Are you frustrated with the lack of engagement you’ve been getting on Facebook over the last year? If you are anything like most real estate agents and brokers, you’ve probably noticed a significant decrease in the organic traffic you’re getting on your Facebook Page. This is because Zucks change...
How would you feel if a picture could bring you your next five-figure commission? What would happen if you could use nothing more than pictures and videos to double, triple, or even quadruple your annual GCi? If you’re like most people, that type of growth would allow you to have more freedom to ...
When would be a good time to start raking in the dough from your real estate blog? How about yesterday?! It kills me to see how many real estate professionals still don’t realize that they can get filthy fucking rich from a real estate blog! While there is a lot that goes into making a real estat...
The modern real estate agent now understands that content marketing is a requirement for growing a thriving business. However, generating enough content to outrank the competition is proving to be a major challenge for many. As a result, more and more agents are tempted to borrow or even steal co...

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