If I had a nickel for every time I saw a real estate agent asking about Facebook ads or complaining about their results I would be a very wealthy woman. Hands-down, the Facebook advertising platform is the most sophisticated and accessible that has ever existed. Millions of dollars can be made by...
Have you given up on open houses?   Are you tired of spending entire afternoons sitting alone, picking at a cheese platter, frustrated with all of the time and money you just wasted promoting the open house?   Are you convinced that open houses don’t really work?   I don’t blame you! Waaay back i...
Any experienced and successful blogger will tell you that formatting is one of the most important elements of their blog.Without the proper formatting, readers will quickly lose interest and bounce off your site costing you loads of wasted time and money.It doesn’t matter how creative and valuabl...
Starting a real estate blog is one of the most powerful ways to reverse engineer or your real estate business and get your ideal clients to start chasing after you!However, it is also one of those tasks that is easier said than done if you do not have previous blogging experience. In fact, every ...
Have you noticed that your real estate business has been slowing down lately?Are you putting out social media posts or brush content to the sound of crickets?Have you perhaps switched brokerages several times over the last 10 years?If so, it is likely that your brand is missing the mark!No need t...

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