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I know I’ve talked about this before, but I really mean it: Expired marketing can be the 2nd most profitable marketing, after client marketing. Less than 10% of agents have what it takes to try it, yet less than 1% do it right. Out of all our clients, only about 20% have the skills and resources...
We recommend that you send monthly emails and monthly mailings to the majority of your database. If you’re a client, we can get that done for you. In fact our Marketing Team and Mailings experts are in touch regularly with each client about this. Here are suggestions and steps: Budget $10 per ye...
This is a repeat topic from the past because only a few clients faced reality and made a decision. Make a business decision and reply even if you’re not a client! Yes, you have so many leads in your database that are just being plain wasted. Wasted leads include Buyer, Seller leads that are unre...
Watch for a Spiral of Profits for Your Business We have a huge opportunity for our clients of Best Agent Business as well as a challenge. Some of our basic services do the following for top agents, but not everyone is taking advantage of all of them and still need focus in some areas: Database M...
Expireds - Should You Work Expireds?   If your personality and business profile fit the criteria below, you should work expireds. Of our clients, only about 20% should work expireds. Here are criteria: · In your market, more than 30% of listings currently expire   · You have a strong listing and ...
Have you ever asked a colleague to have a look at your website and tell you what she thinks? How did that work out for you? Did you get the amount of feedback you expected? Was it brutally honest? You know it should be done by someone who doesn't know you personally and has plenty of experience ...
We like to practice what we preach. If we advise our clients to do certain things in your business, we try to first test and do them for our business. At the core, all businesses are marketing, sales, and client service. Here are some things we do and ideas for you: Treat new leads consistently ...
Would you rather have an incoming sign call or a web lead? If you have 5 or more listings, you should be using an 800 IVR system (for a list of our recommendations, see HERE). The cost is about $40-50/month. A buyer 800 IVR lead, when managed properly, is probably worth 2-3 buyer web leads. We c...
This is a quick list of ideas from some of our clients of recent work we have done and work tasks to delegate to us or wish list items you want us to GET DONE. Buyer Older Lead Online Survey: To resolve, cleanup, and qualify some older and email only leads, we do an online survey, (see HERE). Sel...
We will focus in coming months on Referrals for everyone of our clients. I have personally attended coaching sessions with most top coaches in the industry, all of whom are strong on referrals, and read many books on client retention and referral marketing over past decade. I also spend a lot of...

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