anchorage real estate: Anchorage AK Real Estate Stats Homes & Condos for Sale PE Dec 2017 - 01/24/18 11:36 AM
The Logan Team Anchorage Alaska REALTORS
Here is a quick recap of Homes in the Anchorage real estate market for December 31, 2017. The biggest surprise came in the Anchorage Alaska homes valued over $1 Million dollars. Inventory for this price point fell from approximately 36 months worth of inventory to 10.26 months. In summary, usually 1 to 2 homes over a million dollars would sell prior to 2017, but in 2017 22 sold. There have been some adjustments to pricing and a 800 person increase in the number of medical profession for 2017. Our net job loss in Anchorage was 2000. anchorage … (0 comments)

anchorage real estate: Would you give up your Anchorage Home to retire this RV? - 01/18/16 08:50 AM
Would you give up your Anchorage Home to retire this RV?  The weather would probably make this counter productive to maintaining a elegant luxury vehicle in Alaska and I'm not sure I would let my husband in the front door after a good day of fishing.  It better have an outdoor shower and laundry or I may never see the front step.
In case this is a motorhome you would use for retirement, the picture below is hyperlinked. Just don't use it for fishing...maybe fluffy things like touring.
Have fun exploring this RV and like our FB page to see future posts with the Matterport Camera.
Lonnie … (1 comments)

anchorage real estate: Ever Want to Explore the Deck of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier? - 01/07/16 09:25 AM
Explore the bridge of this former US Navy aircraft carrier, which served from 1945 to 1992. At 1001 feet long and 258 feet wide, she was the largest ship in the world until 1955. While in operation, the she supported 4,300 crew members and 200 aviators. The ship is now a museum in San Diego.
USS Midway Aircraft Carrier

anchorage real estate: Do You Want to Explore the World? - 12/08/15 06:10 AM
Have you ever wanted to see the inside of a B-17 or B-24 or maybe the USS Aircraft Carrier Midway? Maybe you are more interested in Architecture, so would like the 17th century Namhansanseong fortress, Eddie Murphy's house, or Sydney Town Hall? If you are truly interested in real estate, maybe you just like to see the detail of luxury homes.
The new Matterport cameras help you explore the spaces in an immersive 3D interactive tour.  Visit places you have only dreamed and heard about. The technology is only starting to surface and the volumes of tours is pouring out.
Enjoy the tours below … (2 comments)

anchorage real estate: The Home Buying Process in Seven Easy Steps - 02/18/15 08:30 AM
Are you looking to purchase a home? Are you overwhelmed thinking about the  process? Don't be! I've broken down the home buying process into seven easy steps to help you know what will be happening every step of the way.
1. Initial Consultation
Sit down and share with your licensee what you're looking for in a home. Phone your licensee's preferred Lender to determine budget, at no cost or obligation to you.
2. Pre-qualification
Most Sellers request a Pre-Qualification Letter to be submitted with an offer. Pre-qualification means the lender has reviewed and approved your credit, income, and asset documentation for financing within a … (4 comments)

anchorage real estate: Anchorage Real Estate Statistics - September 2014 - 10/29/14 10:59 AM
Anchorage Real Estate Statistics - September 2014   … (1 comments)

anchorage real estate: How Long Does it Take To Sell A Home in Anchorage Alaska? - 10/08/14 07:21 AM
September 2014 Anchorage Real Estate Days on Market
Much like each Anchorage home for sale has it's own door, entry and layout, the days on market for each piece of Anchorage real estate is different as well.  This might be due to the above mentioned uniqueness of the Anchorage home for sale or it may be the Anchorage subdivision or overall neighborhood.  Just keep this in mind when trying to determine your timing, for selling Anchorage real estate.
The most recent statistics provided are for September 2014.  The average days on market for an Anchorage home is 44 days, which is two days lower … (0 comments)

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