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Looking for Creative Retirement? Baby Boomer and Nature Lover? If you are "at one" with nature- the woods, the hills, the shades of leaves of Autumn, the waterfalls- now could be just the right time to RELAX  and turn your 1031 into Eco-Friendly living in Asheville, NC.  Just this week we were ou...
  The single most important driving force in the Asheville, North Carolina market today is this: How close to downtown Asheville do you want to live? The answer to this question usually influences many other decisions that buyers will make about purchasing a home or land since proximity to downto...
I really liked this post by Janeanne. It helps you think about some other important issues that are involved in our business.   I was just 21 and getting ready to vote for the first time when Dad revealed his take on  the "dense forest of politics" and how to decipher what "branches" are in play...
My last two blogs were about a seller of 52 acreshere in the Asheville real estate trying to sustainably develop his property without having to sell to a buyer who wants to do a traditional development of singe family homes with 4 homes on an acre lot. Bill, the owner has created several differe...
 The first part of this blog  began with my finding some very beautiful property in the Asheville, North Carolina real estate market for clients who are looking to build a green, dog friendly community. The owner, Bill, very much wants a conservation subdivision on it,  but has  serious cash flow...
It all started out innocently enough. I had some clients that were looking to build  a green conservation development that would also be very dog friendly. These buyers were interested in obtaining a piece of property of at least 20+ acres fairly close to downtown Asheville owned by a seller will...
I was just reading in  USA Today that Home Depot is selling solar power systems made by British Petroleum. Here is the link.  Here is the info on the system from BP:The BP 3125 photovoltaic module is designed to provide superior value and performance for remote home, industrial, and residential u...
While home sales keep slumping nationwide, the Asheville real estate market keeps creating homes that can save money for homeowners and are environmentally friendly. The 100th N.C. HealthyBuilt home in Western North Carolina was recently completed in Black Mountain.  Homes earn the certification ...
Picture from Cover of book " Your Green Home: A Guide to Planning a Healthy, Environmentally Friendly New Home (Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series) (Paperback)This blog is in response to the Pink Challenge Contest   going on at the Eco-All Stars groups. The basic premise is this: If money were...
 Advantage West ,an economic development group  will be hosting a conference Thursday, December 6th that focuses on the recruitment and expansion of jobs and investment associated with environmental-related enterprises in the Asheville and surrounding region. Workshop topics will include investme...

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