north carolina: Asheville Becoming Synonymous with Green and Sustainable Development. - 12/04/07 09:26 AM
Advantage West ,an economic development group  will be hosting a conference Thursday, December 6th that focuses on the recruitment and expansion of jobs and investment associated with environmental-related enterprises in the Asheville and surrounding region. Workshop topics will include investment and job-creation in: Environmental Reclamation, Green Construction, Environmental Sciences, Alternative/Renewable energy, and Environmental Conservation. There will be two workshop tracks for the conference one on Green Building and the other on Renewable Energy. Click here for a complete conference agenda.  
This looks like a great conference. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. But this is the type of forward thinking … (2 comments)

north carolina: Flat Rock Music Festival – A Laid Back Musical Happening - 11/08/07 04:10 AM
We went to the Flat Rock Music Festival at the end of September and were pleasantly surprised to find this one of the relaxing music festivals we have attended in the Asheville area. While other festivals like Lake Eden Arts Festival attract more crowds and have more stages of ongoing musical performances, Flat Rock offered a beautiful setting at Camp Ton-A-Wandha with only two stages an indoor one( for solo and smaller acts) and outdoor( for larger acts) both located right off a beautiful lake. Our favorite artists were the Near Misses  Steve Simpson, and Mieka Pauley,
It was an easy walk or shuttle ride from parking … (6 comments)

north carolina: Lake Eden Arts Festival, Asheville, North Carolina - 05/14/07 04:06 AM
Often times when people are looking real estate for sale in the Asheville, North Carolina events that the area has to offer. Asheville and Western North Carolina do have a tremendous variety of gatherings, festivals, and events occurring  throughout the spring, summer and fall. One of the most popular spring gatherings is the LEAF Festival. .  It is a three day events that offers an incredible variety of musical performers, many local talented artists and healers, and wonderful culinary delights all taking place in a gorgeous mountain lake setting,. LEAF is also extremely child and family friendly with one of its … (11 comments)

north carolina: Solar Power Bill Makes Way Through Congress - 05/07/07 04:10 AM
During the late 1970's  the Carter administration began the first full fledged governmental effort to support solar powered energy by extending tax credits to homeowners who installed solar systems in their home. The solar industry started to take off then as more people began to explore and use this new technology.  During the Reagan years, however, the tax credits were abolished and the solar industry went bust. Today there are only some limited tax credits for homes ( $2000 per system for residential homes) and commercial properties that are set to expire 12/31/07.  
But now Congress is attempting to re-institute robust … (18 comments)

north carolina: Community Memories - 05/02/07 05:23 AM
I was at a meeting with a group of concerned citizens in the Fairview  community a couple of weeks ago listening to the woman who had organized the effort ten years ago  to get Charlotte Highway (the main road running through Fairview) designated as a North Carolina Scenic Byway.  This designation basically means the state views the road as scenic and prevents billboards from being placed along side the road. This lady was an ordinary mother and housewife but somehow ended up spearheading this huge community effort to save a highway from being sullied with billboards.
The story was really inspiring as the … (7 comments)

north carolina: Is The Green Movement Anti-Growth? - 05/01/07 03:06 PM
I read a comment on a Dena Stevens blog a couple of days ago by Michael Rossregarding his opinion that the Green Movement(my definition below)was anti-growth, anti housing, anti builder, anti developer, anti business, anti property owner's rights. Dena responded by saying  the editor of the local newspaper also shared his opinion that being Green meant opposing growth and new developments.  While I know most members of the Eco-All Stars Green Scene would not agree with this idea I believe that there may be more than a few out there in the Active Rain community and the general public who might … (25 comments)

north carolina: Downtown Asheville - Haywood Street - 04/22/07 03:23 PM
I thought I would start my tour of downtown Asheville on the street I first used when entering Downtown Asheville and that would be Haywood Street. The first thing I saw that comes into view is the Basilica of St. Lawrence a building with great architecture and a rich history.
Right across the way from St. Lawrence's is the Asheville Civic Center and the Pack Memorial Library.
Just a little way down Haywood on the same side of the street is the Malaprops Cafe/Bookstore . a favorite local poet Keith Flynn was giving a reading this afternoon out of his new book  "The Rhythm Method, Razzmatazz & Memory: How to Make … (7 comments)

north carolina: Different Perspectives on Buying A Green Home - The Mountains or The City - 04/22/07 01:01 PM
I have an out of town couple who are thinking about buying as much acreage as they can and putting a simple green home up with a small footprint. They will be stewards for the property as long as they live there and are considering utilizing a conservation easement to preserve the property in perpetuity. The other day though Terri (the wife) told me she had been talking with a green architect and that he told her that if she were in sync with being Green she would buy or build something close to town like green condo with easy access … (3 comments)

north carolina: Downtown Asheville – One Vibrant Mountain City - 04/20/07 02:54 AM

The single most important driving force in the Asheville, North Carolina Market today is this: How many minutes from downtown Asheville do you want to live? The answer to this question usually influences many other decisions that buyers will make about purchasing a home or land since proximity to downtown goes hand in hand with prices.
What, thendraws so many to our downtown area? I know there are plenty of answers to that question so I will just list some of my reasons why I thoroughly enjoy a visit to downtown. First is the walkability of the area. There are at great … (1 comments)

north carolina: Alternative Green Developments – Any ideas? - 04/15/07 11:30 PM
I am currently involved in working with an investor who is looking to develop some property close to Asheville, North Carolina. The property can range anywhere from 3 -30 acres with frontage on a major highway, three quarters a mile away from Interstate 40, and a half mile away from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Downtown Asheville  is about 10 minutes away with the Biltmore Estates  approximately the same distance. The state raod that it is on has also ben designated a scenic byway by the state of North Carolina. The property is somewhat rolling close to the state road, getting steeper … (11 comments)

