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We have been starting to test a new $99/month service for Buyer’s Agents to focus on closing more deals. We call this Buyer’s Agent Growth. See HERE as well as the info below.   Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE.   ·Mail to Buyer Web Leads - We advise you to s...
I am taking a risk putting the word 'accounting' in the subject line. I predict this will decrease the open and click rate on this blog because most agents are AFRAID of Accounting and HATE Accounting. But, we love accounting, we love QuickBooks, and we can do your accounting for you, produce mon...
How was business for March? Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE.   Leverage Other People's Listings Agent Recruiting      Busy Spring/Summer - Staff Up Now   I encourage you to consider staffing up now with in-house or our team to handle spring/summer business. ...
We have more clients asking for help with Expired Marketing for mailing and calling. See HERE for some of our ideas and systems and see below for discussion.  Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE.   ·FSBO Marketing Plan - We have combined calling and mailing plan...
Question of the Week - Do you manage Closings to get Referrals? - Please ReplyDo you manage your Closings in order to get, and increase referrals from all parties involved? Or do you just consider it a cost center?  Call Clients/SOI in April/May We suggest a big push to work together to call ALL ...
Question of the Week - Time Management - Please Reply What would be a Perfect Morning for you from wakeup to 11am? I’d love to hear your answer in detail. Call me, email me, reply to this blog, and let me know. Time Management - Free for You - $99 for your Friends/Fellow Agents I love helping peo...
Question of the Week - Please Reply Why do some people achieve the impossible, and most people cannot even imagine the impossible? If you could not fail, what would YOU do? Buyer Leads - Email Only If you are doing heavy buyer web lead generation, then 50% or more of your leads are email only lea...
Work smarter in the market with Mobile/Phone MLS/IDX Search - SmarterAgent Mobile apps from smartphones is the fastest growing category of computing. Vendors are appearing with useful consumer mobile real estate applications. We identified Smarter Agent six years ago, and I spent some time talkin...
The 20 Headed Hydra or Focus, Focus, Focus Yesterday I spoke to a client who voiced concern that he feels like his business is a '20-Headed Hydra;' and time management and time blocking to focus on his unique talents is difficult. My response is that he only needs to focus on three things: Client...
What do your Buyer's Agents Actually do with 40-50 Hours per Week? Well, they are either calling leads, showing buyers or not working.  Most buyer's agents do not work about 50% of the time. They are not managed. They are not held accountable. Do you have this problem? We can help ASAP. Best Agen...

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