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Proactive Client Service helps Seller and Client Relationships If you’re a Best Agent Business client, you know that we have a separate Client Services group that calls you periodically to touch base, make sure things are going okay and identify any needs to improve your happiness with Best Agent...
I keep running into more family businesses which are a husband and wife doing a team and running a solid operation. If you are a husband/wife team, even if you’re not already a client, reach out to me. We are going to form Triangles of three husband/wife teams all doing over $500,000 GCI with goa...
Question of the Week - Please Reply What is the one Listing Marketing idea that you want to start/add to your Listing Plan?   If you have the best Listing Marketing Plan in your area, you will win more listing appointments and generate the most possible buyer leads.   Listings Management - Improv...
Lead Management - Job #1 I was wrong. Lead Management is Job #1. This is my new conclusion. To maximize profitability of your business, Lead Management is Job #1 until it is operating perfectly. Any time or money spent elsewhere is a waste until Lead Management is perfect. I used to think that Jo...
Client Marketing - Monthly Mailing to Clients/SOI We are concerned by the number of clients who are not doing a monthly mailing to their Clients/SOI. This is a core part of Client Marketing. Does this sound like you?  We recommend a monthly email, monthly mailing and monthly/quarterly calling of ...
Question of the Week - Please Reply Do you view your Closing Management as a cost center or profit center? Call me, email me, or reply to this blog with your answer. I’m curious because it should/could be a profit center if you have us do Closing Management. We have systems and spend the extra t...
Fourth Quarter Revenue Compare - Financials I suggest that you take 10 minutes today and compare financial results for the 4th quarter 2014 with the 4th quarter of 2013. Go back and do a rough calculation of your closed deals and closed GCI for 2013 from October through December. Then, do the sa...
I am headed to Tampa for Jan 18-22nd to attend, and sponsor Judy LaDeur's 2015 Real Estate Recruiting Symposium in Tampa, FL with an exclusive group of top brokers from around the country. If you know any top agent in Tampa that I should meet with, please connect me.  Judy is one of the top recr...
Closing Management Our Closing Management Team is growing again. We process closings for many of our clients with a team of 8-10 assistants. If you are still doing it yourself or using another outside vendor, consider delegating your closing work to Best Agent Business. Our long-term goal is to ...
Big Buyer Boom - NOW - All Hands on Deck There’s a high chance of interest rates rising in 2015, so it is critical to fully work all your buyer leads for first-time homebuyers now. Clients also often try to beat tax deadlines in order to reap tax year benefits. We can help, and do the following ...

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