north carolina: Come and Experience The Lake Eden Arts Festival - 04/06/07 06:14 AM
This May 11th -13th will be the semi-annual LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival) Festival in Black Mountain. This event blends art, music and dance with a multi-cultural flavor that makes it one of the most popular festivals in the Asheville area. There is also a strong focus on engaging youth in the creative process so many events and demonstrations are planned with them in mind. There is an unbelievable variety of  performers and musicians scheduled to play at LEAF this year. And along with music there are handcraft and folk art displays, healing arts presentations, dancing, and poetry readings. If you … (2 comments)

north carolina: Using Localism - Its a Good Thing! - 03/29/07 09:00 AM
I have just started to post to localism both pictures and blogs about different communities. I have not gone down to the specific neighborhoods yet like Renee, but we attract a lot of out of state buyers who look  first for specific communities around the Asheville, North Carolina area. I have to say that it is an interesting process putting into words what I know about different smaller communities around the area. Sometimes I have felt like a tour guide when trying to convey a sense of place about a town or a conservation subdivision but after I am finished and … (8 comments)

north carolina: Concerned Citizens of Fairview Meet to Discuss Development Issues - 03/28/07 04:01 PM
There was a meeting of concerned citizens of Fairview, North Carolina last Saturday, March  24th to discuss a variety of issues concerning sustainability and the fast paced development that is occurring in the community. The main issues that the group addressed were:
Rising property taxes as home and land are assessed at greater and greater values as new developments are completed. Having people forced to sell their homes because of increased taxes  was a major concern.The lack of planning regarding commercial development along Charlotte Highway also known as Route 74A. Group members hope to be able to influence how development occurs along this … (1 comments)

north carolina: Creston Preserve– Top Notch Mountain Conservation Community - 03/28/07 03:38 PM
Creston is, in my opinion, one of the best conservation subdivisions in Western North Carolina. It encompasses about 1,100 acres and only has 135 homesites. It is located only about 15 minutes south of Black Mountain on a beautiful mountain.  Over half of this property has been placed in a conservation easement with Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina. A large part of Creston also borders on a Pisagh National Forest.
A preview of some of the other wonderful features that Creston offers include mountain vistas from all sites, hiking trails to creeks and waterfalls, a Community Center located at the top of … (7 comments)

north carolina: Black Mountain - Small Town Charm - 03/21/07 04:25 AM
The small town of Black Mountain is located approximately 15 miles east of Asheville in Western North Carolina. The community name is due to its location,  being nestled in the front range of the Black Mountains, which are part of the Appalachian Mountain Range.  These are the highest mountains in the Eastern United States with Mount Mitchell topping out at 6,684 feet. The population of Black Mountain is approximately 12,000 with many of the community members living close to the quaint downtown area. There are a variety of  arts and crafts galleries, antique shops, bookstores and furniture stores along with a … (6 comments)

north carolina: Montreat - A Unique Mountain Community - 03/21/07 01:49 AM
Montreat,  North Carolina is a small little community of 630 located nesteled into the mountains about 14 miles east of Asheville. This is a quiet and serene community that was originally founded as a spiritual retreat. As the towns website indicates, there is no commercial development in the town and the streets are narrow and winding actually encouraging people to leave their cars behind and spend some time walking the trails and enjoying the beautiful environment and abundant nature that encapsulates this enchanting town. This is a highly desirable community to live in and homes rarely stay on the market a … (1 comments)

north carolina: Lake Lure , North Carolina - 03/20/07 02:39 PM

Dr. Lucius B. Morse, one of the brothers who bought Chimney Rock park had the idea to dam up the Broad River and create a Lake Lure as a resort destination for families.  The dam was completed in September 1926, forming the lake which was named Lake Lure by Dr. Morse's wife, Elizabeth Parkenson. Lake Lure is about 26 miles southeast of Asheville. The town of Lake Lure was soon incorporated after this in 1927. The 720 acre lake is an extremely popular tourist destination. There has been a great increase in sales for both vacation homes and full time residences … (2 comments)

north carolina: Bat Cave, North Carolina - 03/20/07 02:35 PM
There really is a bat cave in the small community of Bat Cave located in Western North Carolina. The cave is owned by The Nature Conservancy and a private landowner and is accessible only through a field trip program that operates from June through early August. In order to protect the bats of this cave and their fragile ecosystem, the cave is not open to the general public. The main chamber is 300 feet long and approximately 85 feet high. Fissure caves are formed by rock splits, boulder movements, and other motions of the earth, while most other caves are formed by water dissolving and … (1 comments)

north carolina: State Buys Chimney Rock Park - 03/20/07 02:29 PM
The state of North Carolina agreed to by Chimney Rock Park or approximately 24 million dollars in February. The 1000 park has been operated by  the Morse family since the early 1930's. The history of ChimneyRock is colorful  and many community members were concerned about the parks future when the family put the park up for sale last year, listing it with Sotheby's. The park has wonderful trails ranging from a easy hike to Chimney Rock Falls to strenuous paths leading up to the top of the mountain. Real estate sales in this area have been strong with this most likely continuing now that … (2 comments)

north carolina: Fairview Community Group to Meet - 03/08/07 11:16 AM
The residents of Fairview will be having their third meeting this Saturday, March 10th at the library to discuss over-development and how they might be able to influence this process as more and more land is succumbing to subdivisions. The Western North Carolina Alliance has also been participating in these meetings and is helping the community organize to deal with this pressing issue. Community members have been discussing and focusing on community sustainability and how to preserve the quality of life they have come to love.    
There will be a steering committee meeting on Saturday, March 24th at 9:30am.


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