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Buyer 800 IVR Systems Would you rather have an incoming sign call or a web lead? If you have 5 or more listings, you should be using an 800 IVR system such as Proquest, ARCH and others. The cost is about $40-$50/month and a Buyer 800 IVR lead, when managed properly, is probably worth 2-3 buyer w...
Do you ever wake up in a cold clammy sweat just thinking about the nightmare of databases in your business? I do. I am usually thinking about ALL of your databases. Bad news - the industry is getting worse, not better. See below. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos ...
The longer you spend time doing $20/hour work, the less money you will make in real estate. You either are doing $0/hour stuff, $20/hour work which you should delegate to Best Agent Business, or $100/hour sales work. If you have a team of agents and assistants, you should be doing only $1,000/ho...
Why do top teams pay a Buyer's Agent the same for a buyer web lead as a seller from your listing who needs to buy a new home? Are you overpaying your Buyer's Agent? See below. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE. ·   Time Management - Steve's Weekly Calendar · ...
We all may have a different idea of what constitutes Client Marketing around the office, but in my world, Client Marketing is simply all marketing efforts to Clients/SOI. Client Marketing seeks to maximize the amount of repeat and referral business from Clients/SOI. Lead Generation is marketing ...
I want to admit how I wasted leads this week in a bad way. See below. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minutes   Subscribe to our YouTube videos HERE.   ·   Laws of Subtraction - Time Management Tip - Delete Stuff ·   Steve's Home Office View: Global World Headquarters of Best Agent Business Steve Guil...
Get your Outlook Contacts in Main Database - Database Management Most of you are using a smartphone. If you lost it tomorrow, ask yourself, “What I would really lose?” You probably have 10-200 people in your main email contacts file, such as Outlook, which are not in your main database of Top Pr...
You have email. Lots of it. And not enough time or desire to manage it. We can help you with Email Management. Reply to this blog or email me with your top three Email Management problems, and I will give you some quick tips which you may have never heard before. Watch Video Now - Short 2 Minute...
Blogging is Farming of very active internet buyers. If you are over $100,000 GCI and want to avoid becoming a relic, you need to blog.  Not everyone has the ability, time, or desire to blog. Good for you for recognizing your writing skills are a direct reflection of your business and therefore, ...
Do you know how many hours of Calling you need in your business to properly keep in touch with your Clients/SOI and Buyer/Seller leads? Most agents never calculate this number, although it is very easy and takes about 15 minutes to figure it out. If you’re a client, you can schedule to join a Cl...

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