. Let Best Agent Business complete your accounting tasks that you don’t enjoy. Our Assistants remotely enter...
 Are you CONNECTING with NEW potential clients? Have you considered announcing JUST LISTED and JUST SOLD homes to the surrounding area? This is one way you can CONNECT with individuals in your LOCAL MARKET. We can CREATE just listed and just sold POSTCARDS and have them sent to the surrounding ho...
LEVERAGE your business by continually adding new contacts to your phone list. Let's CONNECT. Call or Text me Today, 202-297-2393, we can help connect you with business and personal contacts to stay-in-touch with.   Do us a favor and “like” us on Facebook. Reply to this blog and we can get starte...
Best Agent Business, where you can FOCUS on Your UNIQUE TALENTS and DELEGATE everything else. Stop Wasting Your Leads. Call or Text me Today, 202-297-2393. I love BRAINSTORMING with dynamic business owners.Do us a favor and “like” us on Facebook. Would you like help identifying ways you can Deleg...
Why do top teams pay a Buyer's Agent the same for a buyer web lead as a seller from your listing who needs to buy a new home?Are you overpaying your Buyer's Agent? See below.Watch Video Now - Short 2 MinutesSubscribe to our YouTube videos HERE.  ·   Time Management - Steve's Weekly Calendar·   Bu...
Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE.·   Laws of Subtraction - Time Management Tip - Delete Stuff·   Steve's Home Office View: Global World Headquarters of Best Agent BusinessHere are some quick tips based on recent client calls or meetings. Do any of these situa...
Do you cringe before you open your e-mail? You know you have to open it, but there could be a hundred new messages in there that need to be managed. Is this a good use of your time? Probably not. We can help manage your email. Reply to this blog or email me with your top three Email Management pr...
Do you know how many hours of Calling you need in your business to properly keep in touch with your Clients/SOI and Buyer/Seller leads?Most agents never calculate this number, although it is very easy and takes about 15 minutes to figure it out. If you’re a client, you can schedule to join a Clie...
As you get busier and busier, we can help with Closing Management. If you are still doing Closings yourself, let us take it over.   If you have someone helping but they are not doing a good enough job, we can take it over, or work with them and document the process and system to make it smoother....

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