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Question of the Week - Please Reply Why do some people achieve the impossible, and most people cannot even imagine the impossible? If you could not fail, what would YOU do? Buyer Leads - Email Only If you are doing heavy buyer web lead generation, then 50% or more of your leads are email only lea...
Work smarter in the market with Mobile/Phone MLS/IDX Search - SmarterAgent Mobile apps from smartphones is the fastest growing category of computing. Vendors are appearing with useful consumer mobile real estate applications. We identified Smarter Agent six years ago, and I spent some time talkin...
The 20 Headed Hydra or Focus, Focus, Focus Yesterday I spoke to a client who voiced concern that he feels like his business is a '20-Headed Hydra;' and time management and time blocking to focus on his unique talents is difficult. My response is that he only needs to focus on three things: Client...
What do your Buyer's Agents Actually do with 40-50 Hours per Week? Well, they are either calling leads, showing buyers or not working.  Most buyer's agents do not work about 50% of the time. They are not managed. They are not held accountable. Do you have this problem? We can help ASAP. Best Agen...
Do you need more leads OR do you need more calling of your current leads? I’d love to hear from you on this. When you reply or email me, choose only ONE of the above options and give details. We estimate that 20% of clients need more leads and 80% need more calling of their current leads.  Leads ...
I am excited to announce the next Billion Dollar Agent Mastermind Retreat. If you are over $1,000,000 GCI in 2014, or a current client over $500,000 GCI, you qualify to come. We are meeting Mar 12th - 14th. Even if you’re not already a client, I’d love to meet with you. Our core three people to s...
Question of the Week - Please Reply Do you have Facebook friends or smartphone contacts that SHOULD be in your database as Clients/SOI or Buyer/Seller leads but are not in your database? Facebook - Database Management If you are active on Facebook, you likely have many friends and perhaps some le...
I read a book five years ago called The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die. What are the secrets to finding happiness? Why do some people live well and die happy? John Izzo asked thousands of people to identify the wisest person they knew. "The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You...
Proactive Client Service helps Seller and Client Relationships If you’re a Best Agent Business client, you know that we have a separate Client Services group that calls you periodically to touch base, make sure things are going okay and identify any needs to improve your happiness with Best Agent...
I keep running into more family businesses which are a husband and wife doing a team and running a solid operation. If you are a husband/wife team, even if you’re not already a client, reach out to me. We are going to form Triangles of three husband/wife teams all doing over $500,000 GCI with goa...

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