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Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE. Billion Dollar Agent - Time Management Tips - Delete - Subtract Hyper Harry Driving - Do spend too much time driving around? Keep in Touch with Past Clients Oops, did you see I used that evil phrase Past Clients? Never use th...
Do you want to increase the net profit of your business?Of course you do.Do you want to do accounting and finances, and monthly financials of income statements, and budgets and balance sheets?Of course you likely CRINGE at the mention of those.We have a solution - see below.Watch Video Now - Shor...
Can you send me a photo or short 10-second video of your office desk area? I am sharing some Lead Lessons from a few client case studies this week.Put them all together and the lesson is Stop Wasting Leads. So…when I asked you to send me a photo a few seconds ago, was your reaction of pride to sh...
Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE.   ·Meeting with People – Time Management You can increase time spent meeting with people – block meeting slots. ·Billion Dollar Agent – Delete Distractions – Time Management Tips for deleting distractions to improve your time...
Continuing on from Part I of my last blog on Stopping Buyer Agent Madness…we believe that our Billion Dollar Agent model is better than the Buyer Agent model of having one person do calling, showing and closing work.There are far more people available who can do a great job at calling, showing or...
Why would you expect that a Buyer's Agent is good at calling buyer web leads for 2-3 hours per day, showing homes to buyers, and doing closing management paperwork?Out of 10 buyer's agents you have hired, how many have been really good at all three of those talents?Watch the two videos below to c...
We are always running into new real estate services. Across our 100+ clients, we use and support over 200 real estate vendor/marketing services. See below for a few newer ones.Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE.   Calling Balance - Keep Now and Future Business ...
Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE. Future Business is more profitable than Now Business This includes content from a call with a client...The real estate business is composed of NOW business which goes from new lead to listing signed or buyer under contract wi...
Every single agent over $500,000 GCI should be doing FSBO and/or Expired Marketing.Time to start.  Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE. Lead Management is Everything FSBO Marketing Plan FSBO and Expired Marketing If you are doing Expired Marketing, you should ad...
 I know I wrote briefly about this a couple weeks back, but this is the time of year that it matters most so I’d like to elaborate a bit. Too many agents fail to add more staff in spring/summer to handle business surge.Most agents could do 30% more deals in spring/summer if they just staffed up t...

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