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We are going to transform the industry in 2015 related to the buyer side of the business. You heard it here first. Anyone who has a credit card can buy 100+ buyer web leads per month for about $10-20/each. A buyer web lead is worth about $20. If you have a $200,000 sales price and commission of ...
Buyer Web Leads - TigerLead, BoomTown, and Market Leader - We Did It! We have cracked the code. Best Agent Business, after working on this challenge for about two years, cracked the code on the Big Buyer Boom, and maximizing profitability of a massive 100+ leads per month buyer web lead generati...
Do you have a simple one page budget and net profit plan for 2015? Budget Profit Plan for 2015 You likely have goals for 2015. Your goals may be X transactions for Y sales volume and Z GCI. If you do not have a goal for net profit and a simple one page budget plan to map your business, you need ...
Time, Happiness, Money. Time, Happiness, Money. Time, Happiness, Money. Reply to this blog or email me, and tell me your first gut reaction reading those three words while thinking about your work and your business. See below AFTER you reply to me. Reply first. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes ...
How much would you pay for a Seller Listing Appointment? Okay, this is something new and different. When you do marketing and generate leads, that is only the first step of the process. For example, if you generate 100 buyer web leads, you may end up with only 5-10 qualified buyers ready for sho...
Define Market Niche - Got Spouse Need House After you have basics running smooth, you should define a market niche to pursue for a commitment of at least two years to develop. A market niche could be a geographic farm or a demographic farm. For example, I have a client who liked the idea of some...
Ask for Referrals - Client Marketing We will focus in coming months on Referrals for all our clients. I have personally attended coaching sessions with most top coaches in the industry, including Brian Buffini and Joe Stumpf who are strong on referrals. I have also read many books on client rete...
Give Thanksgiving/Holiday Pie to Clients - Client Marketing If you have done Buffini, you know about a pop-by. Better, faster, cheaper, and more fun than a pop-by is a pop-in. Set a date and time for Tuesday before Thanksgiving, or early December, and invite Clients/SOI to email confirmation and...
Buyer 800 IVR Systems Would you rather have an incoming sign call or a web lead? If you have 5 or more listings, you should be using an 800 IVR system such as Proquest, ARCH and others. The cost is about $40-$50/month and a Buyer 800 IVR lead, when managed properly, is probably worth 2-3 buyer w...
Do you ever wake up in a cold clammy sweat just thinking about the nightmare of databases in your business? I do. I am usually thinking about ALL of your databases. Bad news - the industry is getting worse, not better. See below. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos ...

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