If you are like most real estate agents, you have been told at least once in your career that there are big bucks to be made by working with luxury real estate clients.   After all, once you start selling seven and eight-figure properties those commission checks get VERY sexy.   The problem is, a...
 Can you imagine a world where we no longer need or use keyboards?   Although it may sound futuristic, that may soon be our reality! In fact, the newest version of the iPhone doesn’t even feature a keyboard and if Apple has taught us anything it is that they bet (and win) on the evolution of tech...
In this modern world of real estate, it is not only acceptable but expected that you communicate with prospects, clients, referral partners and the like through text messaging. Of course, you should still engage in actual phone calls and meetings but texting can be an efficient and effective way ...
Did you know that seasoned real estate agents claim that 61% of their annual business comes from repeat clients or referrals?!    It makes sense when you think about it. Past clients and people that are referred to you from someone that they trust are basically a done deal and they’re easier to w...

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